The best pancake pan – How to choose to right one

best pancake pan

The best pancake pan is the one with which you can quickly and easily bake a whole mountain of delicious pancakes. It remains only to choose just one.

Pancakes are a dish that everyone likes. There are so many of them – thin lace, and lush tall ones, and with sweet fillings, and with meat, mushroom or fish fillings. And how many sauces and toppings! In general, there is a recipe for pancakes for every taste and not even one.

True, even the most proven and best recipe will not guarantee that the pancakes will work out. The main secret of perfect pancakes is the “right” pan. In such a pan, the pancake is unlikely to burn or stick. Of course, it’s not just the frying dishes – pancakes often burn for other reasons , which we have already considered. But still, a lot depends on the choice of a frying pan.

Choosing the right one

So, what kind of pancake pan should be? And which one can be considered the best? You are very lucky if the frying pan came from your mother or grandmother. This has been tested over the years and thousands of pancakes. But even among the modern assortment, you can choose a copy no worse. The main thing is to understand what you want, because the variety is huge, and each species has its pros and cons.

A good pancake pan should be:

  • with a thick, smooth bottom and walls for uniform heating and heat transfer;
  • with low sides, so that it is convenient to turn over even the thinnest pancakes;
  • with a handle made of a material that does not heat up;
  • a suitable diameter – ideally, it should be no more than 26 cm and no less than 20, then the heating is more even and it is convenient to turn it over.

If the classics are not important to you, then you can take a square frying pan, but be sure to take into account all the other requirements. And one more thing – you shouldn’t save money when buying this assistant, because a high-quality good frying pan will delight you with delicious pancakes more than once.

What are pancake pans

Now let’s move on to more detailed parameters. We will not dwell on the form, external design – all this does not affect the quality of the pancakes. But the material from which the pan is made plays a huge role. Conventionally, the whole variety of dishes for frying pancakes can be divided into 2 types:

  • with non-stick coating;
  • no non-stick coating.

Each of this group includes several varieties.

And here, when choosing, it is important to rely on your own preferences, since each has its own idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe ideal. I will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of this or that frying pan in as much detail as possible.

Non-stick pans

Thanks to modern technology, we can buy unique pans that will fry perfectly even without fat. We are talking about dishes with a non-stick coating inside. It is very comfortable, attractive and varied in appearance, and also light in weight.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • limited service life,
  • depending on the type of coating;

mandatory observance of the rules of care. Most often, pans with a Teflon, titanium or ceramic coating are found on the shelves.

Teflon coating, like others, should not be too thin – the thicker, the longer the service life. On average, such dishes will last 6 years, maximum – 10. This non-stick coating is very “afraid” of mechanical damage, so metal cutlery is prohibited. Any cleaning agents, scrapers are also prohibited.

A titanium-coated pancake pan will last longer – up to 25 years, of course, subject to the rules of care, which are exactly the same as for Teflon. Please note that high-quality cookware with a titanium layer cannot be cheap.

Ceramic non-stick coating is fundamentally different from the rest – it comes in a variety of colors, is not afraid of mechanical damage and is more environmentally friendly, as it is made from ordinary sand. You can even cut in such a pan. But ceramics do not tolerate temperature extremes, therefore, it is still better not to take such a pan for frying pancakes. Or, be careful that the pancake dough is not cold – the warmer the better. The shelf life of such dishes is short precisely because it is very problematic to avoid temperature changes during frying.

All other names of non-stick coatings that appear, as a rule, are variations of those described, so carefully read the description and specifications from the manufacturer.

Steel, aluminum, cast iron

Pancake pans are also available without a special non-stick layer. Usually these are steel, aluminum and cast iron.

Steel is good in light weight, deformation resistance, affordable cost and durability. Quality cookware will last as long as you want it. But for pancakes, such pans are poorly suited – it is too difficult to prepare the pan for frying so that the pancakes do not burn. It is necessary to thoroughly and more than once ignite – first with salt, then with oil. And be sure to add oil to the dough. If you succeed in frying pancakes in such a frying pan, do not use it for anything else – the effect may irrevocably disappear.

Even cheaper and lighter are aluminum pans. But since this metal is very soft, the dishes are prone to deformation. And if you decide to buy an aluminum pancake pan, choose one with very thick sides and bottom, it will stay in its original form longer. The preliminary preparation so that the pancakes come off well is the same as that of steel.

And now my favorite pancake pan is cast iron. They were passed on from mother to daughter before. Such an assistant will last for 100 years, unless, of course, you put a hot frying pan in ice-cold water – here the porous cast iron can burst. Everything else – abrasives, iron cutlery, etc. she is not afraid. Only on cast iron a natural non-stick layer is formed after annealing with oil. And frying pancakes on it is as easy as on modern ones. Its only drawback is its impressive weight, but it’s all a matter of habit. The cost of good cast iron cookware is not low, but there are domestic manufacturers whose prices are quite democratic. To be honest, I consider the cast-iron one to be the best for pancakes – mine has served faithfully for over 10 years. During this time, I changed 3 inexpensive non-stick ones.

There is one more type of dishes for frying pancakes, or rather, not dishes, but modern kitchen gadgets – a pancake maker. This electric appliance is intended solely for the preparation of pancakes and pancakes. As a rule, there is a non-stick coating on the work surface. Very convenient, but not cheap either. As you can see, there are a lot of options for choosing, the main condition is to take a high-quality one and do not save.

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