What Is Wagyu Meat? Why Is It So Expensive?

Wagyu Meat

The word “wagyu” means Japanese cattle or cow or wagyu cow . Wagyu is also the name of a region in Japan, and these cattle and cows are also named after the region.

When we say Wagyu cattle or cows, we are talking about a wide range. There are different types under this heading. There are groups of wagyu meats such as black Japanese, brown Japanese, polet and shorthorn .

The names of the meats also change according to the names of the areas where the animals are grown. These include Kobe, Hida, Tajima, Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Kumomoto and Kochi. Most of the cattle production in Japan consists of Tottori, Shimane, Okayama and Tajima . Other species are produced from there very little because their production is quite laborious and expensive.

Wagyu meat is expensive compared to other types of red meat. This is because it has a special taste, is very rich in omega-3 and omega-6, and is considered a special animal because it does not mix with other species.

What Is Wagyu Meat?

  • Although some people generalize that kobe meat is the meat of all cattle known as wagyu, this is actually incomplete information.
  • In other words, wagyu is not a direct meat name, but the general name of cattle or cows grown in a certain region, namely the Wagyu region.
  • Kobe meat is obtained from the tajima gyu genus, and tajima gyu is also grown in the Wagyu region.
  • In fact, there are some who call it direct wagyu meat instead of kobe meat.
  • In Japan, this species is not very preferred due to its expensiveness and is eaten by a small percentage of those who eat beef in total, such as 0.06%.
  • However, the meat that can be found in extra special places is a type of red meat that the richer segment can find the opportunity to taste. It is usually cooked on the grill or in a pan at high heat.

What Animal Is Wagyu Obtained From?

  • The meat of tajima gyu, which is a type of cattle raised in Wagyu, is kobe meat or we can also say wagyu meat. Although wagyu is also known as kobe in Turkey, it has also passed into our language as wagyu meat.
  • In our article, we mentioned the difference between kobe meat and wagyu meat. In the rest of the article, when we say kobe we are talking about wagyu, when we say wagyu we are talking about kobe so that there is no confusion.
  • Kobe meat differs from other red meat types in terms of both the nutrition and breeding type of the animals from which this meat is obtained, and the taste of the meat.
  • Although the homeland is Japan, wagyu cattle are raised in special places in Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Scotland, Taiwan, China, Chile, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, England, Germany, France and Denmark in order to minimize cost calculations. production is done. However, of course, there may be differences in taste according to the country.

Why Is Wagyu Meat Price So Expensive?

  • Kobe meat, more commonly known as wagyu meat, is very tasty and also very expensive meat. 1 kilo is approximately 5000 TL.
  • Another reason for the expensiveness is the successful marketing strategy used. For example, it is even mentioned that these animals are fed to the accompaniment of classical music.
  • Of course, there are reasons why this type of red meat is so expensive.
  • First of all, the vegetation of the places where the animals from which the meat is obtained are grazed is of very high quality and these animals are specially looked after and they must be fed 3 meals a day.
  • After each meal, they are relaxed with small massages. Thus, the meat will be softer. In addition, this massage allows the fats of animals to spread throughout the body and penetrate into the meat instead of collecting in one place.
  • If the animal does not have a great appetite, it should be continued to be fed with extra resources.
  • Barley water is among the extra sources used.
  • In addition, the flavor of the meat is related to the fact that the animals are freely raised in natural places, animals of this type are not bound unless it is very necessary.
  • Animals that are in harmony with their own nature grow up peacefully and this peace ensures that their nerves are low.
  • It has such fatty meat that does not walk much, fatty meat is another factor that enhances the flavor.
  • Wagyu meat, or kobe meat , is sold at a very high price due to all its characteristics, and therefore it is only included in the menus of luxury restaurants. It is almost impossible to find this meat in any butcher shop.

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