Endives: Benefits of endives

Benefits of endives

Endives or endives , with bo with v -both correct forms- are a vegetable , with small whitish buds and a yellow or green tip, which belongs to the Asteraceae family , among which there are more than 1,000 genera and 20,000 species of which only a few are cultivated.

This crop, originally from Belgium, is a variety of chicory that has been modified through forced or artificial cultivation to obtain what we currently know as endive. The specific discovery of this species of plant dates back to the year 1850 when Belgian farmers discovered that the roots of chicory located in a warm, humid and dark environment had very tender and white shoots.

It is precisely those soft and fresh roots, which had a slightly bitter taste , due to chemical compounds such as lactucin, lactucoprin and intibin, it could be a great appetizer to accompany starters and salads, or a complete meal more to add to their diet menus.

Benefits of endives or endives

This crop has many properties that will help us in certain aspects of our body. Although, a priori, it should be noted that it is a vegetable with a low energy and nutritional intake, it should be noted that it provides carbohydrates and proteins that are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Unlike other greens and vegetables , endives are usually served raw, this means that the loss of nutrients during cooking is prevented. As the Spanish Nutrition Foundation has pointed out on several occasions , the season for this plant starts in the autumn months and lasts until summer, although its consumption is recommended in the first months of cultivation.

It is a food that contains a lot of fiber and therefore prevents constipation and promotes regular intestinal transit . It also has a large measure of potassium, which helps us to function properly with the nervous system and muscles. And iron, a substance that prevents the onset of a disease such as anemia . Other vegetables such as lettuce hearts also prevent the onset of this disease.

Endive is a diuretic food , that is, it prevents fluid retention and helps purify them. This facet of the vegetable is remarkable because it can be very beneficial in diets for people who fight problems such as obesity . And it is that, by losing weight our urine flow increases and this culture favors the elimination of this liquid from our body.

It has a high content of vitamins , which provides antioxidants , which regulate blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular diseases and keep the immune system in perfect condition. For example, vitamin A helps maintain our skin, mucous membranes and vision.

Essential in pregnancy

And why is this vegetable very important to a woman’s gestation period ? The truth is that endives or endives have a high content of folic acid , an essential vitamin for the proper development of the fetus or embryo. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that women take about 400 micrograms of this vitamin every day for at least a month before becoming pregnant. A deficiency of folic acid during the first month of gestation of the baby gestation can favor the appearance of spina bifida, a congenital defect consisting of the lack of total closure of the fetus’ spinal column and, therefore, can causeserious illnesses after birth. The consumption of envy is beneficial for all the reasons stated as long as it is done in a moderate way, the excess can generate negative consequences.

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