Are bananas healthy?

Are bananas healthy
Are bananas healthy

Are bananas healthy? Yes, Bananas are easy to carry and delicious as a snack. Many people use them to regain strength after exercise. But how healthy are bananas really? It is difficult to say because the effect of bananas differs from person to person, but we can give you a good guideline. Furthermore, it is often said that they are real fatteners (just like potatoes). But is that also the case? We would like to give you more information about the (un) health of bananas in this article.

Are bananas healthy? Influence on health

A banana is especially very healthy because of the vitamins, the potassium content (465 mg per banana) and the folic acids. Bananas are mainly a source of vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine. This vitamin is important for a large number of basic processes in the body.

Bananas provide a good resistance, a decrease in blood pressure and they lower the cholesterol level a little. Bananas also contain a large amount of fiber, which benefits the digestion and intestinal flora. This large amount of fiber gives you a full and satiated feeling but is certainly not fattening. A banana contains about 110 kcal, which is relatively low.

Some people also use them as a substitute for bread, but then they have to be eaten a lot. This is not bad in itself, but it can cause blockage.

Green bananas?

Be careful with bananas. Yellow bananas are much less healthy than bananas that are just green. This has to do with the sugar content of the banana. A yellow banana has a lot more sugar than a younger one.

A green banana contains about 1% sugar, this percentage can be as high as 20% for a yellow ripe banana. It is therefore healthier to eat a young banana, but a yellow banana in itself is not bad for you. For example, if you want to make a pancake, you could consider adding a yellow banana instead of syrup or sugar. It is indeed a healthy sugar.

Bananas are often eaten by athletes or by people who have to deliver a heavy physical performance. Bananas quickly give an energy boost. Bananas can therefore be healthy in several ways and provide people with energy.

Types of bananas

There are different types of bananas available, but the Giant Cavendish is by far the most popular in the Netherlands. This yellow and slightly curved variety of 15 to 30 cm is best when ripe. In addition, there are also variants: the plantain, the baby banana, the red banana and the apple banana.

The plantain or baka bana must be fried before you can eat it. This baka bana is available in various supermarkets and almost all Asian shops and the baby banana is also readily available. The baby banana is a small banana of about 7 cm and is very sweet. The red banana and apple banana are poorly available in the Netherlands.

Banana diet

You may have heard of it before: the banana diet. This diet originated in Japan and enjoys some popularity there as well. So if you are on the phone, this could also be something for you. With this diet it is important that you start the day with at least 1 banana. You can consume some water, but nothing else.

The advantage of this is that the metabolism and digestion start immediately. In addition, you get a satisfied feeling, because the banana contains a lot of fiber. The rest of the day you can (almost) know yourself what you are eating, making it feel much less like a ‘real’ diet. It is only important that you do not eat dairy products. You should also consume alcoholic drinks in moderation. You should also listen to your body and never overeat.


If you are pregnant, you would do well to also eat bananas. They ensure that the blood sugar level in the blood remains stable. This reduces the risk of morning nausea. You can also process the banana in yogurt, so you also consume extra dairy.

Pastries and desserts

Of course, you can eat a banana like that, but it is also possible to bake, cook, or deep fry it. In addition, there are also all kinds of pastries and desserts with banana. This seems healthy, but often large amounts of extra sugar, butter, and other unhealthy ingredients are added.

This is not a wise thing to eat if you are on a healthy diet. Bananas are best eaten plain without fuss. There are some recipes that do process bananas in a healthy way. If you cannot find these healthier variants, it is of course also nice to experiment yourself. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind and pay attention to what not all kinds of unhealthy sweet additions are made.

In short: bananas are in principle quite healthy if you eat them when they are still young (better too green than too yellow). Do not try to use them in a recipe, as a lot of sugars are often added.



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