How Many Calories in Anchovy?

Calories in Anchovy

Anchovy, which is consumed deliciously in January and February, is the best type of fish where you can get omega 3 fatty acids. You can set delicious fish tables with anchovy, which is consumed fresh in season, and you can double its flavor with a salad with plenty of lemon. Consumption of fish twice a week, following the advice of experts, protects cardiovascular health. Children’s consumption of anchovies for muscle and bone development is an important point in health. A healthier tooth and bone structure is provided by the vitamins in anchovy. In addition, pre-school children’s eating anchovies supports mental health for older ages and children become smarter thanks to omega-3 fatty acids.

If you prefer anchovy on fish days, you can get protein and B vitamins in the most efficient way. Anchovy, which is eaten bite-by-bite, decorates the tables in the oven and fried form. When you want to consume anchovies with the lowest calories, we recommend using as little oil as possible and avoiding frying.

We would like to present you this article in order to have anchovy calorie information on the way to healthy nutrition. Anchovy, the delicious fish of the winter season, is with you with calorie information and delicious recipes!

How Many Calories in Anchovy?

Anchovy, which takes its place in every meal in the Black Sea, is a source of phosphorus and folic acid. There is no harm in consuming it in diet and meals. If you prefer the cooking method in the healthiest way, you will not gain weight while eating anchovies. Anchovy takes place in the Black Sea cuisine from sweet to salty. It is a type of fish with high nutritional value. If we calculate the calorie value of anchovy; we can see these numbers:

  • 1 anchovy: 12 calories
  • 10 anchovies: 115 calories
  • How many calories in 20 anchovies: 230 calories
  • How many calories in 1 serving of anchovy: 230 calories

Anchovy Nutritional Value

Anchovy, which keeps the immune system strong, contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. To find out which minerals are, we can examine the following table:

  • 34 grams of Protein
  • 10 grams of fat
  • 26mg Cholesterol
  • 208mg Sodium
  • 766mg Potassium
  • 164mg Calcium
  • 40 iu of vitamin A
  • 1 gram of vitamin C
  • 6.5 Iron

How Many Calories in Pan Anchovy?

Pan-frying anchovies with cornmeal creates a delicious pan-fried anchovy. Anchovy pan, which heals in the winter season, is a calorie food because it contains corn flour and oil. It would not be a healthy step for people who think about their heart health to consume anchovy pan. They can try different cooking methods. You can add anchovy pan to your meals as long as you pay attention to portion control.

  • 1 pan anchovy: 27 calories
  • Half portion pan anchovy: 340 calories
  • Meatball-sized anchovy pan: 72 calories
  • 50 grams of anchovy pan: 90 calories
  • 200 grams of anchovy pan: 358 calories

How Many Calories in Steamed Anchovy?

When you want to eat anchovies with low calories and without losing their nutritional value, you can try the steamed method. Anchovy cooked in its own steam or steam takes its place on the table in a very healthy way. Let’s answer your question how many calories are in steamed anchovy, which contains minerals that protect the skin:

  • 1 steamed anchovy: 12 calories
  • Medium portion steamed anchovies: 191 calories
  • Large serving of steamed anchovies: 399 calories
  • 100 grams of steamed anchovy: 80 calories

How Many Calories in Anchovy Rice?

Anchovy with high nutritional value and rice containing starch creates the flavor of anchovy pilaf, which is not suitable for dietary nutrition. Since it contains high calories, it is recommended to be consumed in a very small amount in diet nutrition. Bread and meat should not be preferred for other meals during the day, as it more than meets the need for bread and meat. When you want to add a new one to your rice recipes, you should definitely try anchovy pilaf. The calories of anchovy pilaf are as follows:

  • 1 tablespoon of anchovy rice: 15 calories
  • A full tablespoon of anchovy rice: 22 calories
  • Medium portion of anchovy rice: 334 calories
  • Large portion of anchovy rice: 436 calories

How Many Calories in Fried Anchovy?

Anchovy, which is a healthy type of meat, will lose its nutritional value when fried. Anchovy dipped in corn flour and then thrown into hot oil becomes a high-calorie food. This type of cooking is not suitable for dieters. Let’s take a look at the results for those who love fried anchovies and wonder about their calories:

  • 1 fried anchovy: 15 calories
  • Half a serving of fried anchovies: 380 calories
  • Medium serving of fried anchovies: 555 calories
  • 100 grams of fried anchovies: 152 calories

How Many Calories in Anchovy Meatballs?

Anchovy meatballs are also included in the list of delicious dishes prepared with anchovy. Anchovy meatballs have a very different taste from known meatballs. When you want to eat fish, you can try anchovy meatballs by going beyond the usual tastes. The calorie amount of anchovy meatballs is calculated as follows:

  • 1 anchovy patty: 40 calories
  • 1 portion of anchovy patties: 382 calories
  • 100 grams of anchovy patties: 134 calories


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