How to steam cold rice as delicious as hot rice

How to steam cold rice

What a waste when you throw away the cold rice that is still usable. So, hurry up and pocket the following tips for steaming cold rice as delicious as freshly cooked rice to deserve the title of brave mothers!

1. Put the cold rice in the middle of the hot rice cooker

You cook a new rice cooker. Wait after the rice water has dried up, scoop up a portion of the hot rice on top so that it is equal to the cold rice you are about to add. When you have put the cold rice in the empty space, you take the hot rice to cover it, cover the lid and turn down the heat on the side of the rice as usual. If your family uses an electric rice cooker, when the steam is released, add rice. So you have a hot and fragrant rice that is no different from new rice.

2. Steam rice with rice cooker

Steam the cooled rice with the rice cooker to keep it hot like new.

You can take advantage of the function of the rice cooker to steam the cold rice until it is hot. First, you put some water in the pot. The cold rice you put in a bowl. Next, place the bowl of rice in the pot of water. Finally, you press the cook button. Only a few minutes later, the water in the pot boils, and the previously cooled rice can be heated.

3. Steam rice with microwave

Microwaves are handy for times when you need to warm up food, like rice. You just need to let the rice cool and the bowl or glass bowl with a lid and press the button. Just a few minutes later, you have hot, flexible rice to use. Thus, with this method, you no longer have to worry about wasting pearls even though the cold rice has dried outside.

4. Keep the rice cold in the fridge


Cold rice is kept in the refrigerator before steaming.

The leftover rice after each meal, you put it in the refrigerator. When cooking rice, you bring it out again, pour the rice into the basket and pat the rice grains to separate. Then, put it back into the rice cooker with a little water sprinkled on top. Finally, you just need to press the button and wait for the new rice to be hot and fragrant.

5. Steamed rice like hong sticky rice

If your cold rice has the ability to overwhelm the aroma of new rice, you should steam it separately like steaming sticky rice. As such, you need to use a spatula and a pot with little water in it. You put the cold rice in the basket and steam it with a little pandan leaves to make the rice more fragrant. You will have a great taste of steamed rice this way.

6. When steaming rice, add a little salt or a little oil and defrost the rice before steaming


You can enjoy delicious cold rice with delicious savory dishes.

Before steaming rice in the above ways, you can add a little salt or a few drops of oil to make the rice hotter and more elastic. To help the steamed rice be as delicious as new rice, you should defrost the rice before putting it in the steamer. Thus, you can still use cold rice as delicious as hot rice with attractive savory dishes.

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