How to use an oven – useful tips

How to use an oven

How to use an oven? Skillful use of an oven allows you to make familiar dishes even more tasty and healthy, because, unlike the stove, less oil will be used. How to use a gas stove (or electric stove) oven correctly? Below we will discuss this in detail.

General rules for the operation of an oven

In order for cooking to bring joy, and not lead to all sorts of problems, it is necessary to adhere to a few simple rules of operation. They will also allow the device to last longer.

When choosing a gas or electric oven to buy, remember that the second has more functionality, but the first is many times more economical.

For gas oven

The main advantage of such an oven is the ease of operation, efficiency (after all, gas is cheaper than electricity) and durability. Cooking in a gas oven gives food a special flavor, making it look like food cooked over a fire. This is ideal for apartments for rent in Lansing or other apartments with poor electrical wiring.

So how do you use a gas oven? Everything is quite simple:

Step 1. Preliminary preparation

First of all, you need to make sure that there are no unnecessary utensils left in the oven – only a wire rack or baking sheet.

Step 2. Level selection

Decide on which level you will cook, and place a wire rack on it.

Step 3. Warming up

  • Turn on the gas and light the wick.
  • Choose a suitable temperature setting.
  • Wait about 10 minutes for the oven to warm up well.

Step 4. Cooking

Place the dish inside and cook for the required amount of time. Do not open the cabinet door too often, because this will leave some of the heat, which will significantly prolong the cooking process.

For electric oven

Standard electric ovens outwardly resemble gas ovens, with the only difference that the top and bottom heating is installed inside, which is responsible for cooking. Modern models also have an oven grill and fan, which allows the food to cook evenly.

If you want to know how to use an electric stove correctly, use the following instructions:

Step 1. Preparation

Make sure you have utensils for an electric oven in your kitchen. For these purposes, you can use products from:

  • cast iron;
  • ceramics;
  • fireproof glass;
  • silicone;
  • refractory clay.

Step 2. Warming up

Turn on the oven and leave it to warm up to the desired temperature for 10-15 minutes.

Step 3. Cooking

Place the dish on the chosen level and close the door. Never place cookware directly on the bottom of the oven, as you risk damaging the bottom heater.

Choosing a level for gas cooking

Despite the abundance of recipes for cooking food in the oven with your own hands, almost nowhere is their information about the level at which to cook certain dishes. But this is a very important parameter, especially for novice housewives or those who are trying to deal with an old oven.

In fact, everything is not so difficult. The vast majority of standard gas ovens have three levels:

  • Upper level. Suitable if you want to cook a dish with a golden-brown crust. Use it in the final stages of cooking.
  • Average level. The most optimal option, allowing the dish to cook evenly from all sides.
  • Lower level. It is used for cooking dishes in which a brown crust is important on the bottom (pizza, for example).

Selecting a mode for an electric oven

As I already mentioned, the functionality of an electric stove is higher than that of a gas stove, it also has cooking modes. But to take full advantage of this benefit, you need to understand how to use them correctly.

Additional modes allow you to cook a variety of dishes with maximum convenience

  • Universal mode. Suitable for almost any food: meat, fish, and even baked goods. You do not need to cover the dishes with a lid during cooking.
  • Strong heating of the lower heating element and the standard upper one. Present in modern models, the price of which exceeds the usual options. It is used for cooking dishes in aluminum and glass dishes, which do not transmit heat well.
  • Heating of the lower heating element. Suitable for processing dishes with cheese or berries on top.
  • Heating the upper heating element. Use it to make lasagna, julienne, or casseroles.
  • Low heating mode for both heating elements. Perfect for defrosting food. It can also be used to dry fruits, berries, and mushrooms for the winter.

Now you will able to know how to use an oven electric or gas and which modes to use in the process of cooking certain dishes.

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