Dishwasher Detergent: Which is better and more effective

Dishwasher Detergent

Best Dishwasher Detergent: Increasingly, people trust household appliances to carry out their daily duties. Washing dishes is no exception, so a specialized dishwasher for many has already become a constant helper in the kitchen. Check out our reader’s article on choosing a dishwasher .

To cope well with its functions, such a device is allowed by special means, of which there are several varieties.

It would seem, why invent something new when there are cleansing liquids and gels familiar to everyone? The fact is that conventional products are not suitable for use in a dishwasher, which must remove dirt only with water and chemical action.

This is why special dishwasher detergents should always be preferred.

Several types of household chemicals are involved in the washing cycle:

  • the detergent itself in the form of a powder, gel or tablet;
  • required additives such as salt and rinse aid;
  • freshener – optional.

Powder, gel or tablet: what to choose

I recommend that you try each product separately and decide what you like in terms of quality, ease of use and price. And I will try to facilitate your choice.


The powder is most in demand, because it is efficient, economically consumed and has a price advantage over other forms of production. This abrasive is designed to fight tough dirt such as old grease and dried-on food debris. Sometimes manufacturers take active oxygen as a basis, without the addition of chlorine and phosphates, which increases the safety of the composition and reduces the risk of allergic reactions in consumers.

The only difficulty can arise with dispensing – if you load less than necessary, the dishes will not wash well. And one more thing: not every bulk product is suitable for tableware made of porcelain and silver, therefore, it is necessary to clarify this point according to the information on the package. And it is better not to wash silver cutlery in the dishwasher at all.


  • cheaper;
  • you can calculate the required amount for your car and thereby save;
  • also uses a smaller amount when the machine is not fully loaded;
  • small desktop machines require even less powder.


  • pour in a little longer than just put a pill;
  • with the powder, you need to use rinse aid and salt.


Gel is a liquid form of release of dishwasher detergents. Its plus is that it dissolves quickly and completely, does not contain harsh abrasive particles, and at the same time does an excellent job with its function. The packaging is usually equipped with a dispenser to control the amount of the loaded substance. Often, components are added to the composition to soften water and better rinse, which makes it universal. Such products are marked with the inscription “3-in-1”.


  • dissolves quickly, which allows you to use it for delicate dishes (but do not forget to read about the use on the packaging);
  • easy to dose, you can save on this;
  • There are 3-in-1 options that do not require salt and rinse aid when cleaning.


The tablet contains powder, salt and rinse immediately, and in some cases, other additives. They are usually labeled “3-in-1”. And also indicate the components on the package. This compact product is sometimes found in a hypoallergenic version without the addition of harmful impurities. As the cycles alternate in the machine, the components gradually dissolve and the required substance is added at a certain stage. It is convenient that all the components are compressed, but this is the catch – there is no way to dose each of them on your own, as a result of which the kitchen utensils, upon completion of the process, may not always please with the desired cleanliness. In addition, like bulk formulations, not all capsules are suitable for washing delicate dishes.


easy to use – you just need to install it in the compartment;

as a rule, they do not require the addition of salt and rinse aid (just in case, check the information on the package);


  • it is impossible to dose the volume (relevant for half load and small dishwashers), as a result of which overruns are possible;
  • more expensive than powder.

How to replace powder and tablets

This was already mentioned briefly at the beginning of the article. I will give a detailed answer. Dishwasher powder can be replaced with tablets. And the tablets are powder. Do not take risks and use other detergents for other purposes. The most harmless thing that can happen is the dishes will not be washed off. Since the composition of detergents was developed in special laboratories for use in automation. But it can end even worse – the service life of the dishwasher itself will decrease due to improper operation. Did you buy such expensive equipment for this?

If you want to save money, try buying cheaper products. Moreover, it is not a fact that they will wash the dishes. But it’s worth trying and experimenting. Buy funds for shares. Also, larger packages are usually cheaper. And the powder is cheaper than tablets and gel.

Aids: are they needed

The quality of cleaning cutlery and dishes depends on the level of water hardness, therefore, together with powder or gel, it is imperative to use salt and rinse aid. In tablets and some types of gel, as we found out earlier, these funds are already included.


Salt intended for softening water must be periodically poured into a special compartment at the bottom of the unit, since it serves to prevent the formation of scale and protect the ion exchanger.

Some modern models of household appliances are equipped with sensors that determine the amount of magnesium and calcium particles in a liquid. If it is found that the content of these elements exceeds the permissible threshold, the device adds sodium. Moreover, this can happen even when using multifunctional tablets.

Rinse aid

At the last stage of washing, a rinse aid is used, designed to better remove cleaning agent residues and eliminate stains and streaks. It contains special substances – tensides, which create a protective film on kitchen utensils that repels liquid. As a result, the surface of the dishes becomes not only clean, smooth and shiny, but also dries faster.

Fighting unpleasant odors

When you open the door of the dishwasher to load dishes, you will smell an unpleasant smell of spoiled food. After all, dirty dishes are placed in the dishwasher.


It is enough to fix the air freshener in the dishwasher once to get rid of the unpleasant smell when opening the door. It is enough for several dozen washing cycles. The freshener also works during downtime. It is not necessary to use it, just as it is not necessary to use an air freshener in the passenger compartment.

This concludes a small overview of the main detergents and aids for washing dishes.

It is impossible to say unequivocally that some form of production of household chemicals for a dishwasher is better than another, because everything largely depends on personal preferences, experience and the delicacy of cutlery. It is possible to achieve a good result and extend the service life of the device using the entire arsenal of special products for their intended purpose and in the correct proportions.

When choosing this or that option, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the technology itself – not every device is capable of recognizing 3-in-1 means. For this, the device must be equipped with a program corresponding to the stages of dissolution of the tablet layers. The good news is that all new and modern technology is equipped with this function.

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