Dinner with the best ingredients to detoxify your body


There are times when more calories are consumed, but when it comes time to evaluate the routine we come across a body full of toxins and fats. To recover and start a new diet model, it is necessary to prepare dinners with foods that help detoxify and cleanse the body in order to regain energy and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The liver is the center of this process , as it is the organ responsible for detoxifying the blood and storing vitamins and minerals. When the body has more energy it is due to the conversion of sugar generated by the liver, it also breaks down insulin, hemoglobin, hormones and old red blood cells. Meals based on healthy foods allow for a more active and protected body .

5 foods you should include in your dinner

Detoxifying foods have positive effects on health . Preparing nutritious and healthy dinners is not that difficult, as there are a variety of dishes that you can make with special ingredients to cleanse your body. Not only will you be able to eliminate toxins, you will also lose weight and keep your blood pressure within its limits.

1. Green leafy vegetables

Taking advantage of green leafy vegetables is very easy thanks to their chlorophyll content. This type of food helps eliminate toxins such as pesticides and metals in the body. By including lettuce, spinach, watercress or chard at dinner you will be helping the liver to fulfill its detoxifying function. The best way to consume green leafy vegetables is raw, in salads.

2. Garlic

Preparing food with this ingredient will be of great help not only to detoxify the body, but also to protect the heart. Whether in salads or in protein, garlic offers a special aroma and flavor to foods . It has the ability to activate liver enzymes making it work at its best, cleaning the blood of toxins.

3. Carrots

Carrots have a delicious sweet taste. It provides the body with fibers that help in the digestion process without generating any type of inconvenience. It is perfect for removing pollutants from the body and will make you feel satiated . Among its nutrients are flavonoids and beta-carotene, responsible for improving the functionality of the liver and detoxification.

4. Turmeric

It has been shown that one of the spices that can not be missing in the preparation of meals is turmeric. It is a great ally when it comes to wanting to purge the body of toxins . You should add a little of this spice to your meals to activate liver enzymes for the purpose of removing toxins from the body. If you prefer detox smoothies, turmeric can also be included in the ingredients of the drink.

5. Fruits

To cleanse the body you need vitamin C, fiber and water . These nutrients can be found combined in most fruits. Many people refrain from eating fruit for dinner because of the sugars, but forget that they are sources of energy. There is a wide variety of this food, so you can choose between your favorites. Antioxidants and detoxifiers are also effects produced by fruits. The most important thing at this point is not to consume them in excess, you should also do it three hours before sleeping.

The need to detoxify the body

It is important to eliminate toxins from the body that cause damage in the long run . It is as necessary as maintaining a healthy life. So much so that the body has mechanisms to detoxify itself, but sometimes it requires help because the negative influences of the environment take control, making you feel tired or sick.

Detoxification is synonymous with wellness . Remember that harmful substances can affect your physical and mental performance, stick to cells and weaken the immune system. This procedure takes these substances out of the bloodstream, liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system.

To achieve a successful detoxification, nutrition is the fundamental basis. The most essential thing is to consume foods that help you in the process, without having to demand more from the body than its capacities

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