How to store sea water

How to store sea water

Sea water stays almost forever in regular glass bottles, but it is best to use it within a month to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Storage features

You can store seawater at home, but only in its raw form, that is, no pasteurization or other manipulations are needed. Pour the stocks of sea water, which needs to be collected away from the crowded beach and at a decent depth (more than a meter), into a clean glass jar. After that, close the container tightly with a lid so that air does not penetrate inside. Place the jar of seawater in a cool, dark place. Direct sunlight should not fall on it – their effect will adversely affect the non-healing properties of water and provoke its flowering. It is also not worth keeping water in the freezer, since the freezing-thawing process will kill the beneficial trace elements in it, for which it is so valued. Also, the sea lord can be stored in a plastic container, the main thing is to tighten the lid tightly, as is the case with the can.

What to do with seawater

– baths for the body,
– baths for feet and hands, sea water is very useful for nails,
– use for rinsing the nose,
– as inhalation for respiratory diseases,
– if you need to dry the skin – apply gauze soaked in sea water to the site of inflammation …

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