Nomad Mushroom: The Most Poisonous Mushroom Known!

Nomad Mushroom

Mushrooms are highly nutritious foods thanks to the vitamins, minerals and components they contain. However, its collection and sale must be done under control. Because poisonous mushrooms can cause death if consumed.

Well, did you know that almost 95% of mushroom poisonings are due to the village-nosed mushroom?

Amanita phalloides, that is , the village-migrant mushroom is also known as the mushroom of death. The period of this mushroom species, which is usually found in forest areas, is the beginning of summer and autumn months. Amanitin in Koygöçen mushroom is a poisonous substance. Usually, the first signs of poisoning appear 8-12 hours after consumption. Within 3-4 days, the clinical course worsens; Liver and kidney failure may develop.

In today’s article, we focused on the villagegöçen mushroom. We searched for answers to many important questions such as what are the characteristics of the Koygöçen mushroom and how to understand the Köygöçeren mushroom .

Here are all the details about the angel of death village-goçören mushroom …

What is Koygöçen Mushroom?

  • The Latin name of the village-goer mushroom, also known as the angel of death and the evcikkiran in our country, is amanita phalloides.
  • The angel of death, as the name suggests, is a poisonous mushroom species. So that; This type of mushroom is the cause of almost 90% of fatal poisoning cases in our country.
  • This mushroom species is very similar to the volvariella volvacea mushroom. This similarity is the main cause of poisonings and deaths.
  • Köygöçen mushroom caused serial poisoning in 1994 in İstanbul. More than 20 people died in this incident.

Where to Find Koygöçen Mushroom?

  • Koygöçen mushroom grows in early summer and autumn.
  • It is mostly found in forest areas.
  • It is found in Istanbul, especially in Beykoz, Sarıyer (Belgrade Forest) and Şile.

Symptoms of Village Nomad Mushroom Poisoning

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach ache

The main symptoms of village-goader mushroom poisoning are:

  • Even just 20-25 grams of the village-goer mushroom can cause death.
  • Like all mushroom poisonings, the time of the appearance of the symptoms is very important in the village-goçören mushroom poisoning. Because the time of emergence of these symptoms also gives an idea about the clinical course.
  • If the symptoms appear within the first 6 months after mushroom consumption, the clinical course is usually milder.
  • If the symptoms appeared 6-24 hours after the mushroom consumption, it means that a much more severe picture awaits the person.
  • Symptoms of backyard mushroom poisoning usually appear late.
  • The clinical course occurs in 4 periods in cases of Köygöçren mushroom poisoning.
  • The first period takes place 6-12 hours after consuming the mushroom. This stage is also called the incubation stage.
  • The second stage usually takes place 12-24 hours after consuming the mushroom. Gastrointestinal symptoms occur at this stage.
  • The third stage takes place 24-48 hours after consuming the mushroom. This is the stage where liver damage is seen.
  • And finally, the fourth stage covers 2-4 days after consuming the mushroom. During this period, liver enzymes are extremely high. Kidney failure can also be added to the picture.

What to Do in the Case of Village Nomad Mushroom Poisoning?

  • As soon as you suspect that you are poisoning with Köygöçilen mushroom, you should apply to the nearest health institution without wasting any time.
  • You can also get support from the 112 Emergency Health Service.
  • The sooner treatment is started, the more likely it is to be successful.
  • There is not yet an effective drug against the poisoning of the village goçören mushroom. The purpose of mushroom poisoning is to slow down the absorption of the toxin and prevent the toxins from affecting the liver and kidneys. In addition, it is provided to replace the fluid lost with diarrhea.
  • If adequate recovery is not achieved after drug therapy and medical care, liver transplantation can be performed for the patient’s survival.
  • In order to prevent mushroom poisoning, mushrooms purchased from reliable food companies should be consumed.
  • Mushrooms sold openly in the market or on the street should never be bought.
  • You should definitely go out with a person who knows how to collect mushrooms.

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