The skin of the fruits provide benefits to the body

Fruit lovers know very well the benefits of the pulp of each of them, but what few know is that eating the skin of fruits also has great nutritional benefits that we are going to present to you here. Peeling the fruits is the perfect excuse not to eat it, however, that will be in the past. Did you know that there are people who consume the banana with the shell?, if there are. The same happens with  pumpkin ,  apple and lemon .

If you have doubts about eating or not eating the skin of fruits, since you are unaware of the effects it has on the body, the time has come to clear up any doubts on this subject. Currently some tricks have been known to consume the skin of fruits such as bananas. Specialists in the field have made an effort to demonstrate the advantages of these types of foods , to the point that you might be surprised which are those fruits and vegetables that you want to eat with the skin.

Is it good or bad to eat the skin of fruits?

The question about whether it is good or bad to eat the skin of the fruits arises from the thought of all the chemicals used during the cultivation of all of them. In the position of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition there is no health difference in terms of eating them peeled or with skin, it is simply recommended to wash them very well before consuming them . Following the opinions of some connoisseurs and fruit lovers with nutritional knowledge, we can say that, for example, an unpeeled apple has triple the vitamins of the same fruit without skin.

Unpeeled fruits are more satiating than those that do not have their skin, according to nutritionist Alejandro Cánovas, who in a study carried out, was able to verify that the benefits that fruits contain for the body are the product of the distribution of nutrients throughout the food. The highest percentage of nutritional values ​​are concentrated in the skin of the fruit , therefore, as you enter the seed, its properties gradually disappear.

The debate about whether it is good or bad to eat the skin of the fruit is still going on, some people are against it for hygiene reasons despite the fact that it has already been said that there is no difference. On the other hand, those who are in favor have pointed out that the coverage of these foods has a large amount of fiber and a significant percentage of vitamins , minerals and antioxidants , therefore, they help prevent diseases such as diabetes and cancer , and also obesity pathologies. , cholesterol and constipation .

The skin of the fruits provide benefits to the body

It is true that not all fruits can be eaten with the skin, but it is better to eat it peeled than not to eat it. The World Health Organization recommends eating between 30 and 35 grams of fiber per day. So, eating the skin or cover of the fruits is ideal to meet this objective. Another reason is the benefits it brings to the body , since the number of nutrients multiplies as you eat the fruit with its skin. If you are still in doubt, take a look at what you can get by eating the fruit without wasting anything.

  • Lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood, thanks to proteins , the body absorbs only the necessary nutrients and keeps you healthy.
  • Reduces the effect of free radicals , this is because fruits contain flavonoids , an essential property to eliminate these effects.
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases, due to the vitamins and minerals that stop damage to the cardiovascular system.
  • Repower the body and lose weight , since fruits with their skin contain more fibers than those without skin, you will feel the sensation of satiety avoiding snacking between meals, especially foods with unnecessary fats.
  • Fiber also helps you regulate the intestine, improves digestion, fights constipation and eliminates toxins.

Fruits you can eat with the skin

Now that you know the advantages of eating fruits with the skin, we can mention which are the most suitable to integrate into your daily diet and take advantage of all the benefits they provide in order to improve your health . We say it here and the experts confirm it, that’s why they recommend them.


The vitamins, ursolic acid , calcium and a large part of the apple ‘s nutrients are concentrated in the rind. This has been shown by some studies, which is why they are highly recommended by specialists.


Although the famous “hairs” of the peach are usually somewhat annoying, eating the skin of this fruit gives you a high fiber content , ideal for speeding up intestinal transit. You just have to wash it beforehand to clean its texture and not feel “hairy” when eating it. 


The skin of grapes contains antioxidant properties of a polyphenol known as resveratrol , with cardioprotective benefits . Grapes also offer anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to flavonoids . In that sense, nutritionists recommend eating grapes daily with their skin, because in the case of resveratrol it is only found in the skin and not in the pulp.


A high percentage of fiber is concentrated in the pear rind, ideal for having the effect of satiety in the body, which makes it one of the perfect fruits to lose weight. As for the pulp, it is rich in vitamin C , vitamin K , magnesium and pectin. Its components make pear a food of care for cardiac health and for the immune system.


Most people eat only the pulp of the mango due to ignorance of all the health benefits that its skin brings. If you didn’t know, the shell of this fruit is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, phytonutrients , and fiber. According to experts, the mango skin extract contains more antioxidants and anticancer properties than the pulp itself.

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