How to Grow Carrots at Home? 5 Steps with Pictures

How to Grow Carrots at Home

Would you like to eat vegetables that do not contain hormones and drugs? We have prepared a useful article for those who wonder what they eat. In this article, we have included information on organic carrot growing and carrot planting . If you are interested in balcony farming or garden farming; You can achieve very good results by starting with a few ingredients. Now carrots, a source of vitamin C, will grow in the soil touched by your own hands.

Carrot cultivation, which we recommend to those who want to take up a new hobby at home, is an easier process than you think. Harvesting the carrots you will add to meals and salads from a few steps away may sound quite nice. When you go out to the balcony and see the ripening carrots, you can thank yourself for eating healthy. Because it is no longer genetically modified vegetables; You will consume vegetables of your own production.

You can grow all types of carrots at home. Parsnip, black carrot, purple carrot and the common orange Nantes carrot are suitable for home cultivation. We have compiled in this list what you need to know to grow these carrots efficiently . If you are wondering how to grow baby carrots, you can follow the steps we will give.

Now let’s answer the question of how to plant carrots in full detail. Those who want to grow carrots should read these lines carefully. Those who wonder how to grow carrots will learn a lot from our article!

How to Grow Carrots at Home

When to Plant Carrots?

Are you wondering when to plant carrots, whose most natural taste can be found in winter days ? If you are going to plant carrots in pots at home , the planting date is important to you. Experts recommend the time to plant carrots as follows:

  • Spring season should be preferred for carrot planting.
  • You can start planting carrots from March, when the cold starts to break, until mid-spring.
  • According to some farmers, it is known that it is appropriate to plant it in November.
  • If you try to plant carrots in summer days, you will not have a healthy process due to the climate difference.
  • On hot days, the pot will start to rot and your efforts may be wasted.

How to Grow Carrots at Home

In Which Season Do Carrots Grow?

When do carrots appear and in which month should they be eaten? In response to your questions, we will draw attention to the climatic conditions of your region. Carrots , which are often grown in Mediterranean provinces, yield a harvest approximately 70 days after planting . So, in what season do carrots grow?

  • Carrot is a vegetable that grows mostly in the winter season(December, January, February).
  • Depending on the temperature of the region, it can be consumed in August, September, October and November .
  • Carrot planting is usually done in spring; However, harvest time may vary depending on the climatic conditions of the region and the carrot variety.

How to Grow Carrots at Home

Materials Required for Growing Carrots

You may need some equipment to grow carrots in pots on your balcony . You can obtain these tools from agricultural shops. Let’s take the first step in growing carrots and prepare the necessary materials one by one. If you have prepared the material list completely, the next task is in your hands!

  • Pebbles
  • Carrot
  • glass bowl
  • A large flower pot
  • Mineral-rich potting soil
  • Glove

How to Grow Carrots at Home

How to Grow Carrots at Home?

If you are ready to learn how to grow carrots in just 5 steps, here comes the information!

Step 1

  • The first way to grow carrots is to germinate them.
  • Add some water into the glass dish to germinate the carrots . You can adjust your plate according to carrots.
  • Our recommendation is for it to be long and wide.
  • Cut the preferred carrots from the head part without any cleaning process.
  • If possible, choose carrots with a stem on the head and greens. These carrots will save time during growing.
  • When cutting, leave a 2 or 3 finger thick margin. You can consume the remaining carrots by adding them to your meals throughout the day. You will need the head part in this process.

How to Grow Carrots at Home

Step 2

  • Place the head vertically in a saucer with water and keep it in a position exposed to the sun.
  • During this process, sprouting is achieved at the head of the carrots.
  • There will be fraying at the bottom of the sprouting carrots. To speed up this process, change the waiting water daily.
  • The time you need to wait will be approximately 1 week.
  • Although it is easy to read the answer to the question of how to grow carrots in 5 steps, patience and effort are required when applying it in practice.

How to Grow Carrots at Home

Step 3

  • Now is the time to pot the sprouted carrots. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the pot. Put on the gloves and get to work!
  • Let’s give the details of pebbles to those who are wondering how to grow carrots and what the soil should be like .
  • Place pebbles at the bottom of the pot.
  • It may be enough to place pebbles 2 fingers thick.
  • Add mineral-rich soil on top of the pebbles.
  • Fill half of the pot with soil, depending on its size.
  • Now is planting time!

How to Grow Carrots at Home

Step 4

  • While we continue to give step-by-step answers to the question of how to grow carrots at home, it is time for the planting stage!
  • If you filled the pot with soil, place the sprouting carrots in the soil with the head facing the air.
  • The planting part is also important in the answer to the question of how to grow carrots in the garden.
  • Make sure the carrots are not too crowded.
  • If you plant it too close together, you may slow its growth.
  • Cover the carrots you placed in the soil with a very small amount of soil. At this stage, do not cover the greening head part.
  • It is important that the greening on the head is clear.
  • If the covering process with soil is completed, you can now give it enough water to moisten it.
  • You will not need to be generous when giving life water. Otherwise, carrots may rot.

How to Grow Carrots at Home

Step 5

  • Among the stages of how to grow carrots,we have come to the final part and the most exciting part!
  • You germinated the carrots and planted them in pots. The queue is waiting.
  • You should not neglect the care of carrots for harvesting.
  • You should wait for it to mature by watering it twice a week.
  • If you are expecting a result as big and ripe as the carrots bought from the market, we may disappoint you a little.
  • When you grow carrots in pots, you get tiny and plump carrots.

Tips for Growing Carrots at Home

We thought you should know some tips when growing carrots in pots at home. If you pay attention to these tips, you can get more efficient results. Here’s what you need to know when growing carrots:

  • The location of the pot in which you plant carrots is important. Spots that can see the sun but not at a right angle are ideal for pots. Carrots may begin to dry out if they receive intense sun.
  • It is recommended that you be controlled when it comes to watering. Check the soil with your fingers andif you think it is moist, you can postpone watering for a few more days.
  • You can add liquid fertilizerto carrots . If you find organic liquid fertilizer, you can positively support the development of the vegetable.
  • Since carrot is a downward-growing plant, it is recommended to choose a deep pot . You can get productive results in a deep and wide pot.
  • Carrots will ripen in approximately 30 days. So, how can you tell when it is ripe? If the greens in the pot grow more than 10 cm, you can understand that the carrots are harvested.
  • If you preserve the carrot seeds you plant well, you can grow carrots from the same seeds in the next 4 years.
  • While you may initially be wondering how to grow carrots from seeds, you may find yourself growing carrots for years in a row, nature is fertile like that.
  • Carrots, which like cool climates, can hardly grow in hot and humid cities. Therefore, if you are in a hot city and want to grow carrots, you should create as cool an environment as possible.
  • The clayey structure of the soil to bepreferred during the growing period also affects its productivity. If you choose clay and humus soil, carrots will ripen healthily.
  • When you plant in a large pot,you may sometimes encounter insect infestation. In such cases, you can buy fertilizers that protect carrot plants from places that sell pesticides.
  • If you want to germinate seeds,it is recommended to keep the seeds in a damp cloth for a few days. You can follow germination by checking it during the day. You can plant the sprouted seeds in pots.

How to Grow Carrots at Home

3 Great Reasons to Grow Carrots at Home

After reading the detailed answers to the question of how to grow carrot plants, you may have started to think that the process is not that easy. Is it really worth working hard to grow carrots? Why should I grow carrots at home? If you are asking the questions, you want to start growing carrots; However, if you cannot muster up the courage, let us remind you of some information!

1) Carrots Strengthen Immunity

  • Carrots contain vitamin C and strengthen immunity thanks to vitamin C.
  • When talking about the benefits of carrots, one of the things that comes to mind most is that it strengthens eye health with vitamin A.
  • Since it supports the functioning of the intestines, it also prevents stomach problems.
  • Thanks to the benefits of carrots for the lungs, you reduce the risk of cancer.
  • It is a very useful food. Therefore, it is recommended to have it at home in all seasons.
  • It gives color and flavor to dishes.

How to Grow Carrots at Home

2) You can use it in sweet and savory recipes

  • You can try sweet and salty recipes with carrots. You can add color to your meals with carrot salad, cinnamon carrot cake, and carrot and leek.
  • Carrots, which can be consumed both raw and cooked, provide healing in all their forms.
  • If you are having trouble grating the carrots, remove the head and end parts and throw them into slices into the chopper.
  • You can make it grated. You can serve colorful pilafs and foods this way.

How to Grow Carrots at Home

3) You Eat Naturally, Without Hormones

  • When you grow carrots at home, you get hormone- and drug-free nutrition.
  • By consuming carrots that do not contain hormones and drugs, you also protect your body.
  • In addition, thanks to organic agriculture, you instill a sense of responsibility in children.
  • On days when there are carrots in the pot, you don’t need to go out to buy carrots!

How to Grow Carrots at Home

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