Arugula : Arugula a food that gives you more than 300mcg of vitamin A


Arugula is a cruciferous vegetable also known as arugula that provides excellent health benefits to humans, just like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Its flavor is slightly acid and can be made up of 3 different species with different scientific names such as: Eruca vesicaria, Diplotaxis tenuifolia and Diplotaxis muralis. It maintains an antioxidant power and enhances the immune system by offering you 308 mcg of vitamin A and vitamin C (15 mg) . It is also a food full of minerals such as calcium and potassium , capable of regulating blood pressure and enriching your daily diet.

It also contains fiber and because it is a hypocaloric food , it is perfect to help you in diets where you are looking to lose weight and allows you a wide variety of different uses both in its raw, fried or cooked form, as well as in salads and in various dishes. spoon. In addition, arugula is an easily acquired food and you can get it throughout the year in your favorite supermarkets and with the added bonus of enjoying a highly competitive price.

Arugula against many diseases

This food plant is powerful and nutritious , its great contributions of vitamins and minerals make it an option capable of fighting and preventing countless diseases that afflict human beings, it is also delicious and allows you extensive flexibility to achieve various preparations and of that way to reach the largest population. Stay in this post and surprise yourself with all the diseases that this vegetable is capable of preventing.

These are the diseases that the consumption of arugula can prevent

1. Prevents overweight

By keeping very few calories (only 29 calories per 100 grams) it is a perfect food to accompany you in weight loss diets . These have fibers that are capable of offering you a broad feeling of satiety and thus reduce food intake, which in the long run efficiently increases the body’s ability to lose weight or not gain it.

2. Limits the onset of diabetes

According to studies carried out by several universities, it has been shown that both the leaves and the oil extracted from the seeds of this plant are capable of increasing insulin sensitivity and consequently reducing blood sugar levels. Thanks to the alpha-lipoic acid included in its composition, this compound also has an antioxidant action by reducing the oxidative stress of cells, also avoiding metabolic disorders.

3. Controls and prevents hypertension

The consumption of arugula increases the relaxation of the blood vessels through its high content of potassium and nitrates , making the blood circulate with great ease and contributing to the reduction of blood pressure. Additionally, calcium and magnesium maintain an inhibiting effect on the release of norepinephrine, this is a neurotransmitter responsible for the increase in blood pressure and when neutralized, the correct regulation of this silent disease is achieved.

4. Protects against cardiovascular diseases

Arugula and its great antioxidant action allows the reduction of damage caused by oxidative stress in the cells of the blood vessels and the heart. Zeaxanthin, vitamin C and lutein, efficiently preventing the thickening of the walls of the arteries and therefore the appearance of countless cardiovascular diseases , among which are: atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks.

The calcification of the arteries also suffers an effective decrease due to vitamin K , while bad cholesterol decreases and good cholesterol increases through the effects of fiber, which additionally achieves a slowing effect on the action of triglycerides by achieving a decrease absorption of fats from food.

5. Keep your eyes disease-free

The eye health offered by arugula is highlighted thanks to its great antioxidant power, this power guarantees protection of your vision from the countless damages of free radicals and ultraviolet radiation, in addition to the degeneration of age and diseases. same degenerative diseases. Likewise, arugula contains carotene and good doses of vitamin A , which together manage to keep the membranes of your eyes healthy, avoiding annoying dry eyes, macular degeneration related to age and exposure to the elements and blindness. nocturnal

6. Osteoporosis and bone diseases

Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium represent specific and fundamental minerals to increase the resistance of your bones and bone density , this generates healthy bones capable of fighting conditions such as osteopenia, rickets, and osteoporosis ; achieving a significant reduction in the risk of fractures.

Bone metabolism is improved thanks to the vitamin K offered by this vegetable, the absorption of calcium from food is also significantly improved, which allows an unbeatable help to enjoy strong and healthy bones .

7. Prevention of muscle diseases

Source of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants; which added to excellent contributions of nitrates capable of exponentially improving the transit of oxygen to all the muscles of the human body. Improving the performance of muscular resistance in all sports activities and in efforts or work that involves the muscles.

8. Prevention of poisoning

Both the action of chlorophyll and vitamin C make arugula help eliminate toxins and neutralize the action of heavy metals in the body, as well as chemicals and pesticides. This action is perfect for preventing DNA damage, which can lead to cancer and early aging.

9. Correct cancer prevention

According to many studies carried out on in vitro cells, they show that arugula is perfect for providing benefits in the fight against various cancers (lung, breast, pancreas and prostate), thanks to the various compounds (erucin, glucosinolates and sulforaphanes); all substances that contain sulfur and are ideal for efficiently inhibiting the enzymes involved in the multiplication of cancer cells.

10. Prevents congenital malformations of the fetus

Arugula contains folic acid (a B-complex vitamin), which is essential for the production of DNA and many other genetic materials, allowing the prevention of congenital malformations in fetuses such as spina bifida. Hence, pregnant women should keep arugula as a special ally, which will guarantee excellent health for the unborn child.

Consume arugula daily and get health and prevention

Obviously, the help offered by arugula is immense and could be considered a superfood with which nature has endowed us to maintain a balanced and healthy diet and at the same time prevent countless diseases . Hence, now that you know thoroughly all its benefits and the diseases that its consumption can prevent, start now to include it in your diet, a faithful substitute for lettuce and that you can incorporate into your sandwiches , salads, smoothies, soups and sandwiches. .

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