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Garlic, which has a wide range of uses from food to medicinal consumption, is one of the vegetables that are not missing from the kitchens. In addition to being consumed as a vegetable, garlic powder, garlic juice, garlic oil, garlic is one of the most consumed natural antibiotics with the benefits of garlic entering the home as a garlic pill. In addition to being added to meals in the kitchen, it is also consumed with foods such as tea and cured garlic yogurt.

What Are the Benefits of Garlic?

  • Garlic, which is used as a natural antibiotic, strengthens the immune system and protects the body against diseases.
    Garlic, with its antibiotic properties, increases the resistance against flu and colds, as well as supports the rapid recovery of patients.
  • Garlic is also known as a very beneficial food for hair health and supports hair growth, while garlic is also used for beard growth and beard growth. In addition to growing hair and beard, garlic is also an effective vegetable for eyebrow growth.
  • Garlic has a positive effect on blood pressure. It is known that among the benefits of garlic lemon cure, especially prepared with garlic, it has a slight blood pressure lowering feature.
  • In addition, the lemon-garlic mixture has cholesterol-lowering properties.
  • Garlic also has a positive effect on the skin. In particular, the garlic mask is considered one of the traditional methods used in the treatment of acne.

Is Ingesting Garlic Beneficial?

Garlic, which is used in many different ways, is also consumed by swallowing for healing purposes. Garlic, which is peeled and swallowed without chewing, helps to stay energetic and fit throughout the day. In addition, swallowing a clove of garlic a day allows you to benefit from the general benefits of garlic and is known to strengthen the body in regular use.

So, Does Swallowing Garlic Make You Weak?

Garlic, which is peeled and swallowed as a single clove, does not provide weight loss on its own, but when used during a diet, it is beneficial for weight loss. It facilitates weight loss by accelerating metabolism, especially when it is eaten excessively by going out of the diet.

Is Garlic Weakening?

Garlic is a useful vegetable as well as an effective food for weight loss. Especially since garlic has low calorie values, it is among the vegetables that can be eaten by those who want to lose weight. Garlic, 1 of which is approximately 52 calories, can be added to meals and consumed in different ways by those who want to lose weight.

What are the Harms of Garlic?

As long as daily consumption is not excessive, garlic is a very beneficial vegetable for health. However, garlic, which causes certain health problems in excessive and incorrect consumption, can cause stomach diseases and the smell of garlic can be disturbing in excessive consumption. Pregnant women are advised to be especially careful when consuming garlic and to consult a doctor if it is to be taken in tea or pill form. In terms of skin health, garlic is among the vegetables that should be used carefully. People with sensitive skin should pay attention to garlic burns when using garlic.

How to Store Garlic?

Since garlic is a vegetable that maintains its freshness for a long time, it can be stored in a suitable area as long as its skins are not peeled. If they want to be stored by peeling, they can be stored as pickles, frozen and deposited in olive oil. You can also keep the garlic, which is prepared as pickled with salted water, in a jar filled with olive oil. In the freezer, you can wrap it in aluminum foil and place it in the freezer without peeling it, or you can slice it and store it in freezer bags.

How to Extract Garlic Juice?

In order to extract the juice of garlic, which is used in different ways in the kitchen, first of all, it is necessary to cut the garlic into cloves and peel it. The peeled garlics are chopped into small pieces with the help of a garlic crusher. Garlics cut into pieces are put in a thin cheesecloth, tied and squeezed to extract the juice.

What is the Easy Way to Peel Garlic?

There are several different ways to easily peel garlic, whose tiny cloves are surrounded by a thin peel. First of all, you can soften the skins of the garlic cloves by soaking them in hot water and peel them easily. If you do not want to soak in water, you can easily remove the skins after placing the garlic on the cutting board and crushing it with the flat part of the knife.

Garlic Cure Recipes

With its unique taste and benefits, garlic, which has a wide usage area in the kitchen, is among the recipes in which garlic is used specially, garlic cure, tea, pickles and bread.
Garlic tea comes first among the recipes with garlic. Tea, which is consumed especially with its medicinal properties, is prepared in a unique way. How to make garlic tea?

For garlic tea with a weakening effect, you need one piece of ginger, two crushed garlic, honey and lemon juice. It is chopped into large pieces and boiled with water for 6 minutes. The juice of the gingers, which are boiled until they are boiled, is poured over two cloves of garlic, which were previously chopped into a glass. The mixture, which is left to warm by adding lemon juice on it, is taken out of the pulp when it cools down and sweetened with honey and drunk.
Other recipes prepared with garlic include slices of garlic bread. Garlic bread slices prepared with butter, basil and thyme are one of the original recipes that add flavor to breakfast tables.
Pickles prepared with garlic are among the most common garlic recipes. Garlic pickles, which are prepared using whole garlic, add health to your tables in all four seasons with its benefits.

When we look at the cures prepared with garlic, the weakening cure and the lemon cure, which is widely known among the people, come to the fore. The slimming cure is prepared with organic apple cider vinegar and is especially beneficial for those who have weight problems.
Lemon-garlic cure takes its place in homes as a natural remedy with its healing properties. It is known that the easy-to-prepare recipe is good for many health problems, from heart health to blood pressure.

How to Make a Lemon Garlic Cure?

Garlic lemon cure is among the easy recipes to prepare. For the cure prepared with 500 grams of garlic, 1 kg of lemon and 1.5 liters of water, it is necessary to beat the garlic first. The garlics, which are thinned by pounding with a garlic hammer, are put in a jar and mixed with 1.5 liters of water by squeezing the lemons in a different container. It is removed and can be consumed after 25 days by shaking every day.

What are the Harms of Garlic Lemon Cure?

Garlic lemon cure, which is very beneficial for health and has a slight reducing effect especially against high blood pressure, can be harmful when used excessively, and can negatively affect the health of people with low blood pressure. It is recommended to use the mixture carefully, which puts health at risk by further lowering blood pressure.

Garlic? Garlic?

One of the questions about garlic, which stands out with its wide use in kitchens, is the correct spelling of the word “garlic”. The correct pronunciation and spelling of the vegetable, which is usually pronounced as “garlic” in the public mouth, is indicated on the TDK website as “garlic”.

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