How to store lychee

How to store lychee
How to store lychee

Ripe fresh lychee, if it has just been picked, will be stored for up to 10 days even at room temperature – the dense peel allows, and the berry will be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. But the berry will keep its maximum freshness for 5 days, so it is best to eat the berry during this period. In this blog, we will discuss how to store Lychee for a long time.

How to store lychee

Lychee is a very tasty berry that is becoming more and more popular in the USA. In order for it not to lose its taste, you need to store it correctly:

  • A berry at home can deteriorate as early as the third day, so it should be stored at room temperature only if it is eaten in the next couple of days.
  • In order for the shelf life of lychee to be longer (at least ten days), it is necessary to ensure the room temperature is from 0 to 1 degrees. Air humidity also affects the shelf life, so it should not exceed 95% and be around 90%.
  • To increase the shelf life, you can put the lychee in a plastic-type package and send it to the refrigerator. The berry can be stored like this for a whole week, but it will become noticeably less sweet.
  • If the berry needs to be stored around a month, then you need to peel it and place it in the freezer, after freezing it thoroughly.

Litchi storage errors

  1. Do not peel the lychee – the dense skin protects the berry from bacteria and moisture loss.
  2. Don’t put the lychee in a bag – it’s better to just wrap it in paper and store it in a vegetable drawer or winter refrigerator.
  3. Do not allow the peel to darken – this indicates that the berry has practically lost its beneficial properties and decay processes have begun. Such berries are suitable only for compotes and jams.
  4. Choose the right lychee – brown overripe, and greenish – unripe.


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