How to store tangerines: terms and conditions

How to store tangerines
How to store tangerines

It is possible to store tangerines for a long time only if they are provided with a favorable temperature, optimal humidity and the right level of lighting. But even this is not always enough. Some varieties do not have a long shelf life even under ideal conditions.

How to choose tangerines

Before stocking up on tangerines for future use, it is recommended:

  • Inspect fruit carefully, do not take specimens with damage or signs of disease. In winter, check if citruses are frozen. The cavities under the skin indicate the ripeness of the fruit, which will not “live” long after purchase.
  • If you need to purchase citrus fruits for the holiday in advance, you should give preference to unripe fruits.
  • Please note that ripe and juicy fruits have more weight than stale ones.

Terms and conditions of storage for tangerines

Optimum storage conditions for tangerines:

  • temperature regime from +4 to + 8 ° С;
  • humidity approximately 80-90%.

Maintaining such conditions will keep citruses for about a month, and the strongest and juiciest specimens, depending on the variety, will last up to 3 months.

At low humidity levels, tangerines are prone to drying out and loss of flavor. The best places for storing them are a refrigerator, an insulated balcony, a cellar in compliance with the same rules.

Citrus fruits need exactly a low above zero temperature. If it drops below zero, the fruits will lose their special taste and beneficial properties. At the same time, tangerines can be frozen, but after defrosting, they are only suitable for making smoothies, compotes, various desserts and ice cream.

Before placing food for storage, you need to carefully sort them out, while rejecting damaged, soft and rotten ones. Those that have passed the selection should be placed in a separate container.

In a refrigerator

It is better to store tangerines on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, which is reserved for vegetables and fruits. A cardboard box with air holes, a mesh or a basket is suitable as a container.

Avoid overly dense layouts, it is better to lay the fruits in 1-2 layers. This will preserve their original shape, and under the right conditions, the tangerines will stay in the refrigerator for 1-2 months.

At the same time, it is not recommended to place other fruits or vegetables that emit ethylene (pears, apples, peppers, tomatoes, etc.) next to them. It promotes rapid ripening, under its influence, orange elastic fruits will overripe and deteriorate.

You can’t keep tangerines in a plastic bag. If there is excessive humidity and lack of air, the fruit will quickly deteriorate.

If you need to preserve citruses even longer, freezing them in a peeled or processed form is suitable. You can also make syrup from them, cook tangerine jam or jam, prepare juice.

At room temperature

In an apartment, the shelf life of tangerines will be much shorter and will be only about 7 days. At room temperature, the fruits will dry quickly, the peel will stick tightly to the pulp, and it will be very difficult to peel them. Within a week, it is necessary to check the condition of the fruit and remove the spoiled ones.

On the balcony

An insulated balcony or loggia is a good place to preserve citrus fruits. The same requirements for conditions (t ° from + 4 … + 8 ° C and humidity 80-90%), but there is more space on the balcony, which is an advantage.

Wooden crates with ventilation holes are ideal containers for keeping fruit. In it, excess moisture evaporates and the risk of spoilage is significantly reduced.

For placing on the balcony, fruits are laid out in containers in 1-2 layers. They should not touch each other, therefore, partitions are placed inside the box, forming cells, sprinkle the fruits with sawdust or wrap each one with clean paper. After that, the boxes are covered with parchment or cloth, which will protect the contents from direct sunlight and ensure air saturation. The life time of tangerines is the same as in the refrigerator, 1-2 months.

Storage of unripe tangerines

Unripe tangerines are stored a little longer than ripe ones. However, they need slightly different conditions: temperature 2-3 ° C, high humidity about 90%. When ripening begins, and green spots occupy less than half of the peel, the unripe fruits are transferred to the conditions for storing ripe fruits.

How to keep tangerines – as long as possible

Tangerines will not deteriorate within the specified period if you adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Acquire fruits with a twig. They will retain their appearance and properties longer.
  • Do not wash tangerines before storage. This should only be done before eating, otherwise, the product will quickly deteriorate.
  • At home, treat the peel with vegetable oil or wax, dry it and place in a prepared container.
  • Do not place the fruits closely and do not fold them in several layers, the upper ones can crush the lower ones.
  • Create a stable temperature at the place where the fruit is stored. Its sharp changes lead to the loss of the taste of the pulp.
  • Keep citrus fruits in a dark place out of sunlight.
  • Wrap the fruit with paper before placing in the main container.
  • Inspect citrus fruits every week, immediately discarding signs of spoilage. Remove condensation on the peel with a dry soft cloth.

It is not difficult to create the right conditions for long-term storage of tangerines, so as not to lose their special taste. The main thing is to correctly determine the place, choose a suitable container and regularly check them for rot and damage. So you can eat fresh and tasty tangerines for 1-2 months.


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