How to fold tights neatly and compactly in a closet: useful tips for housewives

How to fold tights neatly and compactly in a closet

Tights are an element of every woman’s wardrobe, regardless of her age. Products made of thin material are stored according to certain rules to extend the service life. In order to economically use the wardrobe space, it is necessary to compactly fold children’s tights and women’s stockings in any of the ways suggested below.

Features of storing tights

As a rule, a woman constantly does not have enough time for herself, especially in the morning. When everything is in place in the wardrobe, the savings are significant, there is no need to turn over a pile of other clothes to get stockings. And the thing quickly found solves only the problem during the collection.

Also, improper storage will shorten the life of the product. Thin knitwear tears easily when it comes into contact with tough material, such as a bra fastener, if the garments are on the same shelf or in a dresser drawer.

Children’s tights take up a lot of space if they are not folded. They become wrinkled, the child looks untidy in such clothes.

A few life hacks on how to store tights in the closet:

  • for tights, a separate place is determined in a drawer of a chest of drawers, a dressing room, a linen closet;
  • each item can be simply folded in several ways, using hanging sections or trunks – these are boxes with a compartment;
  • exclusive collections are kept packed, separate from everyday items;
  • can be compactly stacked according to color and pattern.

Advice! Convenient accessory for storing hosiery (CHNI) – these are organizers with a closing top.

The device is placed in any place reserved for knitwear, things are distributed into the cells, and covered with a lid on top.

How to fold women’s tights

You can fold an item of women’s wardrobe in several ways: with a roller or a rectangle. Convenient to store rolled tights.

How to roll up tights with a roller

One of the easy ways to fold a woman’s accessory is to roll up a pair:

  1. On a flat surface along the length, so that there are no folds, a knitted product is laid out.
  2. Connect along the seam line.
  3. Then fold it in half several times.
  4. Starting from the toes and up to the top, make a roll in the form of a roller.
  5. The belt is turned onto a roll for fixation.

Determine them in the designated place in the stack or each roll separately, depending on the storage method. Keep separate from socks or other children’s clothing. This method is compact, everything takes up little space. It is convenient for traveling when every inch of space in the suitcase counts.Rolled rollers can be stored in any convenient way

How to beautifully fold pantyhose into a rectangle

This method is economical in time, suitable if tights are constantly used. You can sort everything by pattern and color, or fold it into a rectangle in the following way:

  1. The stockings are folded along the seam, both parts of the product should lie flat against each other.
  2. Straighten so that there are no folds.
  3. Connect the socks with a belt.
  4. Then the bottom from the top.

Rectangles can be made larger or smaller

The process is continued until the required rectangle is in size. Tights can be stacked one on top of the other. The method is convenient if only one cell is allocated in the box.

How to store tights on a roll

In terms of technology, the method is similar to rolling with a roller. But it is used when the season for using the jersey ends. The accessory will not be needed until next fall. To save space, everything can be folded into a roll:

  1. Check the appearance. If there are arrows, the jersey is thrown away. Set aside with minor puffs, it can be used in winter under boots and coats. Sorted separately in perfect condition.
  2. The next step is to fold all the sorted items separately, first along the seam, then on top of each other.
  3. Fold in half, make a roll from the socks to the belt, fix the structure with the top of one pair.

This will end up with two rolls. They are placed in the designated place or put in a packing bag and put away in a chest of drawers or on a shelf in a dressing room.

How to fold Konmari tights

The Konmari method of unloading space cluttered with unnecessary things is now quite popular.

The Japanese woman showed the whole world how to optimize the storage space for underwear, bedding, CHNI. Often, tights lie in a chest of drawers simply knotted, haphazardly.

To find the right thing, you have to go through everything, while new puffs in the process are not excluded.

For stacking, you will need narrow boxes, you can make them yourself from boxes or purchase ready-made ones. You can add up the available PNI as follows:

  1. They take out all the products from the box, revise them for arrows, discard those unfit for subsequent use.
  2. In the vacant space, boxes are placed, tightly to each other.
  3. The CHNI is sorted by color and density.
  4. Take the first thing, lay it out along the length. Join at the seam.
  5. The upper part in the region of the belt is folded along the height of the box, thus creating a pocket.
    Start folding from the top
  6. Then the tights must be folded several times so that the width is the same as the top.
    The socks are connected with an elastic band and again in half
  7. The finished stack is placed in a pocket and carefully distributed.
    The length and width of the stack must be the same as the top fold
  8. It turns out a fixed quadrangle, the first CHNI is placed vertically in a box.

Thus, it is necessary to add up all the female PNIs. As a result, it will be noticeable how irrationally the space was used.

Advice! For easy orientation, thin products are placed separately from thicker ones.

How to fold stockings

You can fold stockings in the same way as tights:

  1. The pair is neatly placed on top of each other.
  2. Then, starting with the socks, they make a roll, you get a roller. The upper part of one stocking is turned upward and the roller is fixed.
  3. You can fold the stockings into a rectangle of any convenient size.
  4. The upper part of the pair is connected to the lower one and so on several times.

Stockings are folded with a roller or in any convenient way

How to fold baby tights

The material from which the children’s tights are made is denser. If they lie haphazardly in the closet and take up a lot of space, then it is rather difficult to find the necessary PNI. Children’s knitwear, before being folded, is sorted according to the degree of use.

Casual clothes are placed in a separate box, and those worn on special occasions are placed separately. Children grow up quickly, and some of the things become small for them. It is better to remove them from the closet to free up space.

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You can fold children’s tights compactly as follows:

  1. Lay out the CHNI on a flat surface, remove the folds.
  2. The top with an elastic band is wrapped about 8 cm.
  3. Connect the lower part with socks.
  4. Roll up in the form of a roller to the top.
  5. Then, the gum is turned inside out from one edge and the roll is fixed.

The result is a dense compact roller

So it is necessary to fold all the children’s things and place them in a box in a stack or vertically.

Storage rules for tights

It is better to store women’s nylon tights and stockings separately from children’s things. For these purposes, use a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a dressing room.

How to store tights in a closet

For CHNI, a shelf is assigned in the closet. So that the hosiery is not with socks, panties or bras, they are placed in a separate box.

Roll up with a roller, roll or in the form of a quadrangle, stacked compactly or vertically.

You can purchase an organizer with several storage compartments, or make a container yourself from a shoe box. It can be divided into cells using cardboard strips.

How to store tights in your wardrobe

In the wardrobe, you can place the CHNI on the trembles intended for storing trousers. The thing is thrown over the lower bar, neatly tied. This is necessary to fix the tights.

Can be sorted by density, model and pattern. Each species has its own trempel. Then hang all the fixtures on one pipe or hook. It will take up a little space, all CHNI will be within walking distance and in plain sight.

Hanging organizers are also convenient for wardrobe. They are equipped with numerous pockets. Products must be folded in any convenient way and placed by department.

Hanging organizers are equipped with compartments, which is convenient for storing CHNI in the wardrobe

How to store tights in a drawer

Storing tights in a drawer of a dresser or wardrobe is the most optimal and common method. Almost all options are suitable for this furniture department, except for suspended ones. The methods for the box are as follows:

  • fold the products and place in packing bags, then in a box;
  • sew a separate canvas bag for each item, stick a sticker on top with the density and color;
  • put several boxes in a box, put knitwear in them;
  • use trunks with compartments for each pair of stockings.

You can store the tights in their original packaging, and after use, fold and put back. Then compactly arrange in a drawer of a chest of drawers.

Tights folded correctly in the drawer will take up less space, making it easier to find

Useful Tips

To extend the life of a female wardrobe item made of thin nylon threads, it is recommended to follow several rules:

  • wash by hand without the use of aggressive chemicals;
  • do not dry on heating devices or in direct sunlight;
  • avoid contact with chipped nails and jewelry;
  • so as not to tighten, grease hands with cream or use special gloves made of thin fabric;
  • store separately from items with hooks, zippers, metal buttons.

Advice! It is better to avoid in public transport contact with uneven and hard surfaces, passengers’ bags.


To optimize free space, you can compactly fold children’s and women’s tights: in separate cells, boxes or organizers. Distribute by color, density and frequency of use. Suitable for storage are shelves in wardrobes, drawers of a chest of drawers, a dressing room.

How to clean up your dresser once and for all

Organization of a chest of drawers is a very rewarding business. A little bit of effort and, as a bonus, exemplary boxes that hold surprisingly much and nothing is lost.

And the things themselves, properly folded, will look much neater even after long-term storage.

  In order for the dresser to become perfect, it will take very little of your time and the desire to change everything. And we will tell you what to do.

We start, as usual, by emptying the crates and FRUIT . We throw away things in poor condition, out of fashion or those that you have not worn for a long time. We remove what is best stored in a suspended state, as well as clothes that are out of season or rarely used – they can be folded into trunks and put away, for example, on the mezzanine. 

Now let’s take care of the CHEST itself . What can be done to make it better?

We decorate. Decorating the inner walls of a wardrobe and chest of drawers is a standard practice in the KonMari Method. If you do not like plain boring drawers, cover their inner surface and / or ends with beautiful wallpaper, cloth or paper. The main thing is that when you look at the chest of drawers you become more joyful.

Making  cells.  Divide the space of the boxes into sections. This makes it easier to maintain order and much easier to find the things you need.

This can be done with plastic spacers
Or special boxes that fill the entire space of the box. 

Even one container will make storage in dresser drawers much more convenient. You can use ordinary cardboard shoe boxes, or if you want a more aesthetic option, buy baskets or boxes with a beautiful print.

For underwear, socks, tights, you can use special organizers by arranging things in cells. If little things do not move freely in the boxes, there will be more free space in them.

You can also make sections in boxes with your own hands – from thick cardboard, plastic or wood.

Let’s move on to organizing  THINGS .

We distribute to the boxes . Sort the clothes as you like – by type (T-shirts, socks, underwear, etc.), purpose (for home, work, etc.), sets, or in any other way. 

Decide in which drawer you will store items in each category. Marie Kondo’s tip: put the lightest clothes in the top drawer of your dresser or wardrobe, and the heaviest in the bottom drawer. Thus, tops and items made from light fabrics will be stored in the upper drawers, and trousers, skirts and sweaters in the lower ones. If you apply this principle, you will end up with an “ascending” row of boxes.

We mark . Make clue stickers on the dresser drawers. This makes it easier to maintain order and you will avoid endless frantic searches, especially in the morning, when every minute counts. 

You can sign where what lies, and inside the box.

Or inside the organizer. 

And such a chest of drawers may appeal to those who prefer to collect sets of clothes in advance. This is usually how the storage of things for children is organized, but this method is also quite suitable for adults.

Putting things up . It is most convenient to store things vertically in the chest of drawers. This method is much more compact, neat and clearer: you will immediately see the desired item and will easily maintain order in the drawer. 

Items can be rolled into rolls.

Or fold into stable rectangles using the Mari Kondo method. 

How to put different things together correctly, these diagrams will tell you. A more detailed description can be found here.

If vertical storage doesn’t work for you, you can stack your clothes in traditional piles. Arrange things in “steps” – so you will see what is below.

When laying out things, arrange them according to colors so that you can immediately understand what is where, and at the same time catch the color trend of your wardrobe. 

It is convenient to fold things from light to dark, from light to heavy, from color to monochrome.

Marie Kondo recommends placing dark items in the back of the drawer and light items in the front.  

Underwear . Store panties and bras separately. As we have already said, it is convenient to store underwear in organizers, or in cells, by installing dividers in the drawer. You can also try this: tuck the shoulder straps and sides inside the bra cups and place them one behind the other, but not very tightly.

Socks and tights. You can store your socks in a box, basket, or organizer. It is convenient to roll tights, like sushi, after folding them in three. Since the tights are easy to unfold, it is best to place them in a drawer or box with dividers.

Tops, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts and others . We recommend storing vertically in boxes or just in a box. 

Trousers, skirts, shorts, etc.  Jeans, even in a wide drawer, can be stacked vertically in slender rows. Small items made from slippery fabrics are best placed in boxes.

Shawls and scarves. As in the case of underwear, dividers, organizers, boxes will help here.

Accessories . If you store jewelry and other accessories in a dresser, you cannot do without compartments. In addition to dividers and organizers, you can use boxes and small boxes.

Good luck organizing the perfect dresser! 🙂

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Ways to compactly store things in the closet, how to fold them correctly

To rationally use the space at home, it is not enough to purchase a wardrobe – you need to correctly store it inside. There are several simple ways to compactly fold things in the closet to keep it tidy.

Correct space planning

Before proceeding with the correct placement of things, you need to think about the internal organization of the wardrobe space. The ideal solution would be to design a product strictly according to your needs. Each person knows what and where it is convenient for him to store. If there is no opportunity to make custom-made furniture, choose modular systems.

Here are some tips on how to beautifully and competently plan the interior of the cabinet:

  • give up old things. Reconsider the wardrobe completely, most likely there will be a lot of unused clothes;
  • if there is no closet, try to zone the room. Set aside some storage space for your clothes and place shelves with shelves there. The best option is to organize such a place in the bedroom;
  • quick access to shoe boxes. Stick stickers on them, where the names of the shoes will be written with a note of their color;
  • choose thin metal hangers in order to compactly fold things on the hangers. They will not take up much space and will withstand heavy loads;
  • to fold beautifully T-shirts, bedding or other things – sort them by color;
  • Narrow-height shelves will help to compactly fold bed linen.

Be sure to equip the cabinet with lighting for easy access. Most often, built-in spots on the ceiling of the product are used.

Compact storage rules

It seems easy to fold your clothes neatly – just bend them at the seams.

But when it comes to practice, usually nothing comes out, and things are sent to storage in a bulky form, taking up a huge amount of space. The bottom line is that even a large wardrobe cannot fit the entire arsenal of outfits.

To rectify the situation and learn how to put things in the closet compactly, we will consider separately each type of clothing and how to store it.


Hanging skirts on hangers is considered an affordable storage option. This method will take up too much space and hangers. Consider tips for the rational storage of skirts, relevant for girls who love this piece of clothing:

  • fold the skirt in half;
  • roll it into a tight roll;
  • carefully place on a cabinet shelf next to items of the same type.

The rest of the skirts still have to be placed on a hanger – long-length products, as well as options sewn from light airy fabrics. It is better to store denim skirts in special organizers with cells, having previously sorted the products by color and material.


Many housewives are worried about the question: how to fold socks so as not to lose a pair? This can be done in the way described below:

  • take 2 socks and fold them at the seams;
  • starting from the toe side, roll up the products, forming a tight roller;
  • when you reach the toe, leave one sock untouched, and turn the other inside out;
  • wrap both rollers into one, making a compact ball of socks.

You can also do with the storage of baby socks. When folded, socks are stored in a special laundry box. Sort the socks correctly before rolling them. This must be done after every wash.

T-shirts and T-shirts

Many have tried folding T-shirts or T-shirts on their own so that they fit in a stack on a shelf. To do this quickly, we suggest watching the video below on compact folding the product. It consists of the following stages:

  • put the T-shirt in front of you so that the front is at the bottom;
  • wrap both sleeves alternately on the middle part of the product;
  • tuck the bottom of the shirt about a third, then fold the garment again.

The method is considered traditional and will allow you to place textiles on a cabinet shelf in a compact manner. Practical plastic storage containers help solve the problem of quick access. It is better to place products in them not in a pile, but in a row.

Sweaters, blouses and shirts

Formal shirts and blouses are used every day to attend school or work. It is impossible to do without business elements, therefore they are present in every person. Let’s consider the main way how to compactly fold business items in the closet:

  • buttons on clothes must be fastened;
  • place the product face down on the table;
  • gently straighten the thing at its base;
  • bend one sleeve towards the other sleeve together with the main part;
  • direct the bent sleeve to the bottom of the product;
  • do the same manipulation with the opposite element;
  • when all the sleeves are secured on the back, visually divide the blouse into 3 parts;
  • first tuck the bottom of the product, then the second part, resulting in a neatly folded shirt.
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Many users ask the question: how to fold bedding so that it takes up less space in the wardrobe? You need to sew small covers for each set of linen yourself. Before folding the bed linen, it must be ironed – so it will not only be better stored, but also does not require additional processing before use.

Pants & Jeans

Most consumers store business-style trousers on a hanger, arguing that they wrinkle less this way. This is true, but with such storage, products take up a lot of space in the wardrobe. Therefore, it is worth learning how to properly fold things like jeans and trousers:

  • first, open all the pockets of the product – stick your hands inside and distribute the fabric evenly over the jeans;
  • smooth out any visible wrinkles;
  • then you need to put one leg on the other, drawing a securing line along the seams;
  • fold the product in half, then bend part of the winding inside the fold line;
  • at the last stage, you need to fold the jeans again and send them to the closet.

Trousers, shorts, capri pants and breeches are folded in the same way. Packaged items are perfectly stored in the wardrobe on the shelf in a pile.


Traditionally, the specified item of clothing is stored on a hanger. This is due to the dense fabric of sewing, which is difficult to iron with an iron. As often happens, you need to put on your jacket quickly, so the easiest way is to remove the product from the hanger.

If there is not enough space in the closet for storing a large number of things, it is worth resorting to compact storage of jackets. They are folded in the same way as shirts and blouses, folding the sleeves of the product behind the back. It is better to store jackets in a closet in a pile.

For careful long-term storage, fold the jacket in the same way as shirts, after turning the product inside out.

Using organizers

Recently, special organizers have been in demand. They are designed for compact storage of underwear, socks, shoes and even bedding. It is recommended to place such devices in a closet – how to put things in closets is rationally described below:

  • it is most convenient to store a bra in an organizer: for this you should not fold it in half, you just need to put it in a special insert in the box;
  • before you put towels and bath accessories in the organizer – sort them by material of manufacture and size;
  • small containers made of plastic or metal, divided into cells, are suitable for socks;
  • it is allowed to store a bra together with panties – in this case, it is worth purchasing a special device for several compartments;
  • It is good to place shoes without boxes in a hanging organizer, where each pocket is designed for one pair of shoes.

If the apartment has only one closet, try to remove unused items in special compartments for the season. This is how you can unload the interior space as much as possible for convenient placement of frequently worn clothes.

How to arrange things in the closet? Life hacks for order in the closet / School of Shopping

Your “Nothing to Wear” has nowhere to fold!

A phrase that every husband will subscribe to.

I have written more than one useful article about the revision and analysis of the wardrobe! Today we’ll talk about whether order in the closet is achievable and in what way you can arrange and hang all things and accessories on shelves and hangers so that all the necessary clothes are always at hand!

Every girl is familiar with Narnia. And he knows exactly where this very Narnia is. In her closet with clothes. That’s for sure – a magical world in which it is not clear what goes where and where what is. In the most severe cases, unable to withstand the pressure of magic from the inside, the doors of the cabinet fall off or shelves collapse. This happened with my shoe cabinet.

How many times, when parsing a wardrobe, do you say: “Oh, what a cute blouse-skirt-sandals! Wow, I completely forgot about them! ” Or, having got hold of another new thing, you remember that somewhere in the depths … on the farthest shelf … the new is a well-forgotten old, yeah. Now in duplicate.


The saying “Out of sight – out of mind” in the case of a wardrobe also affects memory. If you do not see a thing, then, as a rule, you do not remember about it. And the result is the same kits from what is always in sight. Boring. And the only thing to do is to arrange things so that they can be seen. This, in my opinion, is the main goal of ordering a wardrobe.  

A garment dump can be another unpleasant surprise: suppose you suddenly thought of a beautiful cardigan, never worn for a hundred years. And we decided to take him for a walk.

  And at the moment of getting out of the deposits, they found that he was all kind of crumpled, and there was no button.

  It’s good if there is both time to put it in order and a button, but if not? In this case, the thing is very often sent back to the heap, where it will lie until it is thrown away or given away. And you could wear it with pleasure.  

So, we begin to restore world harmony within the framework of a single wardrobe. First you need to determine in what position each item will be stored. Whether it will hang on a hanger, stowed on a shelf, or stored in a box. The storage method depends, first of all, on the purpose of the thing, the type of material and the frequency of use.


And now let’s take up the hangers and throw away everything incomprehensible as wire misunderstandings that have been wedged into your closet, slant-shouldered boards and plastic monsters 3 sizes larger than necessary. This trinity is capable of causing irreparable damage to delicate and delicate tissues or skin. Wire hangers are needed to carry clothes out of the dry cleaning or workshop. Everything.

You cannot store clothes on them! The fabric stretches under its own weight, and the thin hanger frame is very easily deformed. And, once again taking out your favorite jacket, you can find on the shoulders or sleeves (if the hanger is of the wrong size) “ears”, similar in shape to the ugly bubbles of sweatpants, only small.

I’m not even talking about the exquisite color of rust stains on a light jacket, for example. 

Option two – wooden hangers. Only, please, not the creepy designs of two plaques that still remember your mother’s prom dress. But wide, with rounded ends – what you need.

The only thing is that things can easily slip off the lacquered coat hangers, so fasten the buttons. The advantages of such hangers are at the same time their disadvantage: they are solid, beautiful, take up a lot of space in the closet and are expensive. Such a Bentley among the hangers.

The same category, very beautiful and very expensive, includes leather-covered hangers.

If functionality is your first priority, then welcome to the world of plastic hangers. But only not powerful cast monsters, on which you can hang knightly armor, and nothing, will withstand.

The crossbar by the closet might break. Plastic hangers are very convenient just for putting things in order.

Lightweight, functional, silicone pads are provided for delicate thin fabrics so that silk or cambric does not slip. 

The most ideal, in my experience, are vinyl-coated hangers. If someone is sad about the intricacies of the wire – this is the place for you.

They are almost as thin, but they no longer stretch clothes because of their size, a lot of them will fit in the closet, and a special coating, that very vinyl (yes, it turns out, not only records are made of it), does not allow to slip and deform even the most delicate and delicate fabrics. 

The general rule of thumb for all hangers is that they should be the right size for you! It is necessary. Too big will cause bubbles on the sleeves, and too small – on the shoulders.  

It is also recommended that all hangers are the same, so that when you open the closet, you see a slender row of hung clothes, and not at random sticking out sleeves and shoulders.  

A few words about fabric hangers: they look very cute, perfect for thin blouses, but take up a lot of space. One of the exits: pull out one or two shelves in the closet with shelves, nail a crossbar in the resulting space and hang soft hangers with blouses on it. 

A general rule for everyone: hangers should be smooth, with notches for shoulder straps or special loops for skirts or dresses. Some models have a bar or pintucks for the trousers. Whether to use these or not is up to you. Keep in mind that trousers can wrinkle in this position. 

  • If ironing is not so scary for you, then you can save space by purchasing these hangers for trousers. 

What is not recommended to be stored on hangers is knitwear, especially thin ones, woolen sweaters, cardigans and other fabrics that can deform under their own weight. They are best folded in neat piles, sorted by density.

A little trick: alternate in one pile, say, sweaters or tops, bright and dark. So they will be more noticeable and will not merge with each other. It is convenient to store jeans in the same stacks.  

Some people prefer to store knitted items upright in a chest of drawers or drawers, as the Japanese do. For more information on this method, read the book by Marie Kondo “Magic Cleaning”. But I will note right away – the method is not suitable for everyone. It didn’t suit me. Things wrinkle very much🙂

And this is a life hack for girls who especially like to plan everything. I learned about it from my student of the basic course, who very responsibly approached all the tasks.

  1. After a total revision of her wardrobe, she photographed ALL of her images, sent it to me, we corrected them a little, and then she just took and hung her photos from the inside of the cabinet doors. The question “what to wear” was no longer in front of her🙂
  2. In my opinion, brilliant!


In the lower (or upper) part of the cabinet, in special covers, stuffed inside with paper. This way, creases do not form on them, and the surface does not get dirty.

Of course, there is not always enough space in the closet for bags. Much more space for them will be in a full dressing room. 

Small bags and crossbody can be easily hung on hooks. You can use a regular scarf hanger or special hangers like in the picture on the right.

  • Or order such hanging organizers on AliExpress. 🙂

Belts, scarves, shawls. Welcome to IKEA! This is truly a paradise for lovers of order. Hangers, rails, boxes for accessories, storage modules, drawers with dividers – a paradise for those who like to organize everything.


The main task is still the same: they must be visible, so boxes and boxes in such a case do not fit, a moth will get to the scarf lying at the bottom of the box much faster than you. So, either in a pile on the shelf, or, if there are not many of them, hang on special structures, which are on sale in many. 


This is where the delimited module comes in handy. The entire collection can be placed in their cells. Roll up into a ring, not tight and buckle outward to avoid creases. And each in a separate cell. Wide ones, if space permits, can be laid flat, and corset ones can be placed vertically.

Another option is to hang it on special hangers. The belt hanger can be attached to the cabinet door, provided that the belts do not touch the clothes (otherwise – hello, tighten!)


For stockings – socks, dividers are again useful. Put such in a drawer of a chest of drawers – and the socks living there will no longer resemble a multi-colored, don’t understand what, a lump. It is very desirable to arrange stockings and socks according to the “sameness”, so that in search of a twin brother of one stocking you do not empty out the entire drawer.

Everything is simple with linen. Bras are folded in one cup in another, panties can be put into the top of the set folded in this way, in the resulting design – the next set and so on until it runs out. It is convenient to store individual items in boxes without tops, so they will not creep all over the wardrobe or chest of drawers. 


  1. There are two options: either in their own boxes, with photographs pasted on them (what a pity that Polaroid pictures are out of circulation). 
  2. Or buy boxes with transparent windows in the same IKEA.

Because with shoes in general, like with anything else, the principle works: if it is not visible, then it is not.

And rummaging through all the boxes in search of the right pair is not a pleasant occupation. For a long life of your favorite shoes, learn the rule: if you decide to put it in a box, clean it first. And stuff with paper to avoid deformation.


For jewelry and jewelry, it is most convenient to splurge on a special chest of drawers or dividers with a large number of sections. The more sections the better!  

  • Necklaces and chains can be hung on hooks; when lying down, they are happily and quickly entangled with each other.
  • And glasses can also be hung on a hanger! 


The problem with her is that half of the time she is worn very actively, and the other half she does not get out of the closet at all.

Therefore, before putting it into the closet (the fur is only in the closet or in a cloth cover, it will “suffocate” in a plastic bag) – be sure to clean it and put in an anti-mole agent. Fear not, they no longer smell like old mothballs.

In general, in order to avoid a colony of these winged human friends, often sort out clothes that you have not worn for a long time and do not forget to periodically change your pills. 

To be honest, putting things in order in your wardrobe takes a lot of time and effort. But on the other hand, the result is visible immediately, it can be used for a long time, and for the titanic work done, you can pamper yourself, say, with a new blouse. After all, you now know for sure that you do not have such a one yet!🙂

How to fold your underwear and tights neatly

In order for women’s or children’s tights to take up little space in the chest of drawers and not get tangled, you need to be able to fold them correctly. This is not difficult. The rules for storing linen allow you to save space in the apartment and maintain perfect order.

How to fold tights

It would seem that tights do not take up much space in the dresser, but they are constantly tangled with stockings, which causes irritation and confusion when looking for the right thing. To prevent this from happening, you need to add them correctly. There are at least three ways to compactly fold pantyhose.

Method one. It is necessary to fold the tights along the line of symmetry in half, then roll tightly into a roller, starting from the bottom. On the outside there will be a belt with an elastic band. Now you need to pull on the belt, turn it out and wrap it around one side of the roller. The roller will close tightly and will not unfold.

Method two. Roll the tights lengthwise and fold into a large box. The box can be covered with a lid and placed on the bottom of the cabinet. Or even in the corner of the room.

Method three. Drawer dividers can help make storage even more compact. They are easy to make from rigid cardboard, giving individual cells any convenient shape and size. It is more difficult to make dividers from plywood or wooden planks, but they will be more reliable. You can buy ready-made plastic dividers at the supermarket.

Storing socks

The issue of storing socks is relevant for any gender and age. But if men have socks predominantly black, occasionally white or colored, then women have a variety of colors just rolls over.

In the ladies’ wardrobe, you can find socks with cats, flowers, ruffles, striped socks, solid nude, pink, white, blue and God knows what. But there are still stockings, leggings and knee-highs, not to mention bras and panties. And all this must be folded and stored so that it can be found at the right time.

To prevent the socks from getting lost, they are folded one by one. In such a state, only a whole couple can get lost. In addition to this traditional method, there are several other options for storing socks.

The socks are folded neatly to one another, then the elastic of one is slightly pulled back and put on a pair. Alternatively, a pair of socks is rolled into a tight roller, like tights, and then the elastic is turned inside out, completely covering the roller. It turns out a compact tangle.

What containers can be adapted for laundry

It is clear that it is convenient to store tights, socks and other underwear in a chest of drawers or drawers of a spacious closet. But there are other adaptations as well.

  • For socks, take away a shoebox. She has rigid walls, which allows you to place a large number of pairs.
  • Sometimes tights and socks are kept in a low wicker basket. If you cover it with a lid, then you can install it in any part of the room and do without a chest of drawers.
  • Often bags are used to store laundry, but this is not very convenient when you need to get the right thing from the bottom.
  • Special organizer boxes are on sale, in which cells are provided. It is pleasant and convenient to use them, but it should be borne in mind that they cost money.
  • You can sew or purchase a fabric organizer with pockets or wardrobe trunks for storing linen.
  • Plastic containers are used for personal items and linen.
  • To store the tights, use a hanger with a bar. Stockings are hung or tied in a knot on the crossbar. Similarly, you can store scarves and shawls.

There are housewives who buy several absolutely identical pairs of socks or stockings at once. They have no question of how to store pairs separately. In the event that one of the socks breaks or gets lost, there will always be a backup option at hand.

New tights can be stored directly in the purchased packaging. Nylon tights usually tear quickly, so women are not too concerned about how to fold and store them. They just buy a new pair. If the tights are expensive, then you need to allocate a separate small bag for them and roll them into a roller so that there are no bends.

Sorting laundry

To make it convenient to store socks and tights, they are sorted. It is necessary to put children’s, men’s and women’s things separately. Different shelves, boxes or boxes are allocated for them, and each family member knows where his laundry is. No one calls for help and does not demand to put things in order, since the order has already been organized.

Put warm winter tights in one box, and thin ones in another. If there are a lot of tights, then they are sorted by color and density. Select the bag where you will place the laundry that needs mending and darning. In this case, you will not be faced with a situation where you take out a sock with a hole in your finger or try to put on tights with an arrow.

Throw away those things that you no longer intend to wear. Sometimes old linen is taken to the dacha and adapted for other household needs. By freeing yourself from unnecessary things, you get additional space in the chest of drawers.

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