Bittim Soap: Natural Formula for Skin Health

Bittim Soap

Bittim soap is a special product and is widely used for hair health. It is a soap that is also used for skin diseases such as acne and eczema due to its nourishing and antiseptic germicidal properties. So, what is Bittim soap, what are its benefits and what does it do? You can find every detail you wonder about Bıttım soap in this article.

Does the finished soap work against hair loss, which is a general problem regardless of gender ? What are the benefits of Bittim soap, which provides softness by balancing the oil rate and prevents the formation of acne ?

How to use 100% organic original finished soaps, how many times a week should they be applied? From eczema to hair whitening, herbal healing source for skin cells, Bittim soap has been examined with all its aspects for you, enjoy reading!

What is Bittim Soap? Why is it done?

  • Bittim is a pistachio species grown in the Southeastern Anatolia Region and is the ungrafted form of Siirt pistachio .
  • It is a wild pistachio plant with brown shells.
  • Bittim soap is a soap produced from bittim oil, also known as menengiç oil .
  • It is a traditional product made by hand, completely organic.
  • It does not contain additives and chemicals.
  • You can use Bittim soap for both hair and skin.
  • Bittim soap is a natural care product recommended by experts.
  • It has a yellow or green color.
  • According to a rumor, it is also called the “prince’s soap” because it is the soap used by the British royal family .
  • Bittim soap is a 100% natural product that is good for dandruff and fungal disease and has many other benefits.
  • It nourishes, softens the hair, prevents premature graying and is good for skin rashes.
  • The place where soap was first made was the Botan region of Mardin , but it became integrated with Siirt.
  • Another name is Botan soap, which is mentioned with its first production place.
  • Bittim soaps produced in Cizre, Şırnak are also completely natural products.
  • You can come across it in almost all cities of Southeast Anatolia.
  • To see its healing, you should regularly use what is truly naturally produced and avoid counterfeit products.

What are the Benefits of Bittim Soap?

The benefits of Bittim soap, which is very common for hair and skin health, can be listed as follows:

  • It is effective for hair loss, which is of great importance for hair health and beauty. Bıttım soap can completely prevent the problem of hair loss. In order to benefit from this feature, soap should be used continuously and no other chemical products should be used with it.
  • There are opinions that it reduces the graying of hair . It is said to be a soap that can prevent whitening and restore slightly bleached hair. Continuous and frequent use is recommended.
  • The cleansing and purifying nature of Bittim soap completely eliminates unwanted bacteria on the scalp.
  • It prevents the formation of dandruff. It has antiseptic properties.
  • Bittim soap is used in the treatment of acne. It is effective in eliminating acne and acne caused by adolescence acne and lubrication. When used continuously for skin cleansing, it does not allow the formation of acne.
  • As a soap used for skin diseases, Bittim soap can also help in the treatment of eczema.
  • It is very useful in cleaning the body as well as cleaning the hair and scalp. It relaxes the user with its pleasant smell.
  • It exfoliates the skin. When you wash with Bittim soap, you will have a smooth skin.
  • Soap does not dry your skin, on the contrary, it softens it. Bıttım soap is also very effective for skin blemishes. It helps to remove stains.

What Does Bittim Soap Do? How to use?

  • Bittim soap is a soap made with organic and traditional methods used for washing the hair and body.
  • To see the benefits of soap, it is necessary to use it frequently and for a long time. It is important not to use other chemical products when using this product.
  • After getting approval from your skin doctor, you can start using the soap.
  • You can get help from him for both your skin problems and hair care.
  • You can lather the soap thoroughly and apply it to your scalp as if you were massaging it.
  • It is recommended to be used regularly and applied in every wash.
  • The use of shampoo in one wash and the use of finished soap in one wash prevents you from getting effective results.
  • It is useful to use it not every day, but 2 or 3 times a week . It would be better to let the natural oil in the soap care for your hair.

Bittim soap is useful for:

  • Bittim soap is very useful for hair: It strengthens, nourishes, softens and gives shine to your hair. It helps to take shape easily by preventing electrification.
  • Adjusts the water and oil balance of your hair:  If your hair is very oily, it makes it more balanced. It moisturizes dry hair. It does not feel felt like other soaps.
  • It gives volume to the hair, making it look lush and full: It prevents  breakage and helps it to grow in a healthy way.
  • When you use it to clean and care for your body, it is good for itching and redness. It contributes to the treatment of skin wounds. It opens the skin pores, making it easier for the skin to breathe.
  • It is effective in reducing varicose veins on the legs .
  • It helps in the treatment of diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and fungus .

Does Bittim Soap Remove Hair?

  • Bittim soap has the feature of removing hair. But it can be beneficial if used regularly and for a long time.
  • If you wash your hair with only finished soap 2 or 3 times a week for 8 to 9 months, you can see your hair come out.
  • It contributes to the growing hair strands to be thick and lively; At this stage, you should continue to use it consistently and not apply any harmful action to your hair. (blow dryer, paint, etc.)
  • It is very important that the soap you will use is 100% original finished soap .
  • It is not possible to benefit from non-organic soaps.
  • You need to be careful when buying Bittim soap and make sure it is really organic.
  • Siirt Bittim soap is an organic product, 100% natural and does not contain chemicals.
  • You can take care to buy the original Siirt finished soap.

Does Bittim Soap Prevent Acne Formation?

  • Bittim soap can prevent acne formation; because this soap has antiseptic properties. For this reason, by drying the bacteria and inflammation on the skin, it both heals acne and prevents new ones from forming.
  • Since it is a natural soap, it balances the moisture and oil ratio of the skin.
  • It removes excess oil without drying the skin.
  • Pimples and acnes usually appear during adolescence, and in later years due to excess lubrication on the skin.
  • Regular use of Bıttım soap can be a solution to this problem.
  • It is a soap that those who have no problems can easily use in daily hand and face washing.
  • You can choose Bittim soap instead of cosmetic products with additives to clean the dirt and oil accumulated on your skin all day before sleeping at night.

How is Bittim Soap Made?

  • Home soap is a soap prepared using traditional methods.
  • Bittim pistachios grown in Siirt are picked from vineyards and orchards at the beginning of October.
  • Used ones are washed and left to dry for 5 to 10 days.
  • After drying, the peanuts are thoroughly ground in the mill.
  • It is then carefully kneaded like dough for about two hours in a cauldron filled with medium temperature water. The oil obtained at the end of the process is taken into a container.
  • Pastry peanuts are left in a hot environment and the remaining oil is expected to drain.
  • After all the oil is taken, it is placed in a cauldron and left to boil.
  • In another container, the solution necessary for the saponification reaction to take place is prepared.
  • When the oil in the boiler boils, the solution prepared is added to the boiler little by little and mixed.
  • The mixture is left to boil for 12 – 16 hours.
  • At the end of the period, the saponification reaction is finished.
  • The mixture is filled into containers when it is hot and liquid.
  • The containers are left in the open air for three days.
  • It is then cut into slices and offered for sale.

What are the Harms of Bittim Soap?

  • Genuine Bittim soap, which is identified with Siirt, is a 100% natural product.
  • It does not contain additives and chemicals. Therefore, there is no harm.
  • However, those with serious skin or hair problems should consult their dermatologist before starting to use it. This is very important for people with allergies.
  • Like all herbal products, Bittim soap should not be used without a doctor’s advice.
  • To test whether you are allergic to Bittim soap, you can apply this soap to a small area of ​​your skin before general use; You can start using it when you do not observe any symptoms such as redness, itching, burning, etc.

Does Bittim Soap Work?

In the sub-title of Bittim soap benefits, we have listed the effects on skin and hair health for you. So, does bittim soap really work? Can it help with hair loss, hair growth, cleaning the skin?

  • First of all, as with all natural products, regular use is essential in Bittim soap . It would be hasty to expect immediate results in the first 1-2 uses.
  • If you want to prevent hair loss or accelerate the growth of new hair, you should say goodbye to chemical shampoos and conditioners; you should use bittim soap for hair.
  • We said that it is good to use the finished soap for acne and oily skin problems. In order to solve this problem in the best way, you should also abandon cosmetic habits such as make-up products, skin products containing additives that extend their shelf life . Apart from using only finished soap, you should also minimize other factors.
  • Another important thing is to make sure you buy real, genuine finished soap. You can reach the real benefits by using completely organic finished soap.

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