What is hermit crab? How to Cook and Eat

What is hermit crab

Since some of the seafood is suitable for consumption, it is added to the healthy diet program. Shellfish and shellless sea creatures are also included in this list. Although fish comes to mind when you think of seafood, there are actually many sea creatures beyond fish. Among these creatures, we will introduce the hermit crab, also known as the hermit crab, for you.

If the city you live in has a coast to the sea, you can often hear the name of a hermit crab. If you say you love fish tables; You can also add the information in this article to the information you have learned. For those who love and wonder about consuming crab, a hermit crab is in these lines with its many features!

What is hermit crab?

  • Hermit crab is actually a kind of crab. It is seen in abundance on the East Atlantic coasts when examined worldwide.
  • In the Mediterranean regions, the hermit crab often draws attention.
  • For those who are curious about its difference from other crabs, let’s examine the hermit crab in detail.
  • Hermit crab is a large crab with delicious meat that is primarily suitable for consumption.
  • Its width finds an average of 30 cm. The hermit crab grows by eating sea creatures and has a hue between red and pink.
  • The hermit crab has red spots near its head. Because their claws are quite strong, it is recommended that those who hunt hermit hermits be very careful.
  • Small fish in the seas where the hermit crab grows are damaged by the hermit crab. They can tear the fish apart using their sharp claws.
  • Shepherds, which generally love rocky and mossy areas, attract attention while sunbathing on the rocks at certain times of the day.
  • If you see a hermit crab and want to catch it, you should avoid contact. Its sharp claws are strong enough to cut your hand.
  • The hermit crab, which was frequently seen in the Sea of ​​Marmara 10 years ago, is no longer seen in the Sea of ​​Marmara due to the pollution of the sea.
  • Hermit crab is prepared and consumed in a delicious way at fish tables and seafood tables.
  • Hermit crab price information changes every season. Hunted hermit hermits are presented to the consumer in different numbers. Its average value is 50 TL.

How to Cook Herbs?

  • Crabs are sea creatures that are cooked by boiling. Hermit crab is one of them.
  • The recommended cooking method is boiling. You can also prepare it as a grill if you wish.
  • In order to cook the meat under the shell in the best way, it is boiled in boiling water.
  • Adding vinegar and salt to boiling water helps to cook meat safely.
  • The best results are obtained if the cleaned hermits are cooked in a deep pan.
  • When you add vinegar to the boiling water, the hermit crab preserves its shine and eliminates its poisoning effect.
  • Boiling time varies according to the size of the crab.
  • It is thrown into the boiling water and it is recommended to wait for it to boil.
  • When the crab has completely changed color, a delicious crab is boiled.
  • When hermit crab is ordered in restaurants, it is boiled and served with a special sauce.
  • Generally, hermit crab sauce includes lemon, parsley and chopped greens according to taste.

How to Eat Herbs?

  • The Hermit crab is one of the sea creatures with high nutritional value. Shellfish lovers can consume hermit hermits.
  • Boiling is recommended to eat this creature. Apart from boiling, you can also prepare grilled or stewed dishes by trying special recipes.
  • The most delicious meat part of the hermit crab is the meat hidden under the clamp.
  • Using the special crab scissors, you can separate the claws and reach the meat.
  • It is known that the meat in the breast part is also delicious. The meat is consumed with the help of a fork by opening the shells with scissors.
  • If the meat will be used for salad or stew; After the crab is boiled, the meat is cleaned and added to the desired recipe.

What Are the Benefits of Hermit Hermits?

  • Crabmeat is a meat-rich in copper value. Copper is a mineral that is important for the immune and circulatory systems.
  • Hermit crab, which also contains antioxidant substances, purifies the body.
  • Hermit crab, containing the selenium mineral, protects skin and nail health.
  • It is an important sea creature for heart health. Contains Omega 3. In addition, because it has polyunsaturated fatty acids; controls blood flow to the heart.
  • It prevents vascular occlusion. It has a great effect on blood circulation.
  • You can get the sodium necessary for the body from hermit crab. Hermit crab is powerful seafood containing sodium.
  • It’s low-fat meat. It can be consumed as a protein supplement at a fish table with plenty of greens.

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