How to Dry Eggplant?

How to Dry Eggplant

Tips for Drying Eggplants in This Article! The method of preserving vegetables by drying is actually an indispensable part of Anatolian food and beverage culture. It is one of the well-known methods of preserving the nutritional value of vegetables. Eggplant has a special place among the foods that can be stored by drying. It is a delicious vegetable that is consumed fresh in the summer and dried in the winter months, which many of you do not miss from your table. Speaking of drying, you may be wondering how to dry eggplant and you may be looking for answers to questions such as how to dry eggplant for the winter. Then this information is for you.

Before you learn how to dry dried aubergines, it will be easier for you to determine which type of food you will use dried aubergine for. Are you going to use your dried vegetables as stuffing or will you consume them for roasting, frying or any other kind? You would guess that each of them has their own and different drying methods.

The first thing you need to do before starting the drying process is to buy enough eggplant. Of course, there are small tips that you should pay attention to while doing this. For example, it is important that you take care that the eggplants you buy are not curved and that you choose eggplants with smooth shapes. No matter what type of dish you are drying, it is much easier to carve a straight eggplant for drying stuffing or slice it for frying than working with a curved eggplant.

Along with these, the size of the eggplants you choose is also important in the preparation for the drying process. Not choosing very small or very large eggplants is an important detail that you need to know in order to dry all kinds. Moreover, when choosing your eggplants, you can keep in mind the idea of ​​keeping the fresh and shiny skinned ones in the foreground.

How you perform the drying process is also very important. In this regard, you can think of how to dry eggplant in the oven or how to dry eggplant at home. In fact, it can be done in drying ovens, and even having a home oven provides you with enough material for drying in the oven. At the same time, a balcony, terrace or any corner suitable for these conditions, which receives the sun and sees a slight wind, is also useful as a necessary environment for drying. As long as you want to taste the unique taste of dried aubergines. Here are some great suggestions for you to add flavor to the taste of eggplants that are more beneficial than the other and that you will dry:

  • You can start with a large bowl where you can wash your aubergines, a knife, a carving tool for the stuffing, a cooking pot and drying trays.
  • Vegetables can be muddier because they grow closer to the ground rather than on trees like fruits. You may need to wash it more carefully considering this when washing it.
  • You can use the parts of your eggplants, such as the cores, which you will not use, when you are sorting your eggplants to dry, by cooking them with various vegetables and placing them in a corner of your deep freezer to make a meal.
  • If you prefer the open air drying method, you can choose the sunny days for this; It is also important to carry your vegetables inside at night and on rainy days.
  • One more wild tip for you; The sun is not a must for drying eggplants. You can also dry them in the shade, but at this point, the thing you need to pay attention to is that the environment you will dry should be a place that receives air flow like wind. Moreover, the method of drying in the shade also prevents the eggplant from darkening.
  • In order to store your dried aubergines with peace of mind, it is useful to continue the drying process until you see that they are dry.
  • If you are going to dry on the rope, you should be careful not to string the eggplants together while attaching them to the rope. If you do not leave a space between them, the points in contact may remain damp and rot.
  • You can now store your dried vegetables with pleasure thanks to cloth or paper bags, lidded boxes, glass jars and a moisture-free, dry, shaded environment where you can place them.

How to Dry Eggplant White?

You also eggplant how white is dried to do if you were wondering if the process is very simple. In fact, it is a method that many of you use when making eggplant dishes. After washing the eggplants and cutting them in appropriate shapes, keeping them in a container filled with salt water for about an hour will allow your vegetables to dry before they turn black.

In addition, when you dry the eggplant in the shade, you will see that your dried eggplants remain whiter and do not darken.

How to Dry Winter Eggplant?

If you are faced with the question of how to dry aubergines for the winter, the summer season and the sun will be your greatest helpers for the drying process. In fact, eggplant is a very friendly vegetable among dried vegetables in terms of its ease of drying. Because even if there is no sun, eggplant can dry easily. You should start drying your winter aubergines in the sun-drenched and moisture-free part of your house.

Again, if you want to carry out the drying process in a shady atmosphere away from moisture, the factor that will come to your aid at this point is the wind.

How to Dry Dried Eggplant?

Can’t give up the wonderful taste of dried eggplant? Then you may need to pay attention to some details during the drying process. Although they are simple details, they are important for you to achieve higher quality results. Although you prefer the summer season for drying in the open air, sometimes weather conditions such as rain and humidity may develop that may adversely affect your drying. You can protect the vegetables you are trying to dry from getting wet by moving your drying trays indoors on rainy and high humidity days. You can dry your vegetables outside, or you can dry them in an oven regardless of the season.

How to Dry Fried Eggplant?

If you want to dry your eggplants for frying, what you need to do is to determine the slicing style. As frying, you can start drying by slicing in long or flake shape depending on your request. Thus, when you cook, you can use it directly without the need for an extra slicing process.

How to Dry Roasted Eggplant?

Are you one of those who enjoy eating eggplant fresh or dried in all its forms? You can slice your fresh aubergines, which you will start to cut after washing to dry, provided that you do not cut them into very large pieces. Depending on your preference, you can prepare it in long strips or in the form of cubed pieces. You can put these cut pieces together in groups by stringing them together.

You can hang the eggplants on this rope on a wall in the environment where you will dry them, attach them to a clothesline or start the drying process by placing them on a clean cloth.

How to Dry Pistachio Eggplant?

Dried vegetables have a very important place in Gaziantep cuisine culture. If you ask how to dry pistachio eggplant, the method of drying in the sun comes to the fore. In Gaziantep, when preparing to be dried, eggplants are first separated from their seeds and strung on strings and left to dry on roofs, terraces or balconies that receive plenty of sun. Under these conditions, they dry out in an average of 10 or 12 days. In the shade, this period can be extended up to 3 weeks.

You need to know how to dry stuffed eggplant, what are the little details. The prominent details at this point as Antep style is the use of round-looking plump aubergines. After the heads of these eggplants are removed, they are cut into two or three large slices according to their length. The seeds are carved out and cleaned by scraping them with a small knife.

How to Dry Slice Eggplant?

Wondering how to dry edible eggplant for the winter? So, let’s examine the details of how to dry slices of eggplant. The type of eggplant you should choose here is the short and plump-looking aubergine called garden eggplant. Bostan eggplant is suitable for drying as a slice, as it is more seedless than other types.

How to Dry Potato Eggplant?

In the eggplant drying process, it will be easy for you to dry your vegetables for the type of food you are drying, in the same way and size. For Karnıyarık, which is indispensable for eggplant dishes with its unique taste, you have to leave the eggplants whose heads you cut during preparation for drying.

You should peel them as variegated, carve them into a boat shape and hang them on the threads according to the average number of single dishes with the help of a needle. Of course, you can insert the eggplant stems in transversely after carving so that your eggplants that have been removed will not shrivel up.

How to Dry the Eggplant in the Oven?

You may not want to be deprived of the flavor of dried eggplant for four seasons. You can put the eggplants you have prepared in any way on a drying tray or on the grill wires of the oven according to their size. When you start this process, the temperature of your oven should be enough to not burn your hand when you reach into it. You can keep your tray at this temperature for an average of 2 or 3 hours. Afterwards, you need to cool the oven, remove your tray and repeat the same process until the drying takes place completely.

You can also do this in the oven of your stove. In this case, you should ensure that your stove does not go out until drying occurs.

How to Dry Eggplant at Home?

Winter preparations are as enjoyable as they are exhausting. You can dry the eggplants at home in the oven or in the sun. In both drying methods, you need to cut and prepare your vegetables according to the type of food you are going to cook.

If you have a general idea of ​​how to dry dried aubergines, drying at home will not be difficult for you. Depending on seasonal or personal conditions, you can dry your eggplants on your balcony in a dry and sunny weather in summer or in your oven or stove every season.

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