What are the Benefits of Quince? Benefits of Vinegar, Leaf and Water


Although not included in the most famous category in the category of fruits, quince, which is in a unique position, has many important benefits. Its sour taste under its yellow and cute appearance makes a difference. Although it has a bit of a hard structure, it gives a great pleasure to be eaten by slicing.

Although the phrase “eating quince” has negative connotations among the people, it is a pleasant experience to taste quince in real terms. There are also unusual dessert recipes that can be prepared with quince. It is possible to bring innovation and variety to your kitchen table by trying to make desserts.

What is Quince?

  • Quince, in which our country ranks first in its worldwide production, is a fruit that deserves attention with its sweet smell and juicy taste.
  • Quince tree likes a warm climate with a sea effect and grows easily in this type of climate.
  • Trees that require frequent irrigation and care will eventually yield quality and succulent fruits.
  • Quince flower adds color to its environment.
  • The pink and large-looking flowers are remarkable and add value to their surroundings.
  • When does the quince bloom? Quince has the latest fruiting feature. Quince blooms in April and May, and its fruit ripens in October and November.
  • When the quince season is mentioned, winter months come to mind.

What are Quince Types?

Different types of quince can be obtained if importance is given to factors such as seeding, pruning and fertilization.

  • The most preferred quince variety is the type called lemon quince. Lemon quince is also called Eşme quince.
  • The glass quince tree is known for being productive. The fruits are also juicy, slightly sour and hairy.
  • It is golden in color in accordance with the cultivar name, which is named golden quince.
  • Bread quince is also ideal for those who are on a diet with its high fiber feature. It is also known for its widespread cultivation.

What is the Calorie and Nutritional Value of Quince? What Are Quince Vitamins?

  • Those who like to consume quince or who are thinking of preparing a recipe with quince think of “how many calories in quince?” question can be put. There are 39 calories in 100 grams of quince.
  • Considering its calories, it can be said that quince is an ideal snack for the diet list.
  • Quince contains high levels of vitamins C and A.
  • The high fiber content strengthens the immune system.
  • This feature of quince also prevents the formation of bad cholesterol.

What are the Benefits of Quince?

  • The energizing properties, which are among the benefits of quince, help you stay fit throughout the day. Consuming a few slices of quince in the morning is of great benefit.
  • As a result of consuming quince during pregnancy, it becomes possible for expectant mothers to experience a more comfortable birth process.
  • Those who have headache problems can see that their complaints decrease if they mix quince flower with honey and drink it with water.
  • With the help of the aphrodisiac effect of quince, sexual life becomes better and more colorful.
  • Because quince is rich in vitamins, it treats cold and flu diseases that occur in winter.
  • If you consume quince half an hour before sports, you can throw more toxins during sports.
  • “What is quince good for?” There is also a spiritual answer to the question. People who feel stressed and nervous can be calmer and happier by consuming quince.

What are the Benefits of Quince Vinegar?

  • Quince vinegar protects gum health, prevents and removes bad breath.
  • It protects and regulates the digestive and immune systems.
  • Among the benefits of quince vinegar is that it is good for oral wounds and urinary tract inflammations.
  • It is good for colds, it helps to remove toxic substances from the body, it makes you sweat.
  • It is very beneficial for skin health. It gives shine to your skin.

What are the Benefits of Quince Leaf?

  • Quince leaf, which is one of the medicinal winter fruits, is also a kind of panacea.
  • You can make quince tea by mixing quince leaves with water.
  • One of the greatest benefits of quince leaf is that it reduces the pain experienced by women during their menstrual periods.
  • With its calming feature, it helps to experience deeper sleep.
  • Is quince leaf good for cough? Quince leaf softens the vocal cords and relieves sore throats. In general, it is necessary to try the plant that relaxes the body.
  • When are quince leaves collected? Quince leaves should be collected in autumn in a dry weather.

What are the Benefits of Quince Juice?

  • Especially in cold weather, drinking quince juice gives resistance and health to the body.
  • It also helps reduce problems such as coughing.
  • If there is a problem with the upper respiratory tract , the benefit of quince juice can be seen.
  • Quince juice, which supports the digestive system to work faster, makes the smell of mouth and sweat more pleasant.

What are the Benefits of Quince Seed?

  • Quince seed contains many different and useful vitamins.
  • Masks and natural creams can be prepared with quince seed, which makes a difference with its contributions to skin and hair health.
  • The spots and burns on the skin can be dressed with water mixed with quince seeds.
  • Mixing quince seed with honey and consuming it protects the body against infections.
  • Children with diarrhea problems can be boiled and drink water with quince seed added.

How to Make Quince Seed Mask?

It is possible to prepare a mask that will make your skin smoother by using the medicinal plant quince seed. Quince mask can be made in a short time with few materials:

  • Quince seeds are placed in a cup of warm water.
  • After waiting for one night, the water obtained is applied to the skin with the help of cotton.
  • After 20 minutes, the skin is massaged with centaury oil.
  • Quince seed cream is created by a similar method.
  • Quince seeds in boiled water are transferred to the bottle.
  • After 5 days, the water in the bottle is filtered and the cream can be applied to the skin.
  • Quince seed oil is a solution to skin wrinkles and sagging, and sunspots.
  • It softens and nourishes your skin.

How to Store Quince?

  • Since quince is a hard fruit, it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of storage.
  • It is necessary to soften the fruit a little and prevent it from rotting.
  • It is a good choice to choose the hard ones when purchasing.
  • It is not very resistant to cold. Therefore, it would be a wrong step to crack the quinces in the refrigerator.
  • It is a good practice to wrap them in table cloths and keep them in a cool, sun-free area.
  • In the first days, they are used for making quince dessert or quince jam, as they retain their hardness.
  • After 10 days, they reach the ideal consistency and are ready to consume.

Harms and Side Effects of Quince

  • Quince is a useful fruit in many ways; However, in some cases, it may be damaged.
  • It is not recommended for those suffering from hypertension.
  • Consuming more than necessary can also cause problems in the digestive system.
  • “Does quince cause constipation?” The idea may also be true in some bodies. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful while consuming quince and not to eat too much.
  • “Does quince make you gain weight?” The question is answered positively only when it is eaten in excessive amounts.
  • “Does quince increase sugar?” no need to worry. Quince can be recommended even for diabetics.

How Much Are Quince Prices?

  • Quince has economical prices as it is produced intensively in our country.
  • When the season comes, it is often seen in the fruit aisle of greengrocers, markets and markets.
  • The price of quince can be explained as 1 kg of which is around 5.50 TL.
  • It can also be found for less in some markets or grocers.
  • Gourmet quince species, on the other hand, may come at higher prices.
  • Still, in general, it is a product that will not break your budget.

How to Cook Quince? Delicious or Delicious 3 Quince Dessert

Known for its unique and slightly sour taste, you will meet with different recipe options of quince and desserts that you cannot get enough of.

1) Creamy and Soft Quince Dessert

You can be sure that you will like the recipe in which the familiar hard state of the quince turns into a syrupy and soft state. With the cream and pistachio pieces on it, you can feel like you’ve gone to another world. 

2) Delicious Quince Jam to Add Taste to Your Breakfasts

By following the steps in the link, you can see that the quince jam that you will make in a short time and in a practical way adds flavor to your breakfast tables.

3) Quince Cookie with Fluffy Consistency

You can feel the taste of quince inside the cookie, which has a fluffy consistency. You
can enjoy the cookies with the juices you prepared or the brewed tea.

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