15 Benefits of Avocado Leaf You Didn’t Know

Avocado Leaf

Avocado Leaf Look What It’s Good For!

Although it has been grown in our country for many years, we would like to talk about a mysterious feature of avocado, a fruit that is consumed frequently by new people, that not many people know about. This Mexican origin fruit has a separate leaf, in fact, it has miraculous benefits.

Avocado leaf entered our lives more prominently with İbrahim Saracoğlu . If you are ready, we would like to introduce you to the benefits of avocado leaf!

15 Miraculous Benefits of Avocado Leaf We Didn’t Know

1) Relaxes Muscles, Relieves Pain

  • It reduces your muscle soreness.
  • We use our muscles for more than half of the day, both physically and mentally.
  • This can cause discomforting pain when you are fully resting.
  • The special components in the avocado leaf relax your muscles and save you from these pains.

2) Reduces Kidney Stones, Cleanses Blood

  • Avocado leaf cure reduces kidney stones if used regularly.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of dried avocado leaves to 1 glass of boiling water and infuse for 8 minutes.
  • Drink warm and fresh 2 hours after dinner.
  • After every 5 days of use, take a 3-day break. Do not apply this cure for more than 20 days. You should take a break of at least 20 days to reapply.

3) It is diuretic

  • It has natural antiaging properties.
  • Avocado leaf extract contains 60-70% quercetin. This substance provides cleansing of the urinary tract.
  • Avocado leaf is also a natural antiaging quercetin.

4) Balances Blood Pressure

  • One of the biggest problems of our time is blood pressure.
  • Avocado leaves have an important effect that makes the blood circulate more easily in the veins.
  • Consuming avocado leaf tea usually between meals will help balance your blood pressure.

5) Protects the Stomach

  • Protects against stomach ailments.
  • No matter how healthy your diet is, you may be experiencing stomach ailments due to external factors.
  • Avocado leaf tea protects your stomach and facilitates digestion.

6) Prevents Diabetes

  • Thanks to the glycoside substance found in the leaves of the avocado, your sugar needs are met.
  • Thus, it is both good for diabetes and reduces your risk of developing diabetic diseases.

7) Relieves Respiratory Tracts

  • In case of coughing, it relaxes the lungs and makes the air flow more regular.
  • It facilitates breathing; Thus, it is also good for nasal congestion and upper respiratory tract diseases.

8) Accelerates Fat Burning

  • It directly helps to burn fat.
  • If your goal is to burn fat directly while doing sports or dieting, add avocado leaf to your diet.

9) Prevents Cancerous Cells

  • It fights free radicals that cause cancer.
  • It has the feature of renewing cells, preventing cancer disease and slowing  its spread .

10) Purifies and Moisturizes the Skin

  • It cleans your skin with its antioxidant properties.
  • It is effective in tightening the pores and smooth appearance.
  • It makes the skin more moist and healthy.

11) Relieves Digestion

  • It relaxes the intestines.
  • Eliminates digestive system ailments.
  • It prevents bloating caused by indigestion.

12) Good for Insomnia

  • Insomnia, one of the most common problems of the age, triggers many diseases along with it.
  • Avocado leaf tea helps to relax your nervous system by eliminating sleep problems.

13) Cleanses Mouth Bacteria

  • It heals oral wounds and prevents tooth decay.
  • It destroys mouth bacteria.

14) Nourishes Hair

  • It helps in hair care.
  • It makes your hair grow healthy and easy.
  • It delays hair whitening thanks to its cell regenerative feature.

15) Refreshes Cells

  • It prevents premature aging by renewing cells.
  • It’s up to you to enjoy looking younger!

How to Make Avocado Leaf Tea?


  • 5-6 glasses of drinking water
  • 6 avocado leaves

Preparation of

  • For avocado leaf tea, boil 5 or 6 glasses of water.
  • Add 6 avocado leaves into the boiling water.
  • Your avocado leaf tea will be ready in 15-20 minutes .

Key point

  • It is important that the nutritional values ​​​​in the avocado leaf do not die.
  • Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the boiling time while making your tea.
  • Optionally, you can add honey or lemon slice to it.

How and When to Drink Avocado Leaf Tea?

  • If you want to benefit from the benefits of avocado leaf tea, you should take care to consume it 3 hours before dinner and before going to bed .
  • In this way, you can wake up fresh and fresh the next day.
  • You can usually consume avocado leaf tea warm .
  • The factor to be considered in the consumption of avocado leaf tea: If it is consumed for 5 days, it should be taken for 3 days.
  • You should not consume more than 15 days.

Where to Find Avocado Leaf What is the price?

  • It is available in online shopping sites and transfers.
  • Avocado leaf price usually varies between 15 -30 TL.
  • When buying avocado leaves, make sure that there are no additives or preservatives.

Avocado Leaf Harms and Side Effects

  • Avocado is generally not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. It can lead to a decrease in breast milk during lactation.
  • People with extremely sensitive skin should consult a doctor before using avocado . Depending on the skin structure, it may cause harm instead of benefit in case of excessive contact.
  • People with allergic asthma should be careful in consuming avocados. Excess consumption can trigger asthma more.
  • Although avocado leaf is considered to be cholesterol friendly, it can have the opposite effect on cholesterol due to excessive consumption. People struggling with cholesterol should not consume avocados without consulting a doctor.
  • Liver patients should also consume avocado leaves under the advice of a doctor.
  • People who use blood thinners should not consume avocado leaves. Avocados might reduce the effect of blood-thinning medications.

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