22 Types of Stew – Surprisingly delicious!

Making Stew
Making Stew

There are many types of Stew, for example, endive stew, Beet stew, and kale stew, Cauliflower stew, Spinach stew. But much more stew can be made from so many more vegetables. This blog lists 22 types of stew! Famous and not so famous.

How To Make Stew

First of all, a stew is made with mashed potatoes (so potatoes with some moisture from the vegetables or soy milk and a knob of vegetable butter, for example) and with one or more vegetables. When this is mashed together you have a stew. 

Sometimes the vegetables are cooked with potatoes, sometimes separately. Sometimes you can even choose whether you want the vegetables raw or cooked with the potato stew.

When the potatoes are cooked with the vegetables, add a knob of vegetable butter and some liquid (from the vegetables or soy milk, for example) after draining. Do not take any moisture from the potatoes (possibly with vegetables). Potato is related to the nightshade. You can read all about it in our article about nightshade vegetables.

This blog is about stew varieties. Which vegetables can you use to make a tasty stew and how you do that, in short.  

1. Sauerkraut stew 

This well-known sauerkraut stew can be made in two ways. You boil the sauerkraut for a few minutes or you use the raw sauerkraut. Add this to the mashed potatoes and you have a delicious stew.

2. Pointed cabbage stew 

Wash the pointed cabbage and cut it into strips. You can do the pointed cabbage raw with the mashed potatoes, so that a lot of vitamins are preserved.

3. Kale stew 

Wash the kale and cut it into strips. Boil the kale for 20 minutes. These vegetables are often cooked in one pan with the potatoes and mashed together into a stew after draining.

4. Endive stew 

Wash endive and cut into strips. You can eat endive stew raw, but you can also cook the endive for a few minutes before mashing it through the mashed potatoes.

5. Stew 

This stew is also called carrots and onions. Onions and carrots in the pan (can also be combined with the potatoes) and let it cook for about 20 minutes. After draining, mash everything together well. There are many types of onions. For an overview of the types of onion, you can read our blog about this.

6. Beet stew 

Beet stew is made with red beets that have been warmed and cut into cubes. Do this through the mashed potatoes.

7. Cauliflower stew 

The cauliflower is boiled and mashed. Do this through the mashed potatoes to get a delicious cauliflower stew.

8. Arugula stew 

Arugula is a type of lettuce. This can be raw through the mashed potatoes to make a rocket stew. Arugula is one of many types of lettuce. For an overview of all lettuce varieties, you can read our blog about this.

9. Celeriac stew 

Let the celeriac, which have been cut into cubes, cook with the potatoes in the pan. Then mash into a stew.

10. Green bean stew 

Break the green beans and clean them. Boil the pieces of green beans and add this to the mashed potatoes. Stir this well.

11. Chinese Cabbage Stew

Chinese cabbage should only be washed and drained. Then cut them into thin strips before stirring them into the mashed potatoes. The Chinese cabbage will shrink considerably in the hot mash.

12. Spinach stew 

You can also add spinach raw to the mashed potatoes after washing and draining, but you can also cook or stir-fry it first. Just what you like. More vitamins remain in the spinach when you use it raw.

13. Green Cabbage Stew 

The green cabbage or Savoy cabbage can be cut into strips and then boiled in the pan with potatoes for cooking. After 25 minutes you can drain and mash them.

14. Broccoli stew

Cut the broccoli into florets and cut the stem into pieces, you can also eat this and make a stew. Boiling broccoli and mashing it through the mashed potatoes is the easiest version.

15. Turnip greens stew 

Turnip greens can be stirred into the hot mashed potatoes after washing and draining. Do this briefly so that the turnip greens remain a bit crunchy. Get it right!

16. Hot Lightning Stew 

Next in the list of 22 types of stew is Hot Lightning; Mashed potatoes with apples! Take golden rennets, they are sour and last longer than sweet apples. During the last 10 minutes, cook the apple cubes with the potatoes in as little water as possible and mash everything well after draining.

17. Brussels sprout stew 

Boil the Brussels sprouts until al dente or wok them. Then you can scoop them through the mash or mash them, whichever you like.

18. Chicory stew 

Cut the chicory into strips, wash and drain. You can add the chicory raw to the hot mashed potatoes. The chicory will shrink by itself.  

19. Parsnip Carrot 

Cook the parsnip and carrot in small pieces and with a little salt in the water. After about 20 minutes the carrots are cooked and you can mash them through the puree.

20. White cabbage 

The white cabbage can also be added to the potatoes in the pan to cook together in 20 minutes. After draining, mash the cabbage and potatoes together into a stew.

21. Iceberg Lettuce 

Iceberg lettuce can be scooped through the puree after washing and cut into strips. This lettuce will also shrink considerably.

22. Pumpkin stew 

Boil the potato and pumpkin cubes together in one pan. Drain and mash them into a delicious autumn stew. There are many varieties of pumpkin. Our blog about types of pumpkin gives a clear overview of which there are and what you can do with them.

If you know any vegetables that you like and want to mash or scoop through the puree, you should do that. A stew is tasty and made like that. Use herbs that you would also use for the vegetables, but definitely a little salt for cooking. Pepper is often a welcome addition.  

This is the last stew in the list of 22 types of stew. Make your choice and enjoy your meal.

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