How to Use a Cooker Stove Oven at Home

How to Use a Cooker Stove Oven

The stove, which has an important place in the childhood memories of many people, takes its place in the market in many different varieties. Thanks to the warmth given by the wood and coal thrown into the stove, both the house and the hearts are warmed. Gathering around the stove and chatting about tea and eating the food prepared in the oven’s eye also gives people different happiness. In the past, almost every house; Now, we have prepared an article for you today about the stove oven stove, which is one of the types of stoves installed in some houses.

In this article, you can learn the features of the range oven. In addition, you will not only learn about the features of the range oven. Here you will meet the most delicious food suggestions cooked in this oven.

How to use the woodstove oven that exists in many homes? What to do in the oven? You should read our article to the end to clear up many more question marks. The most delicious recipes cooked on the kitchen stove are waiting for you at the end of the article. If you have a cooker stove in your house; This article will guide you!

What is a Range Oven (Stove)? What are its features?

  • Cooker stove oven is known as a kind of heating tool with cooking features on it and in its special compartments.
  • These stoves distribute heat with wood or coal.
  • Cooker stoves, which are quite heavy in mass, weigh an average of 50 kg.
  • It is often preferred indoors, in cafes and chalets.
  • Cooker stoves, which make a very good heat distribution in climates with cold winters, beautify the place they are located in terms of appearance.
  • Range stove oven is an ideal tool for heating 50 m2 and 100 m2 areas. Since it has both heating and cooling features, it also provides savings at home.
  • It has partitions on its upper surface, just like a stove. You can put your kitchen tools such as pots or kettles in these compartments and create a heating and cooling effect.
  • Recently, various companies have produced kitchen appliances with the feature of a cooker stove. These ovens resemble a range oven in terms of appearance. It has more hotplates and oven compartments.

How to Use a Cooker Stove Oven, What Is It Good For?

For those who say what is a cooker oven-good for; Let’s talk about the advantages of this product:

  • The cooker oven stove is first and foremost a means of heating. It has a strong heating effect.
  • Thanks to the coal or stove added to it, it heats its surroundings and the pot on it.
  • If the cooker stove burns for too long; you can cook. While your food is being cooked slowly, both its flavor and its appetizing smell will increase.
  • In buildings that do not have a natural gas system and a heating system, the cooker oven will be an alternative to the stove.
  • You can use the cooker oven after it has been safely installed.

So, how is the range oven used?

  • To use the new generation range cooker ovens, read the instructions for use given by the brand. Make the heat setting for each compartment according to the instruction.
  • To use the old generation cooker stove, first, obtain dry wood and coal.
  • Place the wood crosswise in the wood-filled bucket of the cooker oven stove and ignite the woods with the help of paper.
  • Close the lid on the bucket and let it ignite by getting air.
  • After the woods are ignited, the cooker oven stove will start to burn.
  • What can I cook in the kitchen oven? We can recommend some easy food types for those who say. Tray dishes, bread recipes, pastries, buns, chestnuts, and casseroles; The cooker will double its flavor when prepared in the oven.

10 Delicious Meals You Can Cook in the Range Oven

1) Country’s Favorite Recipe: Baked Rice Pudding

We will have a very easy recipe for those who want to make a dessert in the oven. For those who love rice pudding, you can try our full-sized rice pudding recipe in the oven stove, which you can prepare with tricks. After preparing the pot, you can continue cooking in the oven. This rice pudding will be loved!

2) Baked Chicken Stick Skewers as Soft as Turkish Delight

If you are in a hurry in the kitchen; You can prepare your main course in the kitchen oven stove. The Turkish delight-like skewers, which are tried many times by those who want to create a delicious menu with chicken meat, will become even more delicious when cooked in the oven. For the details of the recipe and cooking information, you should definitely take a look at this special recipe.

3) Now Out of the Oven! Breakfast Toasted Bread Recipe

Preparing breakfast foods in the kitchen oven will take only a few minutes. If you want to see warm toasted bread on your breakfast table; You can try this recipe with a few magic touches. While the oven warms your home, it will also give flavor to your bread!

4) Grilled Potato Meatballs

You won’t be able to forget the smell that surrounds your home when the favorite flavor is meatballs and potatoes, cooked in the oven. When you prepare the meatballs easily at home and put them in the oven, you can continue with the remaining preparations for the meal. Meatballs and potatoes cooked in the oven will be appreciated by the people at home! 

5) The Crown of Main Dishes, Baked Eggplant Kebab

Would you like to prepare a delicious meal by first placing the ingredients on the tray and then placing them in the cooker oven? Try cooking aubergine kebab in the oven in oven stove. Eggplant kebab, which is cooked in a delicious consistency on the stove until you prepare your table, is in this recipe with its details!

6) Baked Potato Chips with Special Sauce Like Chips

We will give you a very special recipe to prepare delicious potatoes for breakfast or a meal with snacks. When you put the special sauce potatoes with the taste of chips into the oven stove, you will have prepared a crispy potato with the effect of the burning wood. You can also try the potatoes with the special chips consistency, which suits every meal.

7) Handmade Spinach Crispy Pastry that Completes Its Taste in the Oven

Our crispy pastry recipe, which accompanies tea hours or is consumed warm for breakfast, has been tried by many people. If you have a kitchen oven, you can try this special pastry recipe and cook it on the oven stove. Crispy spinach pie, ready until you get the tea brew, will be appreciated! 

8) Flavor Guaranteed Baked Sea Bream

Can you say no to a fish delicacy cooked in a charcoal fire in a cooker oven? If you are good with fish; Your answer to this question will be yes. You will have prepared a good recipe for your health by buying the sea bream in its season and cooking it practically in the oven. You can try the sea bream, which is flavored with a special marinade, in the oven. Remember, you should consume fish for heart health!

9) The Favorite of Winter Season, Baked Chestnut Kebab

When the cold days of the winter months are felt, chestnuts come to the counters. You can use the cooker oven to prepare an even more delicious chestnut kebab from the chestnuts on the corner. If you have a kitchen stove oven in your house; You can cook chestnut kebab by following the tips. It will leave an exquisite mark on your evening chats! 

10) The Pearl of the Black Sea Cuisine, Corn Bread

Cornbread, which is always served with Black Sea dishes, will catch its full taste when cooked on the kitchen stove. In the provinces of the Black Sea, this delicious bread is baked especially in cooker stoves. Thanks to this special recipe we have added for those who are looking for a full-measured cornbread recipe that is consistent with its consistency, anyone who wants can bake cornbread in the oven. You can also try the Black Sea flavor that suits every meal. If you haven’t tried it before; Our recipe is for you!

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