How to store pomegranate

How to store pomegranate
How to store pomegranate

The storage duration of the pomegranate depends on the condition of the fruit. The ideal conditions for storing fruit are normal humidity and ambient temperature + 1- + 5 ° C. In this blog, we will discuss how to store pomegranate for a long time.

Optimal conditions and shelf life of pomegranate:

  1. At +18 to + 20 ° C, a whole pomegranate is stored for up to 7 days, then it begins to dry out. This is the standard room temperature.
  2. Pomegranates are stored in the refrigerator for no more than 14 days, the temperature is from +4 to + 6 ° C. Whole, without traces of damage, the fruits are wrapped in parchment (to retain moisture) and placed in the section for fruits and vegetables.
  3. At + 1 ° C, the storage time of the pomegranate increases to 9 months.
  4. Frozen pomegranates can be stored for a year. Fruits with damaged skin are also suitable for freezing. In this case, the fruit is peeled, the spoiled grains are removed, and the good ones are packaged in portions and sent to the freezer.

If there are a lot of fruits, it is best to store them in the basement or on a heated loggia. Each pomegranate is wrapped in paper, placed in a cardboard or wooden box, covered with a piece of cloth or a sheet of cardboard. Sour varieties of fruit last longer.

How to store the cut pomegranate?

It is best to wrap the cut pomegranate in cling film and refrigerate. Then eat it for 2-3 days.

Can a green pomegranate ripen? If you bought a green pomegranate, it won’t mature over time, just like putting it out in the sun. It is worth taking care of the taste of the fruit only before buying: the pomegranate skin should be dry, through it, the grain should stand out in the shape of the grain, the fruit itself should be bright in color, without greenery.


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