How to grow tomatoes?

How to grow tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes? We know that tomatoes from the garden are sweeter, tastier, juicier… In short, their flavor is not comparable to those you can buy! What if you too started growing your own tomatoes? Equally at home in the ground in a corner of the garden or in a pot on a balcony, they are easy to grow. We tell you everything to make your tomato planting a success.

Which variety of tomatoes to choose?

There are many varieties of tomatoes . You have the choice between hybrids, older varieties and cherry tomatoes. It is better to opt for hybrid tomatoes. These are the ones you find most often. They are more resistant to diseases and bad weather. Useful in this very rainy year, which is likely to see the development of mildew on your tomato plants.

Otherwise it all depends on how much you want to use it. Prefer beef hearts or Masters beef to cook or stuff them. For your salads, take cherry tomatoes or Honey from Mexico and Roma to make preserves. The ideal is therefore to mix these different varieties. Finally, why choose?

Should we prefer seeds or plants?

You have the choice: produce your own plants or buy them ready-made.

To make your own tomato seedlings , it’s very simple. Keep a few tomatoes that you have already grown last year or else buy tomatoes from organic farming. Collect the seeds of these tomatoes, wash them and dry them thoroughly. Leave these seeds in a dry place away from light (in a temperate cellar, for example).
In March, it is time to sow them. Store them in plastic cups and cover them with potting soil. Place these seedlings on a window sill or even better under a shelter at around 16°C.
The plants will start to grow. You will have to harden them off before installing them in the ground. From mid-May, put your plants outside and water them from time to time. Two weeks later, it’s planting time. Allow a space of 60 cm between each plant and a stake for each.

If you buy tomato plants directly , choose the stocky ones. You can then plant them in May or June, just after the last frosts. Arrange them 60 cm apart at a slightly oblique angle to promote root development and install tutors at the same time. If you wait, you risk damaging your plants.

Which location to adopt?

Tomatoes like the sun, so if you want to have a good harvest, choose a sunny and not windy place. Know that tomatoes like healthy, slightly moist soil. No specific fertilizer needed. If you insist on it, put a little organic fertilizer every 15 days, no more.

How often should tomatoes be watered?

Tomatoes do not require a lot of water, however they need to be watered very regularly, especially when flowering has started.

The easiest way is to cut a bottle in half, bury its neck and pour a little water frequently so that the roots, even deep ones, are properly moistened.

Watering is very important. If you have left your plants for several days without giving them water, it will be felt on the fruits. The tomatoes will be nicked and less flavorful. Hence the importance of providing constant care.

When to harvest tomatoes?

You have to wait for your tomatoes to turn very red. To find out if they are ripe enough, just lift them. If they come off easily, they are ready to eat. They will keep for a few days at the bottom of the fridge in your vegetable drawer.


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