Drinking Coffee in the Morning

Drinking Coffee in the Morning

With its spreading scent and delicious aroma, coffee is known as the indispensable drink of offices, breaks and guests. The beverage, known for its many varieties such as filter, espresso, mocha, Turkish coffee, green coffee, can be flavored with milk and similar flavors and appeal to all tastes.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. Coffee, which is consumed in many different varieties in all countries of the world, is usually consumed in the mornings because it gives vitality and wakes up sleep. You can also try The Younger Brothers kogi coffee.

Especially for those who start the day early, morning coffee can even become a breakfast habit over time. Whether it is harmful or beneficial to drink coffee in the morning is among the most frequently asked questions by coffee lovers.

When to Drink Morning Coffee?

Looking at Turkish culture and history, it is seen that morning coffee is drunk right after breakfast. Indeed, “B” , the word “meal eaten before breakfast” which means “six coffee” is formed by the combination of the words. The day starts by consuming coffee right after breakfast, which is the first meal of the day.

This behavior has become a tradition and is reflected in history. Over time, a change was observed in this order and coffee; Instead of being consumed after breakfast, it has become to be used before breakfast and even during breakfast. Many people prefer to start their day by drinking coffee, thanks to the sleep-inducing and invigorating effect of coffee.

However, coffee, which contains caffeine, has time periods when it should be consumed like any food. Morning coffee, which is drunk in these time periods determined as a result of researches and examinations, allows the day to pass more vigorously by adapting to the biological clock.

The biological clock, which is known to be different in each body, regulates all the movement in the body, stress etc. Determines the level of cortisol that triggers emotions. In the first hours of waking up (especially between 08:00 and .09:00), the cortisol level is secreted at the highest level. That’s why coffee consumed as soon as you wake up causes commitment instead of inducing sleep. Consuming your morning coffee not immediately after waking up, but after some time has passed, gives more effective results.

According to experts, hours other than 08.00-09.00, 12.00-13.00 and 17.30-18.00 are considered ideal times to drink coffee.

Which Coffee to Drink in the Morning?

Instant coffees, which are easy and quick to prepare, are generally preferred more often in the morning. It is sufficient to add boiling water to the soluble particles to prepare these types of coffee, which are also called soluble coffee or granulated coffee.

Although it saves time and energy, instant coffees contain low antioxidants, acidic taste and toxic substances. Instant coffee, which has been ground and processed, goes through many different processes until it reaches the cups. Thus, the original smell, taste and aroma are replaced by artificial substances. Coffee cannot show its full effect and the body takes many artificial-harmful substances.

Therefore, when choosing morning coffee, natural coffees should be preferred. Coffee types such as filter coffee and espresso are prepared by brewing method with the help of machines such as a machine or french press. Since the coffee beans, you grind according to the characteristics of your device are not processed much, they are brewed without losing any of their smell and taste. Thus, all the benefits of coffee can affect the body.

In addition, drinking Turkish coffee in the morning will be the right choice, away from artificial substances.

What to Serve with Morning Coffee?

When coffee is crowned with a flavor, it can be consumed as a meal. It is possible to create a breakfast meal with another flavor served with morning coffee. Sweet pastries such as cakes and cookies, which are prepared in advance, complement each other, especially with plain, milk-free coffee. In addition, salty foods such as pastries and crackers can be served with morning coffee to make a more satisfying meal.

It can be easily drunk with healthy breakfast foods such as oatmeal and corn flakes.

Coffee, which can also be drunk with snack products, is consumed with bread, especially in Western culture. If the coffee is to be drunk before a walk or workout, it can be served with a banana. While coffee awakens sleep, banana provides the necessary energy thanks to the fiber it contains. Along with Turkish coffee, it would be appropriate to follow the memorized habits and offer a Turkish delight or small chocolate.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Coffee in the Morning?

  • It gives vitality, vigor and alertness by stimulating our central nervous system.
  • Correctly consumed morning coffee prevents headaches.
  • Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, coffee protects the cells and makes them stronger.
  • Regularly consumed coffee; accelerates metabolism, helps you lose weight by burning more fat.
  • It protects the liver against diseases such as fatty liver and cirrhosis.
  • It positively regulates our bowel movements by protecting the healthy cells in the intestine.
  • Drinking coffee in the morning reduces the risk of heart attack when made a habit (in the right amount and at the right time).
  • Coffee contributes to the regulation of the digestive system by supporting stomach functions.
  • Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, in addition to protecting heart health, it also delays the emergence of genetic diseases such as Parkinson’s and reduces symptoms.
  • Drinking coffee in the morning allows you to stay energetic throughout the day.
  • It protects the body against diseases such as colon cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer.
  • Since coffee has a stress-reducing effect, it allows you to start the day happier.
  • It reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • It reduces the likelihood of depression.

Does Drinking Coffee in the Morning Make You Weak?

One of the most frequently asked questions by coffee lovers and those who want to lose weight is whether coffee will help weight loss. After these questions, many studies have confirmed that coffee consumed in the morning has a positive effect on weight loss.

In order to achieve this positive effect, it is necessary not to exaggerate the amount of consumption and to limit it to 1-2 glasses a day. Coffee is known for the safe antioxidants it contains. Antioxidants, which accelerate heart rhythm, blood circulation and metabolism, also help rapid weight loss. Unless you have an extremely sensitive stomach, you can accelerate your metabolism throughout the day by consuming coffee on an empty stomach in the morning. This feature of coffee has given birth to the practice of morning coffee diet by being included in diet programs.

Is It Harmful To Drink Coffee In The Morning?

Coffee has countless benefits. It is often a matter of debate whether drinking coffee in the morning is beneficial or harmful. Of course, like any food, there may be some harmful situations when it is consumed in excess or consumed incorrectly.

First of all, there is no direct side effect of consuming Turkish coffee or a different type of coffee on an empty stomach in the morning. However, when only coffee is consumed without adequate nutrition, the body may lose its resistance and energy. In addition, it can cause nausea in people with sensitive stomachs, it can harm the stomach.

One of the common mistakes made in coffee consumption is excessive coffee consumption. Excessive coffee consumption causes acid accumulation in the stomach and kidneys. This accumulation, reflux, etc. may cause stomach ailments. It should not be forgotten that coffee contains caffeine, and coffee should not be consumed more than necessary.

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