Cut a mango into cubes

Cut a mango into cubes

The mango is a tropical fruit, of Asian origin, very juicy and with a highly addictive sweet taste . This food, made up of skin, pulp and seed, is usually peeled and eaten raw, although it is also a very typical ingredient in fruit shakes and smoothies. We love it, but we have to admit that it costs us our lives to peel it without making a mess in the kitchen.

And it is that this food , due to its large size and oval shape, is very difficult to peel if you do not know the proper technique to do it because, in the end, you end up spilling all its juice everywhere and throwing half of its pulp in the trash for not knowing how to cut it properly. For this reason, in today’s article we are going to tell you the steps you need to carry out to cut a mango into cubes .

Cut a mango into cubes

This way of cutting the mango into cubes is known as the hedgehog method and, as you can see when you have it cut, seen from above it looks like the head of this small animal with spikes. To cut it in this way, you do not need to have expert level skills with the knife, just have a little skill and desire to learn by following the steps that we show you below.

What will you need to cut the mango well?

  • a ripe mango
  • A sharp knife
  • A small kitchen knife
  • a cutting board

Steps to cut a mango properly

As we have mentioned in a few lines above, the mango is a fruit that, due to its large size, is very difficult for us to peel and, therefore, most of the time, we waste parts of this fruit that, if we had cut it well from the beginning, we could eat them without any problems. So that this never happens to you again and to present the cut mango in a showy way , here are the steps to cut a mango into cubes:

  1. To make it easier for you to cut this food, we recommend that, when you go to buy it at the greengrocer or supermarket, you choose a piece of mango that is ripe . Remember that the more mature, the easier it will be to peel.
  2. Before starting to cut it, we recommend that you put it under the tap and wash it very well with cold water .
  3. Next, place the mango upright, with its stem or stem facing up , on top of the cutting board. The best thing is that you always use this type of kitchen utensil as a support because, if you do it on another flatter surface, such as the countertop, it could slip and fall to the floor.
  4. Take the knife, make sure it’s sharp, and hold it firmly and firmly with one hand so it doesn’t slip. At the same time, hold the fruit very well with the other hand and, going from top to bottom , make three firm cuts on the skin of the mango, that is, you have to cut it into three parts . Try to make two cuts on the sides and leave the center part free because that is where your seed is. In short, you will have a central part with the seed and two sides in which is where all the edible pulp of the mango is.
  5. These two lateral parts, also known as cheeks or cheeks, are the ones that we are going to cut into cube shapes . To do this, with the help of the knife, make longitudinal and transverse cuts on both cheeks . Be careful not to go through the shell and leave a distance of about 2 centimeters between cuts .
  6. When you have the cubes made, you have to press the cheek from the back until the pulp protrudes from the shell . Take a good look at it, what does the head of a hedgehog look like?
  7. To finish cutting the sides, you have two options. Either you serve them like this directly on the plate so that it is striking or you take another knife, if possible smaller than the previous one, and, very carefully so as not to cut yourself because its skin is very thin, you separate the segments of it . If the mango is very ripe you can even separate them with your own fingers.
  8. Lastly, we are going to cut out the seed part. Using a small knife again and leaning on the board, cut around the seed , and as close as possible to the shell, following the oval shape of the handle. When you already have it separated from the shell, finish cutting it into pieces .

Cutting a mango into cubes is easier than it seems at first glance. In addition to helping you make the most of all its pulp, it is the most comfortable and clean way to do it, taking into account the dimensions and oval shape of the mango

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