How to consume bitter melon?

How to consume bitter melon

Bitter melon is a food that has recently been included in our meals and its consumption is becoming increasingly common. Power melon, a cucurbitaceae, grows in tropical climate regions. Many benefits of bitter melon, which can be consumed as food and medicine, have emerged recently. Power melon, which is frequently preferred in Indian and Asian cuisine, has recently become very popular in our country. So, how to consume bitter melon, how to preserve bitter melon with olive oil?

Bitter melon is a food that has become popular in our country recently. Recommended by experts, bitter melon is good for ailments such as digestive system, stomach problems and intestinal problems. Since bitter melon is a food rich in vitamin C, it also has positive effects on the immune system. The bitter melon is consumed as a fruit when fresh. In winter, its seeds can be dried and consumed in the form of paste. Since bitter melon contains antioxidants, it has many benefits for the human body. Power melon is also used in burn treatment. How to use bitter melon, which is known to balance blood sugar and cleanse the liver?

How to consume bitter melon?

Bitter melon can be consumed in different ways. The consumption of bitter melon may vary depending on the individual’s preference. Mighty melon can be used in different varieties. You can consume bitter melon by adding olive oil or honey, or you can consume it as fresh fruit. When consumed as fresh fruit, it can be crushed and consumed by mixing honey into it. Additionally, bitter melon paste can be made. The seeded bitter melon can be consumed by keeping it in a jar with water and honey for about a month. The use of bitter melon is as follows:

  • Consumption as fresh fruit: bitter melon can be consumed as fresh fruit. When we want to consume bitter melon fresh, it is necessary to mash it with a fork and turn it into a puree. Pureed bitter melon can be consumed by adding honey to it.
  • Consuming bitter melon with olive oil: The seeds of bitter melon are removed and placed in a glass jar. Add olive oil into the jar, stir and close the lid. Consuming one teaspoon of this mixture every day will be sufficient.
  • Consumption of bitter melon as paste: The seeds of bitter melon are removed. The remaining seedless parts are cut into small pieces and placed in a jar. Honey is added to the jar and left for about a month. At the end of the waiting period, the mixture can be opened and a teaspoon can be consumed every morning. It is important that there are no bitter melon seeds in the mixture.

How to eat bitter melon seeds ?

It is generally known that bitter melon seeds are poisonous and their consumption is not recommended. However, bitter melon seeds are also beneficial when consumed in the right amount. Remove the seeds of the bitter melon, crush it and add honey. This mixture can be consumed as a paste after waiting for a month. The important point is not to consume too much of this mixture and not to swallow the seeds too much. Excessive consumption of bitter melon seeds may cause toxic effects.

Benefits of bitter melon with olive oil

Consuming bitter melon with olive oil, which is one of the consumption types, provides various benefits to the body. The benefits of bitter melon with olive oil are as follows:

  • It prevents stomach problems and prevents the formation of bacteria and bad cells in the stomach.
  • It provides positive effects for the liver and has an antibiotic effect.
  • It is known that it is good for skin wounds. It has wound healing properties.
  • It has a positive effect on the digestive system and intestines.
  • It regulates blood sugar, diabetic patients can consume it.
  • It contributes to cell regeneration with its antioxidant content.
  • It is good for muscle and joint pain.
  • It helps prevent varicose veins.
  • It helps reduce the effects of goiter disease.

How to use bitter melon with olive oil for the stomach?

bitter melon is very powerful in terms of content and provides many benefits to the human body. Thanks to the components contained in bitter melon, it protects the stomach by preventing stomach acid from rising. It is known that the mixture created by adding olive oil is good for stomach problems when consumed. The mixture of bitter melon by adding olive oil should be consumed as a teaspoon in the morning and evening. It is seen to have a positive effect on stomach problems when consumed regularly for around 40 days.

How to preserve bitter melon with olive oil?

After preparing the bitter melon with olive oil, there are certain rules to be followed to preserve it. It is necessary to preserve the prepared bitter melon with olive oil well. We need to keep the prepared jar of bitter melon with olive oil, with its mouth closed, in a dry and dark environment, that is, out of sunlight. The bitter melon mixture we created by adding olive oil or honey should not be stored in the refrigerator as it may freeze. For this reason, attention should be paid to storage conditions. You can store bitter melon in olive oil in a cool and dry kitchen cabinet.

Does bitter melon thin the blood?

bitter melon has a blood-thinning effect. For this reason, bitter melon consumption is not recommended in cases such as menstruation or pregnancy, or in individuals using blood thinners. It is necessary to consume bitter melon, which is known to have a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases, with caution. Although bitter melon has many benefits, it is a food that can have negative effects on the body if overdosed or consumed unconsciously. As with every natural food, bitter melon is one of the natural foods that should be consumed with caution.

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