Shelf life of chavanpranche

Shelf life of chavanpranche

Store chyvanpranche in the refrigerator for 2 years from the date of production – the production date is indicated on the can.

How much to store chavanpranche

Chyawanprash should be kept refrigerated. Although the drug is fully supplied with preservatives, when sold, it is placed on ordinary shelves, not in refrigerators, and comes in the form of jam, in fact, Chyawanprash can dry out and clump when stored on a regular kitchen shelf. Remember that Chyawanprash is securely closed with a plastic plug, and as soon as you remove it, the product becomes much softer in terms of external factors.

We keep chavanpransh for a long time

Even a large, kilogram can of chavanpranche for 1 person leaves quite quickly, in just 3-6 months. Do not forget that this is a medicine and cannot be used as a dessert. The course of admission is at least 3 months, this course can be repeated twice a year. To avoid drying out, a kilogram jar can be divided into 2 parts and put 1 in the freezer, or simply put in several plastic bags so that the chavanpranche does not dry out.

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