Benefits of Horsetail Herb

Horsetail Herb

On days of discomfort, when you feel a little tired and you do not want to use the medicine, you apply it to herbal supplements. You can heal your disease in a short time, thanks to herbal supports found in a thousand and one types in nature. One of these plants is horsetail grass.

Horsetail grass is a plant brought to the agenda by İbrahim Saracoğlu. This plant, which is a cure for countless ailments, will be like a medicine to those who use it. Horsetail is good for hair growth, skin problems, and many more.

What is Horsetail Grass?

  • Horsetail grass is a medicinal plant that can grow in many regions of Turkey.
  • This herb, which is found in dried form in herbalists, is used in various ways.
  • It is known as horsetail grass, spring grass, fortybogum, foxtail and pine grass.
  • Horsetail grass is a green and flowerless plant. Those who see it for the first time may think it is rosemary. Its structure is very similar to rosemary.
  • The root part can go down to 1 meter almost under the ground.
  • Horsetail grass is a perennial herb and usually grows near water.
  • This plant has the opportunity to grow on its own. When it finds loamy and sandy soil, it spreads to the area.

Horsetail Benefits: 10 Little-Known Properties

1) Relieves Joint Pains

  • Horsetail contains silicon. Silicon, on the other hand, has a pain-relieving effect.
  • It is recommended to consume horsetail tea to get a certain level of silicon.
  • Thanks to horsetail herb, contractions and pains in the joints are relieved. When you feel pain in your body, you can brew horsetail tea and rest. It allows the muscles to relax in a short time.

2) Supports Bone Development

  • Horsetail grass, which contains calcium, supports muscle and bone development.
  • You can regularly drink horsetail grass to support muscle and bone development.
  • It is recommended to use horsetail grass to help meet the daily calcium requirement.

3) Maintains Body Resistance

  • Horsetail grass, which has a high vitamin and mineral ratio, prevents many diseases with its benefits.
  • It has a structure that increases body resistance and protects against diseases.
  • If you brew horsetail tea and drink it regularly, you will strengthen your immune system.

4) Balances Blood Values

  • Horsetail grass has many effects on blood values.
  • If you are struggling with anemia problems, you should regularly drink 1 cup of horsetail herbal tea per day.
  • Thanks to horsetail tea, which is drunk at breakfast or after dinner, you can help increase blood values.

5) Prevents Cell Damage

  • Horsetail is an antioxidant herb. Thanks to this feature, it purifies the body from toxins and provides regeneration of cells.
  • Horsetail grass, which helps in cases such as a wound or irritation in your body, supports the restoration of the tissue.
  • Horsetail grass, which provides the renewal of cells, helps body functions to work at a sufficient level.

6) Protects Skin Health

  • If you want to heal skin problems such as acne, itching and redness with herbal treatment, you can benefit from horsetail grass.
  • You can consume horsetail grass to make your skin look lively and smooth.
  • When you use it as herbal tea in hot form and as skin cleansing water in cold form, you will get rid of acne and other problems on your skin.

7) Prevents Stress

  • You can calm the nerve cells by drinking herbal tea prepared from horsetail herb.
  • You should take advantage of this plant to combat problems such as sleep disorder and distraction.
  • You can feel better by drinking 1 cup of horsetail tea in your most tense moments.

8) Nourishes Hair

  • Horsetail is a herbal supplement known for its benefits for hair . It meets the minerals that the hair needs.
  • It helps hair grow faster, strengthen and prevent scalp problems.
  • This plant, which prevents hair loss in men, supports healthy hair growth in women.

9) Activates the Intestines

  • Horsetail activates the intestines.
  • If you have been experiencing intestinal recession lately, this herb is for you. Because the herbal tea you prepare from horsetail grass accelerates the metabolism.
  • It initiates fat burning and helps to cleanse the intestines quickly.

10) Regulates Kidney Functions

  • Horsetail grass has an effect on reducing kidney stones.
  • If you want to maintain kidney health, you can start consuming horsetail herb.
  • It prevents sand and stone problems in the kidneys with regular use.

What Does Horsetail Grass Do, How Is It Used?

How to apply horsetail grass to hair?

  • Horsetail grass is generally used in hair care. It is stated that the hair of the people who use it grows faster. It also helps to strengthen the hair.
  • If you are going to use horsetail grass for your hair, boil horsetail grass obtained from herbalists in hot water.
  • Warm the boiling water and wash your hair with this water.
  • Wash your hair, waiting in horsetail water for 30 minutes, with shampoo and rinse.
  • It is recommended to apply once a week.
  • If your hair is thinning and shedding, the following question has definitely arisen in your mind: Does horsetail grass grow hair? Yes, this herb nourishes hair follicles and helps hair to grow.

Horsetail tea:

  • To use horsetail herb in herbal tea, prepare 1 teaspoon or 3 branches of dried horsetail herb.
  • Throw this herb into 1 glass of hot water and let it boil for 7 minutes.
  • After leaving the initial temperature, strain into a glass and transfer.
  • You have to be careful to prepare it fresh every time I drink it.

Does Horsetail Weed Make You Weak?

  • Horsetail grass has the feature of removing edema. To lose weight, you must first get rid of edema.
  • You can drink 2 cups of horsetail tea a day to relieve edema.
  • Thanks to this tea, which increases the metabolic rate, you start the weight loss process.
  • In order to reach your ideal weight, it is recommended to be more active and prepare healthy menus.
  • Horsetail is an herb that helps you in the diet process. In order to complete this process in the most efficient way, you need to eat a low-calorie diet and drink horsetail tea regularly.

Horsetail Harms and Side Effects

  • Horsetail grass has no known serious side effects.
  • It is not recommended to use this herb during pregnancy.
  • If you are on a chronic medication, you should consult your doctor before consuming horsetail herb.
  • Too much consumption tires the kidneys and intestines.
  • This plant, which has the feature of urination, carries out the removal of water from the body.
  • It is recommended to drink plenty of water after removing the water from the body. Otherwise, it may cause dehydration. This can make you tired.

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