Tips for boiling delicious sweet potatoes

Tips for boiling delicious sweet potatoes

Boiled sweet potato is a very close food to Vietnamese people. However, the secret to delicious boiled potatoes is not known to everyone. Please refer to the following tips! Method 1:




Boiled sweet potato

Wash sweet potatoes, put them in a pot, add a little salt and water to cover the potatoes, boil until they can be skewered with chopsticks without the potatoes being crushed (boil about 15 minutes). Drain the water, boil a little until the potatoes are slightly scorched, it is very delicious and fragrant.

Method 2:

Take the eyes of the sugarcane and spread it evenly on the bottom of the pot, then put the potatoes on top, fill the potatoes with water about 5cm and then boil. Cook for about 15-20 minutes, try skewering with chopsticks, if it’s soft, it’s fine. Pour the potatoes into the basket until all the water is gone, then continue to put the potatoes in the pot and simmer for about 3-5 minutes, turn off the heat.

In addition, for sweeter potatoes, instead of boiling, you can steam the water. Put the potatoes in a pot with a steamer to steam, arrange the large tubers on the bottom, the small ones on top, on high heat. When the water in the pot boils for a while, sprinkle evenly over the potatoes with a little salt, steam for a few more minutes and then use chopsticks to skewer to check, the potatoes are cooked.

Method 3:

You can put potatoes in steaming rice. First, peel off the skin of the potato and wash it. Cut into medium pieces for easy cooking. When you start to cook rice, wash the rice and put the potatoes in.




Steamed sweet potato

When the rice is cooked, stir the potatoes. The aroma rising from the potato will make you ecstatic, hard to refuse. In this way, steamed potatoes will be more delicious, sweet and fragrant.

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