Vitamin C and the fruits that contain the most amount of it

fruit consumption on your immune system

Vitamin C is a water- soluble compound that the human body urgently needs to grow and develop in a way that could be classified as normal, also known as ” Ascorbic Acid ” is an element that allows all physiological processes related to the human body to function properly. an efficient way. So its absence in the diet is disastrous for health, which leads us to the obligation to know those fruits that can provide us with large amounts of this essential vitamin , in order to include these foods immediately in the regular diet and enjoy of the wide benefits that its consumption implies.

Although the lemon is one of the fruits that contain excellent doses of vitamin C according to studies carried out by the WHO, it is not the only source and there are many other fruit alternatives that achieve the task of giving you large doses of ascorbic acid with the so that you can enjoy a strengthened immune system , deal with anemia and avoid the dreaded scurvy and for many other functions that can range from proper tissue repair to effective protection against colds and seasonal flu. Prepare your shopping list and include the following fruit trees so that you can enjoy the benefits of this necessary vitamin.

Fruits as sources of vitamin C

The importance of vitamin C cannot be analyzed from a single point of view because it is a vitamin that integrates multiple functionalities with the full capacity to help and it must be consumed with certain periodicity because the human body cannot produce it or store it, Hence, a balanced diet is essential to obtain generous amounts of this compound, and there is nothing better than doing it by consuming fruits , since you will also be including many other benefits and advantages with this type of food .

Black currant

“Ribes nigrum”, in addition to minerals and nutrients , this fruit maintains doses of up to 189 mg for each 100-gram serving consumed, its acid flavor makes it an ideal alternative to be consumed in juices and deliver up to 4 times more ascorbic acid than the oranges.

The guava

The quintessential antioxidant fruit , its broad capacity to trigger the immune system response make it ideal for keeping you fit and healthy, in addition to providing you with 180 mg of vitamin C; but remember that “Psidium” also gives you vitamin A and potassium , so it is highly consumed for healthy skin and cardiovascular system.

The Kiwi

The “Actinidia deliciosa” fruit offers you an incredible 100 mg of ascorbic acid for every 100 grams of fruit, representing an excellent substitute for breakfasts full of orange juice and where you can also get great amounts of fiber with which you will be reaching a digestion capable of achieving a correct assimilation of the food you consume and regularization of the entire digestive system.


Although its percentage of sugars is high, it is well worth giving yourself this treat because 100 grams of this delicious fruit is capable of providing 90 mg of vitamin C , they also contain a lot of dietary fiber with which it achieves a mild laxative effect and in addition to great dose of flavonoids that make it a fruit with great antioxidant qualities.


These red-colored delicacies with a slightly acidic “Fragaria” flavor are perfect for offering good amounts of vitamin C, they manage to deliver up to 70 mg of this vitamin per 100 grams of fruit, and you can also consume them both in juice and directly or add them to your favorite desserts and also combine them with other fruits or foods to enhance their properties .


“Diospyros kaki” called by many names “rosewood”, “fruit of divine fire” and others, deriving directly from the Asian continent, is capable of giving you 60 mg of vitamin C per serving. Additionally, it contains large amounts of calcium and fiber and, thanks to its high content of ascorbic acid , it is a great fruit to help maintain healthy skin through its ability to encourage collagen production .


A fruit that you can get worldwide and in almost all markets, its delicate flavor and its great nickname “bomb fruit” make it achieve great fame, in addition to being accompanied by a delicious flavor . Also, by containing 60 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit, they make it ideal to be a reliable and delicious source of this compound, while you also achieve excellent digestive health thanks to a compound called papain that includes the “Carica papaya ”.

The Orange

The famous citrus fruit “Citrus × sinensis” contains about 50 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams, being essential for the maintenance of the cardiovascular system and as a powerful antioxidant . In addition to perfectly combining folic acid with vitamin B12, allowing the body to synthesize and digest new proteins.

The lemons

Like oranges, “Citrus limon” lemons are capable of giving 50 mg per 100 grams consumed, it is common to consume them in the form of juice and represent a perfect dressing for salads, it also contains substances that intervene directly in the various enzymatic reactions that take place in the body.

Vitamin C as a source of health

Additionally, vegetables are also a reliable source of vitamin C, highlighting above all red peppers with incredible contributions of 139 mg, parsley managing to deliver up to 133 mg or broccoli that manages to give you 110 mg of ascorbic acid. In addition, vitamin C is responsible for many reactions that the body would be unable to carry out and for the correct and insurmountable protection of the various cells against the imminent attack of harmful free radicals . Therefore, the skin is one of the organs that receives the greatest benefit from the intake of this type of fruit, which obviously provides the necessary doses of this vitamin.

In perspective, the consumption of these fruits on a regular basis can generate in your body the necessary capacities for the correct healing of wounds, as well as for the correct growth and development of proteins necessary to generate skin, tendons, blood vessels and in general to tissue formation And as an ally in the fight against anemia for the simple fact of promoting the absorption of iron from the foods that are consumed. So don’t wait any longer and integrate these fruits into your daily diet now and enjoy the advantages and benefits of consuming vitamin C.

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