Do you have mental fatigue? These 7 foods fight fatigue


Tiredness or fatigue are problems that many people experience in their day to day life due to factors such as overwork, personal difficulties, etc. Aspects that can prevent us from disconnecting and make it more difficult for us to face our day to day, in addition to causing other problems at the emotional level.

This makes it important to incorporate some guidelines into our lives that help us recover our energy , such as resting properly thanks to good sleep hygiene and, of course, a correct diet.

But today we are going to focus on the latter and tell you about the 7 foods to fight the symptoms of fatigue in order to be better in your daily life.

Fight fatigue with these 7 foods

Tiredness is something that we all experience at some point in our lives and it can be due to multiple factors such as the fact that we are not resting enough, that we are going through a time of great stress, etc.

The problem is when this situation is maintained in the long term, since chronic fatigue can have many consequences both physically and mentally. Hence, it is necessary to find the cause of our problems and take measures to help us get out of lethargy.

In this sense, one of the best remedies is to have a healthy and balanced diet that includes foods loaded with nutrients that give us energy. That is why below we leave you 7 of the products that you must include in your diet to avoid fatigue.

1. Avocado

Surely you already know this, but the truth is that avocado is a fruit that has many important benefits for our health. Among others, they provide us with many omega-3 fatty acids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect that improves the functioning of our organs , making us less likely to contract some diseases.

But, in addition, it has a high amount of potassium , which is a nutrient that helps us in muscle recovery , making us stronger. And, if you feel better on a physical level, this will also ultimately translate into a better disposition on an emotional level.

2. Ginseng

Secondly, we have a root of Asian origin that is increasingly used as a remedy for many conditions: ginseng. It is normal, it has many beneficial properties for our body.

This product is used to combat high blood pressure , but also to treat fatigue because it has the ability to activate our metabolism, making us much less tired. In fact, ginseng tea is used as a healthier alternative to energy drinks or coffee.

3. Coffee

One of the great classics when we talk about fighting fatigue and mental exhaustion is, without a doubt, coffee. This is because it contains caffeine , which is an ergogenic substance that can prevent the onset of symptoms of fatigue and is widely used by athletes.

In addition, in the case of coffee we are talking about a drink that works especially well on our nervous system, making us have a clearer mind and ready to face new challenges.

However, we must be aware that caffeine usually has a rebound effect that will cause us to experience a big crash when its effects wear off. And, on the other hand, consuming it in excess can have serious consequences for our health, so we should try to reduce it.

4. Nuts

Another of the great sources of energy that we can find comes from the hand of nuts, one of the healthiest alternatives to recover energy. 

However, we must have certain precautions regarding their consumption. First of all, the best option is to choose raw nuts because they are much healthier than fried alternatives, but it is also important to moderate their consumption because they have a high caloric content and can cause us to gain weight.

However, it is always advisable to have them on hand because they can help us recover energy in case we have a downturn at any given time.

5. Rice

Carbohydrates are often the most reviled because they are associated with gaining weight, unless exercise is performed. But the truth is that they are an excellent source of energy that we must have in our lives and one of the foods that we can choose is rice.

Why? Because rice has complex sugars that will help us keep our glucose more stable and avoid possible sugar crashes.

This food has complex sugars that help keep blood glucose levels stable and fill glycogen stores. In addition, it is a healthier alternative to pasta , since its contribution in terms of nutrients is much healthier.

6. Chia seed

They are the great unknown, but the truth is that chia seeds have many important properties for our health. We are going to highlight, mainly, the fact that they contain carbohydrates (although in small quantities) and also that they have fatty acids.

As we have seen before, these two nutrients help us recover energy, so including a handful of these seeds when we eat yogurt can make our minds clearer.

4. Chocolate

Finally, we have one of the energy sources par excellence: chocolate. This product helps us fight against fatigue thanks to its high energy intake and it tastes great.

However, we must know that not just any type of chocolate will do. The more milk it has, the less pure it will be and the more sugars it will be incorporating into our body, with the consequences that this can have for our health. That is why it is best to opt for dark chocolate , at least if what we are looking for is to fight against mental fatigue.

As you can see, these foods can help you improve your energy reserves , just like eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. But remember that it is always important to know what the origin of the problem is in order to treat it from the root.

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