Russian Food: Names and Culture

Russian Food

When it comes to world cuisine, Russian dishes definitely come to the fore. Russia, which is home to many different nations, is not very suitable for agriculture due to its geographical location. However, it closes the gap in agriculture with delicious dishes prepared with seafood and delicious pastries with lots of flour. Russian dishes are prepared with such satisfying and attractive visuals that; A person who eats Russian food for the first time is amazed by the taste of these dishes.

Russian Food Names

  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Caviar
  • piroshki
  • blini
  • Zakuski Tsar
  • Shchi Soup
  • Pelmeni
  • Borscht Soup
  • Syrniki
  • it happened
  • Chicken Kievski
  • Medovik Cake
  • Kulebyaka
  • Piruhi
  • Mush
  • Vinegret
  • Pastille
  • student
  • Solyanka
  • Smetana
  • Morozhenoe
  • pasha
  • Golubtsy
  • khachapuri
  • Chak Chak

Russian food culture is a culture that values ​​sauces and seafood. Due to its proximity to lakes and seas, the Russian people have almost no need for omegas. Because thanks to the usual Russian cuisine dishes; Omega supplements are taken from almost every meal. Russian people, who love to fry dough and meat, usually prepare their meals by frying.

Russian dishes, which often include cereals and fish, contain some high calories. However, if you are going to taste Russian traditional dishes for the first time; You should enjoy your meal without thinking about the calories you will take. Because you can’t find the most special and delicious dishes from Russia with the same taste anywhere else.

One of the sine qua non of a magnificent and appetizing Russian table draws attention as Russian meat dishes. The taste of the table is completed with soups, starters, and cold appetizers that whet the appetite at the beginning. Now we will introduce you to the most famous dishes of Russian cuisine. Russian dishes and their names that you come across in these lines will represent delicious dishes. Those who want to learn about Russian cuisine can read our article to the end!

Russian Food: Names, Culture, and Pictures

1) Beef Stroganoff

  • Beef stroganoff, which is consumed as a main course, is a special dish flavored with veal.
  • The secret of the taste of this special dish is to marinate in wine for 12 hours. Roasting with onions during the cooking phase is also one of the tricks.
  • Beef stroganoff, one of the most popular dishes of Russian cuisine, is served with sauced mushrooms.

2) Caviar

  • Caviar is often used in Russian dishes in appetizers and sauces. Consumption of caviar, which has a very high economic value, together with wine is also common in Russian food culture.
  • Consumption of caviar is usually with fried rye bread. It is also served with cheese and sweet sauces.
  • It is known that champagne is the drink that best accompanies caviar in Russian dishes.

3) Piroshki

  • Piroşki, which has very similar characteristics with the Turkish dish, is prepared with a mortar with minced meat.
  • Piroşki, one of the pastry dishes, can be consumed at any time of the day.
  • Recommended to be consumed hot, piroshki is one of the oldest Russian dishes.

4) Blini

  • Blini is a special food that tastes similar to pancakes. Since yeast is used in the preparation stage, a softer product is obtained.
  • Blini is often consumed at tea times or for breakfast.
  • It is common to be consumed with jam and creamy sauces.

5) Zakuski Tsar

  • Zakuski çar is known as a special dish that brings together Russian appetizers.
  • This dish includes toasted rye bread, Russian salad, salmon, shrimp and eggs.
  • These mixed flavors accompanying tea or alcoholic beverages are part of the Russian food culture.

6) Shchi Soup

  • Shchi soup, which is the indispensable food of winter cold, is prepared with the use of many vegetables.
  • The difference from the known soup recipes is that it is brewed by waiting for a while in the oven at the last stage.
  • Meat is added upon request and served with toasted bread.

7) Pelmeni

  • The pelmeni dish, which is similar to Turkish ravioli, differs from ravioli with the sauce used.
  • Small doughs prepared with minced meat are cooked in water and served with a sauce consisting of a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise.
  • It also has a rose-like shape in terms of presentation. The final touch is made with powdered sugar and added to the table.

8) Borscht Soup

  • Borsh soup, to which the most useful vegetables such as beetroot, cabbage, chicken broth and celery are added; It’s like medicine for the Russians.
  • Borscht, which is consumed fondly in all seasons, is the favorite flavor of those who want to stay away from diseases.
  • It is an appetizing dish with its red color from beetroot.

9 Syrniki

  • Sirniki, which is a kind of fried dough, draws attention to the cheese used in the dough.
  • Sirniki, a special recipe for breakfast and tea time, has been cooked in Russian cuisine for centuries.
  • It is known as a hearty traditional dish, very similar to Turkish pizza.

10) it happened

  • Oladi, one of the most famous pancakes of the Russians, differs from the pancakes you know with its ingredients.
  • This special flavor prepared with kefir is also very beneficial for health.
  • Oladi, which has become a soft and delicious pancake thanks to kefir, is a very special taste for Russians.

11) Chicken Kievski

  • The kievski dish, which is frequently cooked in Russia and the surrounding countries, is a dish that cheers up the stomachs of chicken meat lovers.
  • The sauce contains parsley and tarragon.
  • When serving, creamy sauces are added to the side.

12) Medovik Cake

  • The honey cream sauce, which meets with the thinly baked lozenge cake batter, is the most basic ingredient of medovik cake.
  • Desserts are very important for Russians. Known as the sweetest detail of tea times and special moments, movie cake is a difficult cake to prepare and the most enjoyable to eat.
  • You can remember this delicious cake, which is prepared layer by layer, as the most favorite of Russian dishes.

13) Kulebyaka

  • Kulebyaka is a special main dish prepared with seafood.
  • The fish meat was hidden in the crispy puff pastry dough, when mixed with vegetables and spices, creating a delicious main dish.
  • One of the legendary Russian dishes with both its presentation and taste, kulbyaka is one of the hearty products of Russian cuisine.

14) Piruhi

  • In ancient times, the Mirchi dish, which was prepared only for special guests, has become one of the most frequently consumed Russian dishes today.
  • The name of this dish comes from the word for “holiday”.
  • Known as a large pastry with dough and cabbage, Mirchi is cooked as a symbol of special occasions.

15) Porridge

  • Porridge is a very nutritious dish for Russians. It is consumed at breakfast and whenever desired.
  • It is prepared with grains such as oats, buckwheat, and semolina.
  • Butter is used in moderation in the presentation, the flavor is doubled.

16) Vinegret

  • Vinegret is a special salad prepared with boiled beets, potatoes, beans, carrots, pickled cucumbers, and onions.
  • This salad, which awakens the appetite with its color, is also consumed as a main course when served hot from time to time.
  • Vinegret, which is quite nutritious and satisfying, is one of the very healing dishes for Russians.

17) Pastille

  • Pastila, a special dessert prepared with Antonov apple grown only in Russia, is different from other desserts with its taste and texture.
  • Pastila, which is prepared from ingredients such as applesauce, sugar, honey, and turned into Turkish delight, is a taste that emerged after the 14th century and became famous.
  • Pastila is a food that is sold in Russian stores.

18) Studen

  • Studen, known as meat jelly, is prepared by boiling meat for a long time.
  • Boiling meat is rested in its own juice and the water is provided to the consistency of jelly.
  • This special flavor, which is served slightly warm in meals, is a meal with high nutritional value for Russians.

19) Solyanka

  • Solyanka, which contains a lot of meat, is prepared with sausage, bacon, beef.
  • Solyanka, which has high nutritional value and calories, can be consumed alone or served as a soup before main meals.
  • Solyanka, which is consumed hot, is consumed after dressing in lemon.

20) Smetana

  • Smetana is a special cream that accompanies many Russian dishes.
  • With a sweet-sour flavor, smetana is used both in Russian soups and desserts.
  • Smetana, which has a wide usage area from breakfast to dinner, is prepared from cow’s milk.

21) Morozhenoe

  • Morozhenoe is Russian ice cream made from real raw milk.
  • This ice cream, which gains aroma with the desired fruit, is recommended for those who like cool flavors.
  • Morozhenoe tasters will savor the milk in every bite.

22) Pashka

  • Pashka is a cake with religious meaning for Russians. It represents the tomb of Jesus and is prepared in many homes on all holy days.
  • While preparing this cake; Tvorog cheese, butter, almonds, currants are used.
  • Pashka is often mentioned in the list of Russian sweets.

23) Golubtsy

  • Golubtsy, which is likened to a cabbage roll from Turkish cuisine, is cooked with a mortar prepared with vegetables and meat.
  • Boiling is used as a cooking method.
  • While serving at the last stage; flavored with sour cream.

24) Khachapuri

  • Khachapuri, known as pita, is a hot dish with an egg on it.
  • This pastry, which you can consume at any time of the day, must be eaten hot.
  • Khachapuri, which you can often see in Georgian cuisine and Russian cuisine, is prepared with pizza dough.

25 Chak Chak

  • Another of the Russian sweets is balls of flavor known as Chak Chak.
  • It is prepared by cutting the dough into thin and small pieces. This special dessert, which takes the form of a ball, is sherbet after frying.
  • There are fruit pieces in the balls.

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