Kitchen Secrets of Master Chefs, Tips to Increase Flavor

Kitchen Secrets of Master Chefs

If there is any happiness other than the happiness of eating; it is the preparation of the food to be eaten. Cooking by many people is almost an art. Paying attention to your work, the bond established with the materials to be used, the quality of the equipment needed and more are the details that must be considered for a good meal.

Setting out with cooking rules to leave legendary flavors on the palate will always yield healthier results. We seem to hear you say what these rules are. We will explain everything you wonder with cooking techniques.

If you are one of those who create a completely different world for yourself when you enter the kitchen, you will have already taken a step. Tips for cooking that will make your job easier and bring you the same quality taste every time have been prepared for you in this list. If you want to explore your career in chef’s field you can visit here Job for a chef. In order not to make mistakes in the kitchen and to make happy plates, we leave you alone with our article. You’re so close to delicious scents!

Golden Rules for Making the Most Delicious Meals Every Time

1) Don’t Miss Out: Review Recipes

  • When you want to prepare a meal, cake, dessert or soup, you should know that it will be useful to review the recipe at the point where you can’t remember.
  • In order not to encounter unrecoverable situations during construction; It gives you a lot to remember the ingredients you need before cooking.
  • At this stage, you can check the stock of the products in your list.
  • If there are missing materials, you can roll up your sleeves after the deficiencies are completed.

2) Prepare Your Materials

  • If the recipe has been checked, you can prepare your ingredients for the meal to be made, each in a separate container.
  • If the egg is going to break, break it apart.
  • If powder products are to be used, separate them all in a bowl.
  • You can also prepare liquid products such as oil and milk with glasses.
  • When you set out in this way, you can prepare your meal in a short time without getting your hands and ingredients dirty.

3) Don’t Neglect the Queue

  • Every dish or bakery product has a cooking order.
  • This order is very important for delicious results.
  • If you neglect the order, for example, if you beat the egg for a cake later, you will not get a healthy result.
  • The order of application of the recipe in your hand will always give flavor to your meals and will save you time.

4) Check Devices

  • After preparing your materials, there is one point you need to pay attention to, and that the devices you will use are clean and working.
  • If a pan or pot is to be used, it should be on the counter during preparation.
  • If you are going to use an oven, it is also very important that the oven is working.
  • Cleaning these products is also a serious condition for eating a healthy food.
  • Odors from previous meals may affect the food you are going to make.

5) Strain, Sift, Chop

  • If you are going to prepare something with powder products, namely flour or semolina, you should sift these products to prevent lumps during production. You should wash the vegetables you will use for meals to clean them.
  • Let the water drain after washing. The remaining water from the washing process will spoil the taste of your food.
  • In the case of adding vegetables to soups, do not throw the vegetables whole with the thought that “it will melt after all”.
  • Speed ​​up the cooking time by chopping even a few pieces. These tricks will yield very tasty results.

6) Temperature First! Heat the Oven or Pan

  • When you want to sauté your meat, it will always be convenient for you to use a teflon or granite pan.
  • You can get a delicious taste if you throw your meat after heating your pan for at least 10 minutes. The heating process is also valid for the products you will send to the oven.
  • You can heat the oven while preparing the food. Vegetables or meats that go into the hot oven will cook better and leave a better taste.

7) Time Is The Greatest Medicine: Work With Time

  • Time is very important for some preparations. Especially in desserts and cookies, even an extra minute can cause a loss of flavor.
  • For this reason, you should pay attention to cooking within the time you are told.
  • Overcooked pastries take on a hard consistency and do not make themselves very popular. To prevent such situations, do not leave the oven unattended while the oven is operating.

8) Use Quality Products

  • If there are stale or rotten items in your ingredients, it will always return you negative points.
  • The sourness in a vegetable can pass on to other ingredients and enjoy the taste of your food.
  • For this reason, it is always recommended to use fresh and quality products.
  • Even the type of oil you use will affect the taste you get. Olive oil can be a good idea for healthy meals.

9) Relax!

  • Resting meals always produces better results.
  • It is always possible to brew rice, leave the heat of the bakery products, and absorb the syrup from the desserts with the resting process.
  • Consuming the food taken from the stove at that temperature is both harmful to the stomach and prevents the real taste from being taken.
  • For this reason, it is necessary to infuse the cooked products for at least 15 minutes. Don’t forget this for a good pilaf!

10) Feast the Eyes

  • Meals were made. Those who go in the oven are already cooked. Soups boiled. When the desserts are already ready, the last and most enjoyable job to do is to decorate the plates.
  • To take care of the food you make, you must present it well.
  • You can serve the dish as 1/3 of a plate without filling the plates too much. In addition to your meat dishes, it is also in your hands to whet your appetite with puree or rice.
  • You can speed up the pulse a little by pouring cocoa or cinnamon on your dessert plates.
  • Remember! Full plates can sometimes come across as a situation that makes the food cold.

11) Be Quick and Careful

  • When the recipes of master chefs are examined, we are sometimes surprised how the results are so perfect.
  • The secret is to give what is necessary at the right time.
  • To be successful in the kitchen, you must have two qualities: speed and attention.
  • These two traits are often very dangerous when combined, because one can destroy the other.
  • Here, when you provide the cooperation of speed and attention, you can qualify to join the caravan of master chefs!

12) Don’t forget to add your love to the food!

  • Our mothers are the greatest master chefs in the world! So what are their secrets?
  • Of course, they add their love to the food…
  • Even though master chefs work hard to reach the technical perfection, the reason why some of them can go one step further is because they do their job with love.

13) You Are What You Eat!

  • The phrase “You are what you eat”, whose value has become evident today, also refers to the reasons behind the success of master chefs, how?
  • Although cooking is enjoyable, you should know that when you do it as a job, you will work at a stressful and intense pace.
  • If you want to cook good food, first of all, you must feed yourself well so that your strength and strength are always in place.

14) Learn from the Masters, Don’t Copy, Get Inspired

  • As Chef Gordon Ramsey, who has achieved great success with his restaurants, says, working with great chefs is very valuable in order to be a great chef.
  • Watch master chefs, learn techniques from them, but never forget to make original touches.
  • Listen to Chef José Andrés and let your inner storyteller interpret your meal.

15) Turn Crises into Opportunities

  • It is impossible not to make mistakes in the kitchen and not to have mishaps.
  • What matters is what you do in times of crisis.
  • Thanks to a mistake made, there are many recipes that come out with great flavors, with alternatives used instead of a forgotten ingredient. Don’t be afraid to experiment, turn crises into opportunities.

16) Be a Good Leader, A Good Teammate

  • If your intention is to become a master chef in the huge kitchens of big restaurants, don’t forget that you have to be a team player.
  • Chef Daniel Boulud has not said for nothing that successful chefs are promoted by successful culinary teams.

17) Add Power to the Power of the Tables!

  • If you define being a cook as cooking in a kitchen between four walls, it will be difficult for you to be a happy chef. The person who cooks is actually active in shaping the future.
  • People’s communication can also differ at the tables set with dishes prepared in different ways.
  • We don’t say “Let’s eat sweet, talk sweet” for nothing.
  • Being aware of this, the taste of the dishes of the chefs will of course be different…

18) Don’t Compromise Quality

  • The basis of making a delicious meal is to use delicious and quality ingredients.
  • You taste the food of two chefs who make the same recipe in the same way, and you may not like one but adore the other.
  • What is the difference?
  • Maybe while one of them was shopping at the village market, the other preferred frozen products, right? It’s possible.
  • If you want to be a good chef, do not compromise on quality, make sure to research the source of your ingredients well.

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