Vegetable garden: our best tips for making it a decorative element

Vegetable garden

Do you want to combine the practical with the pleasant? We reveal all our ideas to make your vegetable garden a unique decorative element. Vegetable garden on the ground, on foot or vertical, choose your favorite to highlight your interior and/or your exterior.

Grow your plants and vegetables in trendy vegetable gardens. Furnish your interior or exterior with mini-vegetables, free-standing or wall-mounted vegetable gardens and use old pots to create a one-of-a-kind decoration. We tell you all about decorating with vegetable gardens.

Indoor vegetable garden: our decorative ideas to make it even prettier

Why not let yourself be tempted by a natural decoration for your interior ? Grow your plants at home and integrate them into your decoration with our advice.

The room where you are recommended to place your vegetable garden is the kitchen or the living room, but do not neglect bright spaces because your plants will need light. Several possibilities are available to you to set up a small vegetable garden inside.

  • Indoor vegetable gardens

You can now grow your plants at home . To do this, opt for indoor gardens or mini vegetable gardens, easily accessible in stores such as La Redoute, Maisons du monde or the brand Ready to grow. They are usually accompanied by LEDs which will allow your plants to have access to light regardless of the room. These indoor vegetable gardens are very trendy and allow you to grow plants or vegetables yourself and easily .

  • Decorative vegetable gardens

For an “indoor garden” decor , go for wall-mounted, suspended or integrated vegetable gardens in your decor. Use small pots and arrange them on a ladder. You can put them on the steps of the ladder or hang them for an even more original decoration. If this option does not suit you, you can always choose wall-mounted vegetable gardens. Using a small fence or modules, you can hang your vegetable garden on your wall. It’s perfect for a plant decoration and it’s always better to grow your own plants. Finally, you can decide to hang your pots with strings or get hanging pots to grow your plants indoors.

Outdoor vegetable garden: how to create a well-appointed space

Your exterior also deserves to be trendy . To create your special planting space, you can opt for free-standing, vertical or on-the-ground vegetable gardens depending on the area of ​​your exterior.

For a vegetable garden on the ground, you can create original shapes or surround them with small barriers in a material that suits you to delimit the space. On the ground, lay wooden or stone slabs that will give a special charm to your vegetable garden. Use small wooden or colored signs to indicate the plants you are growing. Finally, create several vegetable gardens in the same place for a country decor. For example, you can make a square of vegetable garden on the ground and arrange a fence with pots hanging on the sides of the square. Group aromatic plants, fruits and vegetables together for better organization and more harmonious distribution. This will vary the reliefs and create a nice and rich place. You can also use trellises or old terracotta pots to create a unique decor and separate your different spaces.

  • Vegetable gardens

The vegetable garden on foot is the ideal solution for small spaces such as a balcony or a terrace . They come in different shapes and materials. Choose the ones that best suit your decor and plant your different plants. You can use small decorative signs or cards to indicate the varieties and add a little whimsy to your vegetable garden.

  • Vertical vegetable gardens

When it comes to vertical vegetable gardens , you can opt for hanging planters, wire netting or a ladder on which you hang your plants, or hanging tubs. Furnish your garden with hanging vegetable plots and a garden table to enjoy sunny days while gardening and resting. These wall-mounted vegetable beds can help separate different spaces in your garden or simply save space if you don’t have much space outside. In other words, it’s practical and it’s pretty , we love it.

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