How to Ripe an Avocado? 4 Steps

Avocado Nutritional Value

A source of folic acid, antioxidant avocado, is a frequently consumed type among tropical fruits. Consumed both as a fruit and as a salad, avocado also takes its place in detox drinks of those who eat healthy. This beneficial fruit, which is preferred by those who make preparations before pregnancy to purify their body, protects the health of the mother and baby during the pregnancy period. Avocado, which is grown in the Mediterranean provinces of our country, is sent to other provinces and is the guest of many people’s tables.

Avocado has a slightly hard texture when picked ahead of time. Avocado, which is taken from its branch in a hard consistency, is softened by going through several natural processes. Avocados, which soften without any chemical treatment, become as effective as medicine when ready for consumption. Now we would like to give you information about how avocados ripen at home and what should be done.

We have prepared a very practical method for those who are wondering how to ripen avocados . When you hear this method, you can ripen the raw avocado in your home in a short time.

How to Ripe an Avocado? 4 Steps

Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients

  • First of all, a suitable environment is prepared for the raw avocado to ripen easily at home.
  • For the suitable environment, opaque paper bag or large carbon paper is used.
  • In the first step, place the avocado you want to ripen inside the paper bag.
  • Now we can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Add Apple or Banana with Avocado to the Pouch

  • Now you need an auxiliary fruit that will facilitate the ripening of the green and firm avocado.
  • The fruit you need may be an apple or a banana. These two fruits release ethylene.
  • Ethylene release is a necessary exchange for softening hard and raw fruits.
  • You can go to the next step by placing a banana or apple on the paper bag containing the hard avocado.

Step 3: Close the Mouth of the Scrub Well

  • It is important that the carbon paper you will use is wide.
  • You should securely close the mouth of the pouch containing avocado and fruit that releases ethylene.
  • In order for a raw avocado to ripen, the fruits must be kept away from light.
  • Now, if you have closed the mouth of the paper bag well, you can keep it in a position out of the sun for 2-3 days.

Step 4: Wait 2-3 Days

  • At the end of the last 2-3 days, the avocados in the paper bag will be soft.
  • Open the mouth of the paper bag and check the avocado with your hand.
  • You may feel that the avocado you touch has softened.
  • You can consume the ripe avocado as you wish.

Congratulations, Operation OK! 😉

  • Avocados should be consumed as soon as they become soft; otherwise, darkening in color and deterioration in aroma may occur.
  • You can prepare different flavors with avocado, thanks to its soft texture, vitamin-rich nutritive content and adaptable flavor to different recipes.

How to Store Avocado?

  • To keep avocados in the refrigerator for a few days longer, you can apply lemon juice to the cut surfaces. The lemon juice will prevent the exposed avocado surface from darkening.
  • After cutting the softened avocado, you can apply lemon juice and store it with the seed part to store it. At this stage, it would be better to wrap it in a foil and protect it.
  • Raw avocados can be preserved in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

How to Cut an Avocado

  • To cut the green hard avocado that you have ripened, you must cut the avocado lengthwise.
  • At this stage, you can make a ring-shaped cut around this seed, starting from the top of the avocado and deepening to the seed.
  • When you turn both parts of the avocado that you cut in half, opposite each other, you will see that it opens like a lid.
  • You can evaluate the cut avocado according to your recipe.
  • You may also need to remove the core at this stage: Lift around the bean with the help of a dessert spoon and clean the bean with the spoon, or quickly insert the knife into the bean and rotate it so that the kernel will come out of its socket.

How to Peel Avocado? How to Take Inside?

  • When you want to get the inside of the ripe avocado, you can use a tablespoon or a dessert spoon.
  • After you get the core, you can put the avocado inside in a plate, like you buy ice cream.
  • Take the avocado in your palm and gently clean the inside with a spoon.
  • You can prepare delicious appetizers and sauces with the avocado stuff you have prepared!

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