How to consume sumac, in which dishes is it used?

How to consume sumac

Sumac, the name of which we have heard more frequently lately, is an important nutrient for human health. Sumac is a spice that has its place in our cuisine and has many benefits. Sumac, which is thought to strengthen immunity, can be consumed in different ways. Sumac, which is simple to use and adds a different flavor to the dish, is preferred by many people. How to consume sumac, what are the benefits of sumac?

Sumac is a bush-looking plant. The fruit of the plant has a spherical appearance, is red and has a sour taste. This fruit is processed through various processes and turned into a spice to obtain sumac. Sumac, which was used in the past to add flavor to foods, is now preferred due to the benefits it brings with its consumption. Sumac was used to sweeten dishes with its slightly sour taste, but as a result of recent research, it was learned that it has many benefits in addition to its sweetening effect. Sumac, consumed especially in the Mediterranean, is a very important source of flavor. It can be added to many dishes with its unique taste. As experts point out the benefits of sumac, interest in sumac has also increased.

In which dishes is sumac used?

Sumac can be used in a wide variety of ways. Sumac, which has been widely used in our country for a long time, is frequently preferred in dishes and salads. Nowadays, when its different benefits are learned, derivatives such as sumac water and sumac tea have emerged. Sumac is preferred in meat dishes, vegetable dishes, salads, meatballs and kebabs. Sumac can be added to lentil meatballs and stuffed vegetables, it will add a nice flavor to these dishes. Sumac can also be preferred in vegetable dishes with olive oil. In general, sumac can be preferred in various forms according to individuals’ preferences and taste.

How to consume sumac?

Sumac is a spice preferred by many people for flavoring and coloring dishes. Sumac can go particularly well with salads, meat dishes and vegetable dishes. Generally used as a spice, sumac can also be consumed as tea. Sumac tea helps to reduce the negative effects when preferred in diseases such as cough, flu and cold. Sumac tea made when these ailments occur is good for the effects of the ailments. Sumac tea is brewed by adding 100 grams of sumac to one liter of water. When should you drink sumac tea, which accelerates metabolism, cleanses from toxins and strengthens body immunity?

Due to the increasing number of infectious diseases in recent years, individuals hope for healing from natural foods. After brewing sumac tea, we can drink a maximum of 2-3 cups a day. It is especially recommended to consume sumac tea in the morning on an empty stomach.

How much sumac should be consumed?

Generally consumed in salads and meat dishes, sumac is mostly used to give a sour taste to dishes. Sumac, which is frequently used especially in onion salad, is added to break the bitter taste of onion. Sumac can also be mixed with other spices and used as a sauce for meat dishes. People who want to consume sumac in the form of tea can consume a maximum of 2-3 cups of sumac tea per day. It is especially recommended to consume sumac tea on an empty stomach. To benefit from the benefits of sumac, its correct use is important. For the correct use of sumac, it is necessary to get an expert opinion regarding its intended use. Apart from sumac tea, sumac is a spice that can also be used as powder.

How to use sumac powder?

Sumac powder is a spice obtained by grinding sumac grains. We can use sumac powder in meals, salads, when we prepare sumac water or in sumac tea. Individuals can add sumac powder to their meals or salads according to their taste. Sumac, which strengthens the body’s immunity, provides positive effects on the body when used in cases of infections such as flu and cold.

How to use sumac syrup?

Sumac has a predominantly sour taste. This sourness gives an intense flavor to the dishes and salads we use. It is also widely used in our country. Sumac syrup is widely used in meals and salads. It is especially preferred in cuisines that are prone to bitter and sour tastes, such as Gaziantep.

How to prepare sumac juice?

Sumac is a spice that has endless benefits and can be preferred for many ailments. Sumac juice is also one of the consumption methods. Sumac juice has positive effects against infection problems. It is thought to be good for complaints such as inflammation in the body, respiratory disorders, skin diseases, fever and bronchitis. The sumac juice recipe is as follows:

  • Add a teaspoon of sumac to a tea glass of water that we have previously boiled.
  • The mixture is left to infuse for five minutes.
  • The mixture can be consumed by straining.
  • Optionally, a drop or two of thyme oil can be added to this mixture.

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