How does chocolate affect women’s mood?

How does chocolate affect mood

Many women resort to eating different types of chocolate. To improve their mood in general, especially if they go through any situation that disturbs their peace, and most people do not know those secrets, which make a single piece of chocolate have a great effect on them, in a way that may not be understood by many.

To try to explain this matter, a recent Japanese study was conducted on 60 women, whose ages ranged between 40 and 60 years. All of them were distinguished by the fact that they did not suffer from any chronic diseases, and their health was generally good.

The women, who were divided into two groups, were given different types of drinks that included chocolate and cocoa in their ingredients, while the second group was given a similar juice with the same ingredients and taste, but devoid of chocolate and cocoa.

Thirty days after the start of this experiment, those in charge of it noticed that the women who belonged to the group that drank the juice containing cocoa recorded a noticeable improvement in the mood scale. The women in this group also reported a real feeling of having positive energy, and the friendship between them increased to a degree.

This study concluded that continuing to eat chocolate on a daily basis, for a period of no less than two consecutive months, has a major role in improving the mood of women in particular. The results indicated that dark chocolate has a greater effect in this regard, due to the compounds present in it that have An important role in reducing levels of anxiety and depression.

How does chocolate affect mood?

It is known that the antioxidant flavanols are one of the main compounds of chocolate. This substance has a special ability to protect cells inside the body and prevent damage, so it is considered to play a major role in improving a person’s psychological state. Flavanols are found specifically in cocoa beans, which are used in the manufacture of various types of chocolate.

Regarding flavanols, the lead researcher in this study, Professor Masakazu Terauchi, says that cocoa extract has actually shown its significant effect on fatigue, anxiety, and depression due to this compound, especially in women who are still middle-aged, and who are more susceptible to symptoms of depression and anxiety.

These results do not mean at all that women should eat too much chocolate, as it has other negative effects and repercussions. Accordingly, a doctor and a nutritionist should be consulted to develop a correct dietary pattern that includes specific types of chocolate.
It is noteworthy that previous studies have proven that eating chocolate pieces has a major role in the secretion of the hormone “andromorphine,” which is very effective in calming the body and improving mood, in addition to the fact that chocolate contains tryptophan, which is described as one of the substances responsible for raising the happiness hormone in people.

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