How to Grow Cucumbers: 4 Easy Steps

How to Grow Cucumbers

Those who wonder how to plant cucumbers, gather together! We will grow cucumbers in pots with very easy methods. We bring organic farming into our homes and we know what we are eating. Put your hand under this stone and support organic agriculture in order to keep the balcony agriculture, which never goes out of fashion, live longer.

You will be able to grow cucumbers, which are consumed with pleasure at every meal, in pots at the end of this page. Now, let’s explain what you need one by one and let’s help everyone grow cucumbers in their homes.

This article, which explains everything from the question of how to grow cucumbers to the curiosity of how to water cucumbers, will add a lot to you. Those who are retired, those who have started to grow vegetables and fruits on the balcony and those who want to have their children experiment with agriculture, should not miss our cucumber growing article. After a little patience and effort, you can be the farmer of the cucumber on your table!

Necessary Materials for Growing Cucumbers

To grow cucumbers, you need to procure some equipment. We have listed these equipment for you. If you have completed our list, welcome to balcony farming!

  • Wide and tall flower pot with holes
  • organic fertilizer
  • mineral-rich soil
  • water spray
  • 10 good quality cucumber seeds
  • plant support rods

At Home – How to Grow Cucumbers in Pots?

Step 1

  • Growing cucumbers at home or on the balcony is not as difficult as you might think.
  • If you have provided the materials we have just listed; Now you can start by preparing the flower pot.
  • We will ask you to clean the flower pot well; because the bacteria formed in the pot can harm the plant. First, wash the pot and clean it.
  • Check that the perforated parts of the pot are also open.
  • If the pot has been cleaned, you can now move on to the next step.
how to grow cucumbers

Step 2

  • It is essential to place a plant support in the pot in which you will grow cucumbers. You can make your work easier with this support that will keep the cucumber vine alive.
  • Insert the plant support rods into the cleaned pot so that they remain stable.
  • If the rods are stable, fill the bottom and half of the pot with soil.
  • If the pot is half filled with soil, the next planting step is waiting for you.
how to grow cucumbers in greenhouse

Step 3

  • Dig a slightly wider hole in the middle of the soil. This hole should be hollow so that you can place the seeds well.
  • It would be ideal to buy 5 or 8 seeds when planting the seeds .
  • Sow the cucumber seeds in the pit in the middle of the soil at intervals and do not forget to sprinkle enough soil to cover it.
  • After this stage, the last material you will add to the pot is fertilizer. When you sprinkle the fertilizer on the soil, it can be said that your cucumber growing process is halfway.
  • The sowing period is also very important. Planting seeds on hot and humid days often gives more productive results.
how to grow cucumbers

Step 4

  • Seeds have been planted. You will now be asked to give life water to revive it. With the life water you will give to the seeds; It will be easier for the seeds to stick to the soil.
  • After giving your life water, your task will be to wait.
  • Tiny seedlings will appear in the waiting phase. If these seedlings grow too close together, you can carefully transplant them a little further away. If you wish, you can also take each seedling into another pot.
  • You can expect it to grow when you position the pot in a sunny spot .

It is recommended that you be sensitive to the maintenance processes as well as the seed planting processes. So let’s take care of the cucumber pot now!

how to grow cucumbers

How to Care for Cucumber?


  • After planting the cucumber seed, you will need to water it every morning. The water we will give should prevent the soil from rotting. That’s why it’s recommended to be very conservative.
  • Cucumber plant requires regular watering when it starts to bear fruit . Therefore, do not neglect daily checks.
  • When you give too much water, you can remove the pot plate and let the water drain.
how to grow cucumber


  • Cucumber is a plant that requires light and warmth. It likes to see the sun during the growing period. You should position the pot so that it receives an average of 8 hours of sun during the day.
  • Cucumber, which does not like the wind, should be protected from strong wind. Balcony corners can be a good place.
  • Especially during the growth period, that is, in the first 30 days, it should receive plenty of sun .
how to grow cucumbers


  • When you say how to prune a cucumber growing in a pot, the sentences we will tell you now will help you a lot.
  • Pruning reduces fruit yield, but also accelerates ripening time. It is therefore recommended.
  • The main stem, except for 3 or 4 true leaves, is cut off. After this process, a few shoots are expected to emerge.
  • You can also cut the leaves after 3 leaves on the plant.
  • If the wire is stretched over the pot, you can accelerate the growth of the plant by removing the leaves from the outside of the wire.
  • You can complete the pruning phase by cutting thin long branches called leeches.
growing cucumbers


  • Giving a small amount of fertilizer to the cucumber plant every week will increase the quality of the plant.
  • It is sufficient to give 1 handful of fertilizer according to the size of the pot.
  • It is recommended to moisten the fertilizer slightly before fertilizing.
how to grow cucumbers

Tying the Plant

  • When you say how to tie cucumbers that grow and become ivy during the development period, let us explain the tying method to you.
  • Cucumbers that give their shoots should be tied to a wire or rope. The wire is suitable for larger areas and the rope tying adapts to the house type.
  • Cucumbers need to be tied almost in the 3rd week of growth.
  • It can be tied to the support rods you place in the pot with shoots or soft rope.
  • In greenhouse agriculture, the shoots are tied with the shoots as they take the role of rope.
  • Purpose of this; is to put the cucumber in a tense position.
cucumber tying

Harvest time

  • On average, 70 days after sowing , cucumbers enter the harvesting period.
  • It would be correct to collect the cucumbers that grow and form a large size without damaging the other leaves.
  • You can get help from the plant shears while plucking the cucumbers from their branches.
  • Some cucumber roots, on the other hand, may become thick enough to break with a twist or two. But in order not to damage the plant, it is recommended to separate it with scissors.
  • Just remember this: Very large cucumbers can taste bitter. Medium-sized cucumbers are just right.
growing cucumbers

4 Tips to Consider When Growing Cucumbers

  • Precautions should be taken against the possibility of insect infestation in the cucumber pot . You can keep insects away with pesticides. Nim oil used by farmers is also useful in this regard. When you keep the insects away, you will prevent the cucumber from being damaged.
  • You should check every morning as the cucumber leaves develop. You can only take precautions against mold or fungus formation with regular observation.
  • Do not forget that you will wait about 70 days after planting the cucumber seeds . At the end of the last 70 days, the cared plant will present you with delicious crispy cucumbers.
  • On days of heavy rain, you can take the pot indoors for a short time.
growing cucumbers at home

4 Great Reasons to Grow Your Own Cucumber

  • You can grow cucumbers at home to stay away from hormone-infused foods that have changed their structure. In this process, you will know what you are eating.
  • You can also try it at home for drug-free, completely organic cucumbers.
  • In recent years, many people have devoted themselves to organic farming. People who grow products with their own labor know better the taste and value of these foods. See what you can do with both patience and effort!
  • If your balcony is very large, you can use some of it for balcony cultivation. Thus, you can switch to a more economical and natural diet!
  • Will it be obvious! Maybe you will be very expert in this subject and you will contribute to your income with cucumber production. Do not be afraid to experiment and get ready to hit the road with quality cucumber seeds!

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