What are the Benefits of Black Mulberry Syrup

Black Mulberry Syrup

Although it is not known exactly where the black mulberry, which is a full source of healing and surprises with the highest number of chromosomes among the fruits, originates, many sources claim that it is a plant species originating from Central Asia.

Black mulberry, which has a delicate fruit with a length of about 2-3 cm , is one of the most juicy and dark species of the mulberry family. It is known that it was also used by the world’s oldest civilizations to feed silkworms. Benefit from both the fruit and leaves of the black mulberry tree, which has a durable body.

Various foods such as ice cream, jam, jelly and syrup can be obtained from the black mulberry, the fruit of the tree, which can grow ten times in a year.

What are the Benefits of Black Mulberry Syrup?

Black mulberry is considered as a fruit that should be consumed in almost every season with its high vitamin and mineral values. The benefit of black mulberry syrup, especially made as a beverage, is in a different category thanks to its natural extracts and components.

  • The drink, which has effects as valuable as a medicine, has many benefits for the human body. Even in excessive consumption, black mulberry syrup harms are not seen except for diarrhea.
  • The syrup, which contains high amounts of vitamin C, has powerful effects that eliminate the traces of fatigue as well as give energy.
  • Especially when evaluated in terms of vitamins E and K, it has an important place in terms of providing both blood coagulation and bone development.
  • Thanks to its color and components, it is seen to have anti-cancer effects.
  • In addition to its anti-aging properties, it is a complete antioxidant store.
  • When black mulberry juice, which fights with various bacteria in the body, is consumed on an empty stomach in the morning, it also ensures the elimination of intestinal parasites.
  • Black mulberry juice, which supports the fast and regular functioning of the intestines, also gives positive results for people with constipation problems.
  • When the pulp remaining outside the syrup is applied to the skin, it prevents wrinkles by showing a botox effect.
  • It acts as a shield by making the body resistant to infectious diseases such as colds and flu.
  • Black mulberry syrup, which is effective in sleep disorder or falling asleep problems, has relaxing effects if consumed before sleeping.
  • It plays an active role in the protection of heart health and cell structure with the flavonoid content generally found in red fruits.
  • Black mulberry syrup, which has properties that increase gastric secretions, is perfect against stomach ailments such as gastritis.
  • Black mulberry syrup, which is rich in minerals such as potassium, manganese, iron and copper, protects and supports the health of blood cells.
  • People who consume black mulberry syrup during the summer develop a natural skin protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Black mulberry syrup, which brightens the skin, has anti-aging effects in regular consumption.
  • Natural and homemade black mulberry syrup is also good for mouth sores. It allows mouth wounds such as aphthae to close much faster.

How is Black Mulberry Syrup Made?

  • Black mulberry, which matures mostly in summer and is suitable for growing in almost every region, is harvested shortly after its color darkens.
  • Since there is no opportunity to collect from trees in city life, black mulberry can be easily found in markets and markets in April and May.
  • Black mulberries are covered with sugar in a deep bowl and kept in the refrigerator for one night.
  • After the waiting process, double the amount of black mulberry is added to the melted candies and mulberries and boiled for 20 minutes.
  • After being brought to room temperature, the mulberries are filtered with the help of a cheesecloth. Prepared smooth syrup mixture is placed in the refrigerator and served cold.
  • Since it is a fruit with a very short season, it can be consumed all winter by filling it in glass jars with the canning method while hot.

What Is Black Mulberry Syrup Good For?

  • Black mulberry syrup comes to the fore as a beverage that should be consumed during pregnancy for mothers who share all vitamin, mineral and blood values ​​with the baby during the pregnancy period. Because it is one of the most natural solutions against both anemia and digestive problems that occur during pregnancy.
  • The question of whether black mulberry syrup is given to babies varies according to the needs of the child. Since babies have a sensitive and easily affected body, it is considered appropriate to give one spoon a day with additional foods after six months.
  • In addition, since black mulberry syrup is also effective in the treatment of thrush, it can be used sensitively in babies.
  • You can use black mulberry syrup, which is one of the upper respiratory tract infections that are frequently encountered in childhood, for treatment purposes without thinking whether it is good for cough. Because black mulberry syrup can act as a natural antibiotic for throat infection.
  • Likewise, black mulberry syrup is a special fruit juice with therapeutic effects in gum diseases or stopping bleeding if there is bleeding. Moreover, black mulberry syrup can be consumed for mouth sores and black mulberry syrup for aphthae.
  • Black mulberry syrup, which is effective against many health problems, allows you to take simple and natural precautions against future ailments.

How to Use Black Mulberry Syrup?

  • If you are wondering how to consume black mulberry syrup, which has benefits for both the skin and the body, you can easily consume it in various ways, such as drinking it, gargling or applying it to the skin. In short , the answer to the question of whether to drink black mulberry syrup is yes.
  • For example, black mulberry syrup taken in the morning on an empty stomach has healing effects against gastrointestinal disorders, while your energy level shows a positive value and you feel more vigorous thanks to the syrup taken after meals. In this case, of course, it should be drunk.
  • Generally, the use of black mulberry syrup may vary according to the health and expectation of the person.
  • Using black mulberry syrup, sauces for cakes and desserts can also be prepared.

How to Store Black Mulberry Syrup?

  • With its sensitive and perishable structure, black mulberry syrup can be stored for a long time when concentrated.
  • Black mulberry can be preserved until the next year, either as jam, molasses or syrup, with its fast-season and rapidly souring structure.
  • Black mulberries, which can also be stored in the freezer, can be eaten by removing them before consumption time. However, since the mulberry coming out of the cupboard is very likely to be watered down, the syrup method, which is easy to make, is generally preferred.
  • Natural black mulberry syrup, which should be kept in a glass jar airtight after boiling, can be stored for months.

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