What Is Coke Made Of? Here’s What You Didn’t Know!

What Is Coke Made Of

According to the statement made by a cola company, which makes its name known frequently, the following ingredients are included in the produced cola:

  • Water
  • Sugar or fructose-glucose syrup
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Caramel as colorant
  • Phosphoric acid as acidity regulator
  • Natural flavorings
  • Caffeine

Cola types are produced as sugar-free, sweetened and lemon-based. When these produced cola varieties meet with the lovers, they become a refreshing drink. Coke is produced with a secret and special formula. The secret formula has not been shared with the consumer for years. The reason why the formula is not disclosed is that the secret of flavor of this drink remains a mystery. When you want to prepare cola at home, it will be a little difficult to catch the taste of cola you will buy from the market.

  • Almost 85% water is used in the production of cola. The remaining shares contain additives.
  • In special devices, water and sugar mix well.
  • After the mixed water and sugar are melted and filtered, they are sent to other devices to be pasteurized.
  • Carbon dioxide is added to the liquid in the final state.
  • Then, the necessary quality controls are made without human touch and transferred to other units for packaging.
  • There are many cola brands on the market. Almost all of them follow the same processes and offer their own cola varieties to the consumer.
  • In the news about cola on social media, there are statements that the cola beetle and many harmful substances are used in the production of cola.
  • Coke companies oppose these statements and explain that substances such as water and sweetener are used to make cola.
  • They state that insects or harmful substances are against the principle of production and that there is no such situation.

Cola Contents List

Wondering what you’re getting into your body when you drink 1 glass of Coke? Now, under this heading, let’s examine what is found in 1 glass of cola.

  • There are 36.96 grams of carbohydrates in 1 glass of cola.
  • When you drink 1 glass of Coke, you get 149 calories. If you are eating according to diet nutrition, this figure is quite high.
  • You should drink in moderation or not at all. Because you should remember that cola is acidic and sugary.
  • While preparing cola, substances such as water, sugar or fructose-glucose syrup, carbon dioxide, caramel as a colorant , phosphoric acid as an acidity regulator, natural flavorings and caffeine are used.
  • These substances are generally the foodstuffs involved in the making of acidic and sugary drinks.

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