How to plant tomatoes

How to plant tomatoes

How to plant tomatoes. Planting tomatoes in the garden or on the balcony to have beautiful fruits all summer long, it’s easy, we’ll explain how to do it.

For the balcony , take a fairly large terracotta pot. Pour some broken pots, which will serve as drainage. Put some soil. Make a hole to slip in a bed of nettles, which will invigorate the plant and allow it to grow quickly and healthily. Cover lightly with soil to prevent the roots of the tomato from coming into direct contact with the nettles. Take the root ball of the tomato plant out of its bucket, and spread the roots a little to prevent them from growing in circles. Plant not too deep. Level the ground, water and put a stake as soon as the plant grows and takes height.

In the garden , start by planting stakes in the ground. They should be spaced at least 70 cm apart to allow air to circulate around the tomato plants and aerate the leaves well. Make a hole deep enough to lay a bed of nettles, cover with a thin layer of soil and plant your clods, tightly packed along the stake. Remember to water them regularly and cultivate them well

Namely : tomatoes must be watered regularly to avoid the “black bottom” syndrome, which is a necrosis of the tomato due to too irregular watering. Also avoid watering the leaves.

Which variety of tomato to choose? Discover this week the green zebra, an amazing variety of green tomato, ideal for salads of all colors!

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