Is it good or bad to leave eggs in the refrigerator door?

Putting eggs in the refrigerator door

Housewives often have the habit of leaving eggs in the refrigerator door, even some manufacturers also design a position for eggs at the refrigerator door. This helps keep the eggs from falling apart during storage.

1. Putting eggs in the refrigerator door will make them spoil faster

Placing eggs in the refrigerator door will cause them to spoil faster. Internet photos

Placing eggs in the refrigerator door can cause eggs to spoil faster than we think. Because, according to experts, to preserve food, it is necessary to put it in a stable heat position, not to be constantly changed during the day. Meanwhile, the refrigerator door is where the temperature changes frequently. Because we have to open and close continuously to get things. Each time you open and close like that, the temperature at the refrigerator door is no longer stable, which will cause the eggs to spoil very quickly.

The best way to store eggs is in the middle of the refrigerator. Where the temperature is stable from 0.6-2.2 degrees. With such a favorable location and temperature, the bacteria in the egg shell will not have the opportunity to penetrate the egg, causing damage to the egg.

In addition to paying attention to the location of eggs, you need to note some effective ways to preserve eggs in the refrigerator as below.

2. Eggs should be washed before putting in the fridge

Eggs should be washed before being refrigerated. Internet photos
  • Wash eggs before placing in the refrigerator : Because if the eggs still cling to chicken and duck feces, it will give bacteria the opportunity to penetrate the eggshell, spreading bacteria in the refrigerator.
  • Place eggs properly : To keep eggs fresh for a long time, you should put the pointed end of the egg below, the big end on top.
  • Storage time : Do not leave eggs in the refrigerator for too long, because if left for a long time, it will still be damaged by bacteria entering through the eggshell. The ideal storage time is 3-5 weeks.

Store eggs in a special plastic box or carton to avoid breaking the eggs.

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