How to store the rolls correctly

How to store the rolls

Rolls can be stored for 12 hours after purchase/delivery. Then they will definitely begin to dry out and ventilate, even in the refrigerator.

How to store rolls from a restaurant

The recipe affects the terms and conditions of storage of rolls. Ideally, they should not be stored, but consumed fresh – no more than an hour should pass after cooking. A few nuances:

  1. if the recipe for rolls contains fresh fish, such rolls are eaten immediately;
  2. rolls with lightly salted or smoked fish are stored no more than 4 hours after cooking;
  3. rolls from a specialized cafe are allowed to be stored for about a day;
  4. rolls from a regular grocery store are eaten in the first hours after purchase or left in the refrigerator before use for food (the package is not opened);
  5. a dish with soft cheese or mayonnaise in the recipe is eaten within 4-6 hours;

Store homemade rolls

  1. self-cooked rolls are allowed to be stored longer, but it is better not to delay eating them either. The maximum shelf life is 2-3 days;
  2. hot rolls cannot be stored.

Purchased rolls are stored in sealed packages, homemade rolls are covered with cling film, on a plate. Containers are not suitable as containers. The dish should be in the refrigerator.

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