What Is Pitaya Dragon Fruit? 11 Miraculous Benefits

Pitaya Dragon

Those interested in unusual fruits have many varieties to explore. Those with the unique atmosphere of tropical climates occupy a special position among the fruits in question. Dragon fruit, also known as “Dragon Fruit” or “Pitaya”, stands out with its remarkable appearance and features.

Dragon Fruit Pitaya , which makes a difference with its pink-toned peel and its delicious fruit when you open it , is one of the indispensable members of the tropical realms. The fruit, which has become more well-known around the world and in our country in recent years, is an option that you should always include in your nutrition list with its beneficial aspects.

What Is Dragon Fruit?

Reminiscent of a pink flame when viewed from afar, dragon fruit also somewhat resembles radishes. Dragon fruit flavor is liked by many. The fruit, which has an interesting aroma and taste, is a mix of melon and kiwi, and it is a product you will love to eat. The fruit, which contains black seeds close to sesame, is easy to peel and consume.

Pitaya, which especially those who love the color pink will definitely want to include in their lives, adds a warm and charming atmosphere to the environment when it is added to the table. The dragon fruit plant belongs to the family of prickly figs.

The dragon fruit flower, on the other hand, attracts attention with its pleasant colors and flamboyant structure. Although dragon eye fruit is not exactly the same fruit as se pitaya, it is another interesting product with tropical properties. Indeed, you can consume this fruit, which looks like a dragon’s eye, with pleasure.

Where Does Dragon Fruit Grow?

Dragon fruit, which reflects that it comes from tropical climates in all its forms, finds the opportunity to grow in warm environments. In our country, dragon fruit has started to be grown frequently within the borders of Mersin. It would be correct to say that the dragon fruit climate and Mersin’s air are highly compatible. The fact that the fruit began to be cultivated in Mersin has contributed positively to our country’s ties with dragon fruit.

Worldwide, it is most likely to be found in areas affected by tropical climates such as South America, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

How Many Years Does Dragon Fruit Take?

After the dragon fruit seed is obtained somehow, it is possible to grow it through different methods. The dragon fruit seedling starts to take on a cactus-like appearance after a while. It is possible for me to gain productivity by planting two dragon fruit trees. Trees fertilize each other to produce fruit.

After the dragon fruit is planted, the trees begin to bear fruit within 30 and 50 days . Trees can bear fruit many times in a year if they receive adequate care. Those who are interested in the dragon fruit growing activity may be wondering if dragon fruit can be grown at home.

During dragon fruit care, it is necessary to make sure that the trees are not adversely affected by external factors. If you live in a place where the annual average temperature is ideal, you can produce dragon fruit in your garden.

The dragon fruit tree will add a plant to your garden that will be admired by all who see it. The products grown in the dragon fruit greenhouse environment are abundantly juicy and succulent. You have the chance to grow dragon fruit in pots. But it is important to take care that the soil provides the necessary depth.

What Are the Benefits of Dragon Fruit?

  • Among the benefits of dragon fruit, its contributions to weight loss come to the fore. As it is ideal in terms of calories and rich in fiber, it supports your body to maintain its form.
  • As a result of having plenty of calcium, it makes a great contribution to the development and strengthening of bones.
  • When the benefits of dragon fruit are examined, it is seen that it strengthens the immune system because it contains vitamin C. Its antioxidant feature helps to fight diseases better.
  • By consuming dragon fruit regularly, you can see that your skin becomes healthier and smoother every day.
  • The eye health of those who eat dragon fruit is positively affected. Problems such as dry eyes can be prevented.
  • Great advances can be made with dragon fruit in the treatment of diseases that harm the body such as diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure.
  • Consumption of dragon fruit at regular intervals has been shown to have positive effects on various respiratory diseases.
  • It has been determined that dragon fruit has an aphrodisiac effect. Thus, they have a high level of contribution to sexual life. At the same time, it increases the quality of life as it is a nutrient that gives vitality, strength and energy.
  • There are many beneficial aspects that prove the correctness of naming dragon fruit as a superfruit. The fact that the fruit is a complete vitamin store meets all the needs of the body.
  • As the dragon fruit protects the body from infections and inflammations, such situations do not occur. The wounds are healed in a short time.
  • Dragon fruit is ideal for adding to detox mixes as it helps to remove toxins such as toxins.

How to Eat Dragon Fruit?

One of the most exciting aspects of dragon fruit is that it can be used in many different ways. The primary form of consumption is to be eaten as a fruit. Usually, white dragon fruit is available in the market.

Sometimes, the red dragon fruit appears in front of you. In such a case, you do not need to worry, because this type of fruit is also extremely tasty. Another dragon fruit consumption method is to add it to fruit salad. While making the salad more colorful, it will also contribute to its aroma.

One of the popular uses of tropical fruits is delicious cocktail options. You can also put the dragon fruits you buy at home into the blender with vodka and lemon juice and make cocktails with great taste. You can also apply the same process for the soda mix. Red juice is a delicious and healthy drink. You can mix dragon fruit with red fruits such as apples, strawberries, and watermelons. If you do sports and want to stay in shape, you can add fruit to the content of chia pudding.

However, dragon fruit is a great option for making cheesecake with a perfect pink hue. You can add an alternative food to your kitchen by making dragon fruit jam. You can enjoy the jam by spooning it whenever you want.

Where to Buy Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit sales usually take place where tropical fruits and vegetables are available. This is due to the fact that the fruit is a product imported from the tropical regions where it is grown. However, nowadays, as a result of giving importance to the production of fruit around Mersin, it is possible to see the fruit in the neighborhood markets and greengrocers.

There are many shopping sites on the Internet that have been established to meet the needs of tropical fruit lovers. You can shop for fruit by visiting these sites where organic products are easily found. If you want, instead of buying the fruits, you can buy the seeds and plant them in your garden or pot and try to grow them yourself.

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