15 Foods High in Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that is involved in vital processes in the human body, supporting bone health and regulating blood clotting. Adults are recommended to get 90 to 120 micrograms of vitamin K per day. But where to get them? In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 foods that are high in vitamin K so that you can get enough of it through your diet.

It is well known that many vitamins and minerals are key to a person’s health, but vitamin K is unique in its own right because its intake must be monitored by people taking blood-thinning medications. Therefore, be sure to consult your personal physician before making any changes to your menu.

15 Foods  High in Vitamin K

Green cabbage 

Leafy, dark green plants are often high in vitamin K. Kale contains 105 micrograms of the vitamin in just two tablespoons of cooked produce. It is also rich in many other nutrients besides vitamin K.

Turnip leaves 

Edible turnip leaves are eaten more often than green cabbage, and contain the same amount (105 micrograms) of vitamin K in two tablespoons of cooked leaves. They can be used as an ingredient in any dish or assortment.



Spinach is a common source of vitamin K, containing 145 micrograms in one measuring cup of raw produce. Spinach is rich in nutrients and makes a great addition to your smoothies. It won’t change the taste of your drink, and if you choose you can add spinach to your scrambled eggs or to your salad. Spinach is also an excellent source of iron.



Kale is another source of vitamin K, containing more than 140 micrograms in two tablespoons of cooked produce or one tablespoon of raw kale. It is rich in vitamin A , calcium and potassium , which makes it extremely nutritious, and at the same time contains very few calories (about 35 calories in one measuring cup).


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Romaine Salad 

Although the color of this lettuce is not as dark as kale or spinach, it is another green and rich source of vitamin K. Romaine lettuce contains 60 micrograms in one scoop of raw produce. It is often used to make Caesar salad and is rich in vitamins C, K and folate (vitamin B9).


Plain lettuce 

Common lettuce contains more vitamin K than romaine lettuce. Common lettuce is a commonly used ingredient in salads and has a deeper green color and sweeter flavor than kale and spinach. One scoop of lettuce has 100 micrograms of vitamin K, and one scoop contains just five calories.



Broccoli is rich in vitamin K because it contains 90 micrograms in one measuring cup of raw broccoli and about 110 micrograms in one measuring cup of cooked product. They are an excellent source of calcium , iron and other minerals. It will also add fiber and flavor to many dishes.


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Cabbage is a commonly used ingredient in salads, where we often find it finely grated, in stews and soups, and you can even add it to stir-fries . It’s a vegetable that’s low in calories (about 6 calories per leaf), but also has a moderate amount of vitamin K (58 micrograms in one measuring cup) and 15% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.


Brussels sprouts 

Brussels sprouts are known worldwide as “mini sprouts” and contain similar nutrients to cabbage. Brussels sprouts have 120 micrograms of vitamin K in half a scoop of the product. It’s also nutrient-dense and contains more than the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C in one scoop, in addition to 13 grams of dietary fiber .


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Fresh onion 

While scallions are not traditionally dark green leafy vegetables, they are still high in vitamin K. One measuring cup of the product has 207 microdrams of the vitamin. Fresh onions are often used to decorate dishes or are added as an ingredient in some of them. It is also rich in vitamin A and C.



Asparagus contains about 70 micrograms of vitamin K in one measuring cup. They’re low in calories and high in fiber and folate, as well as adding protein to your meal (a whopping 4 grams in one measuring cup).


Soy beans 

Soybeans are an excellent vegan and vegetarian source of protein. They contain as much as 33 micrograms of vitamin K in one serving. They are also a great source of fiber, phosphorus and potassium . Add them to your menu and enjoy.


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Soybean oil 

Both soybeans and soybean oil will add vitamin K to your food. It is often used as an ingredient in salads in the form of dressing, as a frying and cooking oil, and contains 3.4 micrograms of vitamin K in one tablespoon.


Edamame green beans 

Edamame green beans are rich in fiber and protein. It is a form of soybeans that are known for their taste and nutrients. It’s also a vegan source of iron and contains 45 micrograms per measuring cup.



Avocado is a fruit that contains vitamin K. There are 50 micrograms of the vitamin in one measuring cup. It is also a source of healthy fat – 3 grams of fat in one measuring cup of the fruit.

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Beef liver 

Beef liver is far from one of the most preferred foods, but it is certainly extremely nutritious. It contains 92 micrograms of vitamin K per 100 grams of product. In addition, it is rich in vitamin A, folic acid and iron.



Vitamin K is vital for overall health. For this reason, it is important to consume foods that contain this vitamin. Use the list of foods in this article to help you get enough vitamin K in your diet. If you still have trouble getting enough, check with your doctor about whether it’s okay to take it in supplement form.


Articles are for informational and educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. If you have concerns, consult a health professional before taking nutritional supplements or making any particular changes to your diet.


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