How to Dry Peppers? Useful Tips

How to Dry Peppers

Pepper is indispensable in Turkish cuisine; It is used in many areas such as stuffing, breakfast, cooking, olive oil, frying, tomato paste and sauce making. Peppers contain strong amounts of vitamin P, vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C. It also contains high levels of protein and dietary fiber. The health benefits of pepper, which is one of the low-calorie vegetables with the highest vitamin C value, are endless. Pepper with a strong antioxidant effect; In addition to being good for cancer, skin, stomach and heart, it also strengthens the immune system, facilitates digestion and strengthens the stomach. It also has an anti-aging feature.

Peppers are divided into two as bell peppers and fried peppers. It is seen that green and red peppers, which are not used only fresh or raw, are dried and used in many recipes as a spice in stuffed dishes, meals, salads or after grinding. The important thing here is; When drying the pepper, how the pepper is dried and what is desired to be prepared with the dried pepper. At the same time, some of the tricks you should pay attention to when drying the pepper are of great importance in terms of the taste you will get, as well as the long-lasting use of the peppers you dried and your health.

The core of the pepper to be dried is first emptied and the seeds are removed. Then, the peppers, which are thoroughly washed, are put on a rope and left to dry in a sunny place. The answer to how to dry fried peppers is a little different. Cutting the fried peppers in half vertically will allow them to dry faster and your drying process will be completed when your peppers start to brown.

How to Dry a Bell Pepper?

In addition to stuffed peppers with olive oil or meat made from fresh peppers, some cuisines prefer dried peppers for stuffing. So, how to dry bell pepper at home? First, the inside of the bell peppers are cleaned and washed, and then the peppers, which are lined with a thread with the help of a needle, are hung in a sunny place. When the colors start to turn pink, you can take your array to a cool place and keep it for a long time by covering it with a cloth. You can use the same methods when you think about how to dry red bell pepper or how to dry winter bell pepper.

How to Dry Red Pepper?

It is possible to apply the same procedures above for dried red peppers, which are at the heart of many yoghurt appetizers and dishes. Washed and emptied red peppers are strung on a string in an airy place and left to dry. Another important point here is that the peppers do not touch each other so that they can dry easily.

In addition, you can safely apply these methods for drying all peppers, including questions such as how to dry red pepper for tomato paste, and you can make dried peppers ready for use for meals, appetizers, olive oil, salad or sauce.

How to Dry Baked Peppers?

If we leave the sunny method aside, it is possible to dry peppers in the oven. It can be said that this method is healthier, since the peppers dried in the oven lose water more quickly than the sun-dried method. First, the peppers are washed, then the peppers, whose juices are drained with the help of a strainer and dried, are arranged in the middle of the oven grill. The peppers, which are monitored between 65 and 75 degrees without opening the oven door, are taken out of the oven after they start to shrink and the color becomes dull.

How to Dry Green Pointed Pepper?

Green chili peppers can be dried both in the oven and in a sunny place by stringing and hanging. The trick to be considered here is that the peppers are not cut after washing, they are only pierced from the upper body with a quilt needle and threaded. Peppers that change color can be collected and stored in a cool place, wrapped in a towel, hanging or in a jar. Although the oven method is not preferred much since its forms are weaker than other meaty peppers, drying can be achieved by following it at around 70 degrees.

How to Dry Hot Pepper?

How to dry red hot pepper or how to dry hot pepper  answers are almost the same as drying green hot peppers. Again, some tricks should not be overlooked if the peppers that can be dried in the sun or in the oven are to be ground and used as a hot pepper spice. Since hot pepper has a caustic feature, gloves should be worn while grinding and contact of the fingers with the face, especially the eyes, should be avoided. In addition, since the bitter aroma will permeate the air, the door and window must be kept open during this process or the preparation must be completed in an area such as a balcony or garden.

How to Dry Dried Pepper?

You have learned about how to dry bell, fried, pointed, red and green peppers. So, how to dry a capsicum? In fact, the process of drying peppers is at least as easy as drying other peppers. Capsicum can be found both sweet and bitter. You can cut the stem of the bristle peppers, which have a thin and undersized appearance, with the help of a knife, and cut the underside as if dividing them in half, making a scratch and leaving them in half to provide a string. When the color of your capsicum peppers, which you leave to dry in a place to see the sun’s rays, turns red, your peppers will be dried.

How to Dry Chilli Powder?

Making chili peppers at home from peppers that you can dry like red hot peppers will be both healthy and delicious. If you do not want a very hot chili pepper, you can also add meaty capia peppers called red bell peppers, or you can get sweet chili peppers from just capia peppers. When drying chili peppers and turning the dried peppers into flour, gloves should be used and the process should be done outdoors. In order to prevent the formation of mold; Drying the sun-dried peppers in the oven would be a good practice. This application can be applied in all pepper drying processes if they are to be stored in jars.

How to Dry Charleston Pepper?

First, remove the stems and clean the seeds of the sweet green peppers, which you can find in green or yellow. Then wash it thoroughly inside and out and let it dry in the strainer. Hang the dried peppers in an airy place by stringing them close to the stem. You can collect your peppers when they change color, which you leave to dry in a slightly windy place that is not exposed to direct sunlight but receives light. Dried red bell peppers should be kept hanging in a cool and sun-free place.

How to Dry Pepper Seed?

The trick in drying pepper seeds is: ripening and carding of the pepper on the branch. Although it is seen that dried seeds are obtained from peppers that are kept on the branch until dry, in some cases, when the seed pepper is a little mature, the seeds can be dried at home by plucking them. You can separate the seeds of the peppers you have dried with one of the above methods, wrap them in a napkin and store them in a jar, or you can directly plant them in a flower pot and give life water. The most important factor in drying pepper seeds is the selection of the pepper well and the protection of the seeds from external dust.

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